Victory HIS-2D-1-PT-XH Roll-Thru Heated Cabinet

Victory HIS-2D-1-PT-XH Roll-Thru Heated Cabinet


Victory HIS-2D-1-PT-XH Roll-Thru Heated Cabinet


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UltraSpec™ Series Heated Cabinet, Roll-thru, two-section, 77.3 cu. ft. capacity, stainless exterior & interior, standard depth cabinet, full extra high doors, TOUCH POINT™ electronic temperature control/indicator, stainless steel ramp, UL, UL EPH Classified, MADE IN USA


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Victory HIS-2D-1-PT-XH Specs

Brand Victory
Model Number HIS-2D-1-PT-XH
Weight 600 lbs
Width 68.88"
Depth 40.63"
Height 89.88"
Size 2 section
Doors hinged solid
Exterior Finish all stainless steel exterior
Interior Finish stainless steel interior
Thermometer exterior digital


While typical units are built with a fixed speed compressor, many of Victory"™s units now feature a variable speed compressor. While this terminology may seem confusing, it"™s actually a simple concept. With a traditional fixed speed compressor, the motor runs at full power when the compressor kicks on"”it"™s all or nothing. A variable speed compressor adapts its speed to the demand of the cabinet.

For instance, during the service rush, door openings increase. A variable speed compressor can compensate for the additional door openings and run the compressor motor at high speed. Conversely, at night the unit may not have a single door opening, thus the variable speed compressor will run at a lower speed to maximize efficiency. As a result, a variable speed compressor utilizes less energy, keep more consistent product temperatures and reduces wear on internal components.

Victory UltraSpec® or Victory Elite®


Victory Refrigeration"™s exclusive Secure-Temp monitoring system is the only FREE monitoring solution on the market. Requiring no monthly monitoring or software fees, Secure-Temp is HACCP compliant and meets NAFEM"™s data protocol. Secure-Temp continuously monitors temperatures 24-hours a day and has the ability to notify users of: power outages, cabinet failures, door opens, and even preventative maintenance reminders.

Connected via Wifi, Secure-Temp links directly to phones, tablets and computers and provides alarm notifications in real time, minimizing the risk of product spoilage. Secure-Temp also eliminates the need for hand-written data logs as it tracks vital information automatically. While standard on all Victory Ultraspec units, Secure-Temp can be added to any additional units as an accessory

Victory UltraSpec® or Victory Elite®


R290 is a hydrocarbon, which is an organic compound containing only carbon and hydrogen. It"™s an environmentally friendly refrigerant with zero ozone depletion and low global warming potential. Hydrocarbon refrigerants have been used for over 20 years in Europe and Asia and have been tested to minimize safety concerns.

Hydrocarbon refrigerants are more efficient conductors of heat than traditional fluorocarbon refrigerants. Thus, smaller charge volumes and flow rates can produce the same results"”allowing for reduction in compressor motor sizes and lower energy consumption.

Victory UltraSpec® or Victory Elite®


Expansion valve technology, as opposed to traditional cap tubes, allows the refrigeration system to automatically adjust for th proper amount of refrigerant needed. By utilizing this feature, units equipped with an expansion valve, reduce temperature fluctuations for precise temperature control. In addition, by boosting refrigeration power when rapid recovery is needed, expansion value technology allows for quicker cabinet pull down during harsh conditions.

Victory UltraSpec® or Victory Elite®


Most Victory offerings utilize an adaptive defrost feature. Adaptive defrost allows the controller to sense buildup on the coil and switch to defrost mode as needed-permitting the system to clean the coil of ice development quickly in high ambient conditions. The result of utilizing adaptive defrost is reduced energy consumption as the defrost cycles are shorter and only when needed (as opposed to specific timed defrost cycles), more consistent temperature stratification and quicker cabinet pull down.

Victory UltraSpec® or Victory Elite®
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