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Hot Dog Equipment - Chef's Deal

Hot Dog Equipment

Whether after having fun at a fair, watching a sports game, or hanging out with friends, a hot dog will accompany you no matter where you are. You can find this delicious snack on almost every corner, each with a few customers every time. You can serve this delightful snack at your restaurant, concession stand, or on your special hot dog stand with several hot dog equipment for making delicious hot dogs, such as hot dog rollers, steamers, warmers, and merchandisers.

1. Hot Dog Rollers

APW Wyott HRS-20 17inch Hot Dog Grill - Chef's Deal

Hot dog rollers provide evenly cooked hot dogs by rolling grills. They serve as a good merchandiser simultaneously, enhancing impulse sales. A hot dog roller can hold between 10 and 75 hot dogs at a time and can reach a temperature of at least 145 degrees. After grilling hot dogs, either you may serve them right away or keep them warm in warmers until serving.

  • Flat-Top Roller

Flat top rollers are designed to use in the back of the house. The two temperature-controlled models enable the half of rollers for cooking and the other half for holding. Removable drip trays simplify the cleaning process, and you can choose the right size for your business from several size options.

  • Slanted Top Roller

This type of hot dog equipment is ideal for displaying in the front house through its slanted shape. It is also easier for customers self serve. You may prefer the ones with multiple temperature settings. 

  • Rollers With Bun Holder

This roller has a drawer beneath for storing buns. It is ideal for self-service, and the grill may either be slanted or flat-top. This roller’s drawer is unheated and designed only to hold the buns.

  • Rollers With Bun Warmer

It has a warmer drawer beneath for holding buns warm. It can come with a slanted or flat-top grill and is practical for self-service use.

Nemco 8045SXW-220 35inch Hot Dog Grill - Chef's Deal
  • Non-Stick Roller

The non-stick rollers provide easy cleaning and keep oil and grease away from the motor. Non-stick rollers can have both flat or slanted-top grills.

Hot Dog Roller With Rear-Mounted Controls

It is designed to prevent unintentional changes in settings in front of the house, making it easier and safer for customers to serve themselves.

2. Hot Dog And Bun Steamers

Nemco 8300-220 13inch Hot Dog Steamer - Chef's Deal

Hot dog steamers and bun steamers can cook hot dogs evenly, resulting in delicious outputs and a high amount of hot dogs at once, up to 200. They are better to use in the back of the house, and they can quickly cook large amounts once they are heated. The best part about them is that they can hold the buns and hot dogs after cooking without drying them.

  • Standard Hot Dog Steamer

With a standard hot dog steamer, you can heat the buns and cook the hot dogs together in one space. The steam will keep the hot dogs juicy no matter how long they sit. They can be either vertical shaped or horizontal double-deck style.

  • Food Warmer Steamer

This commercial hot dog equipment is larger than others and designed for high-volume businesses. With the steam, hot dogs remain juicy for a long time. Most of them have steam well, which keeps the toppings and sauces hot.

Equipex CS0E 9inch Hot Dog Steamer, European Style - Hot Dog Equipment - Chef's Deal
  • European Steamer

It is a stylistic way of serving hot dogs though it can hold a few hot dogs and buns at a time. The spikes make pockets in buns for placing hot dogs and other fillings together.

3. Hot Dog Bun Boxes, Warmers, and Cabinets

Nemco 8075-BW-220 35inch Hot Dog Bun, Roll Warmer - Chef's Deal

Hot dog bun boxes and warmers provide soft and warm buns to serve with hot dogs every time. The temperature settings provide you to serve the buns at ideal temperatures. These hot dog equipment are available in moist or dry heat types. Moist heat hot dog warmers hold the buns moist with steam while keeping warm. Dry heat doesn’t require water to function and is generally more cost-effective.

Hot dog bun cabinets do not have temp controls or electrical components, making them more economical, but they can not keep the buns warm as long as warmers do.

4. Hot Dog Merchandisers

A hot dog merchandiser is a compact hot dog equipment that allows cooking and keeping the hot dog and buns warm altogether. The insulated glass, stainless steel pans, bun drawer, and wheels create an attractive and practical environment for selling hot dogs. They are perfect displayers and convenient pieces of equipment because you can cook and hold warm everything only in one unit.

Nemco 6550-DW 23 inch Hot Dog Steamer Cart - Chef's Deal

5. Hotdog Carts

Hot dog carts allow you to cook, hold and sell hot dogs all in one. You can cook and keep hot dogs warm until serving with adjustable heat. The best part is that these units have attractive, brilliantly colored decals to attract clients and encourage impulse buys. Most of them have extra compartments for displaying buns and other foods. They are perfect for carnivals, fairs, or events, and you can easily move them wherever you want, thanks to their handles.

6. Hot Dog Supplies

  • Hot Dog Dividers: These hot equipment provide separate sections to cook different foods.
APW Wyott SG-50 35inch Hot Dog Grill Sneeze Guard - Chef's Deal
  • Hot Dog Holding Drawer: These drawers create extra space to keep cooked hot dogs.
  • Hot dog Preparation Trays: You can create an organized area and easily prepare your product with this hot dog equipment. 
  • Hot Dog Roller Sneeze Guards: These sneeze guards of various sizes and shapes, closed, open, or pass-through, protect your products from contaminants.


You can count hot dogs as an everyday snack since there are many lovers consuming them daily. It has a large selling area from stadiums to fairs apart from restaurants. Hot dog equipment will boost your food business as indispensable concession stand equipment.

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