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True Commercial Refrigeration-The Coolest Brand Ever

True Commercial Refrigeration: The Coolest Brand Ever

True Commercial Refrigeration is the first brand that comes to mind when high-quality commercial refrigeration is mentioned. True Commercial Refrigeration has been ruling the markets for decades now, and they are considered a titan of the industry. So if you are looking to start your business with the right, high-quality machines and hoping to find a brand you can count on, then look no further. True has you covered with its wide range of excellent quality products and great customer service. Whether you are planning on opening a luxurious restaurant or a convenience store, this brand will provide you with what you need.

True History of True Commercial Refrigeration

True Commercial Refrigeration‘s history goes back to 1945. After world war II, Robert Trulaske, a soldier who has fought in the war, decided to build a company. On this journey, they set out as a family; Trulaskes proved themselves to be visionaries and manufactured many machines for the first time. True Commercial Refrigeration’s name originated from the family’s last name and is now associated with top-notch quality and reliable service. It is also worth noting that True remains a family company run by the descendants of Robert Trulaske. They have been growing steadily since the day they were founded. 

Why True Commercial Refrigeration is the Right Choice For You?

True Commercial Refrigeration is considered the best in the market for several reasons, and your business only truly deserves the best. 

1. Warranty is one of the first details you should look into when making any purchase, and True Commercial Refrigeration sets itself apart from other brands by offering a 2-3 year warranty for its products. This proves that you can count on the company to help you out and also their trust in what they have produced.

2. The long life expectancy of the machines in general and their motors: While some brands might seem cheaper, their products will probably last for a short time. To avoid overspending on every product in the long run, you should invest in a machine that will last you at least over a decade. True Commercial Refrigeration units have proved their longevity with their long years in the market, and you can make your purchase safe in the knowledge that your refrigerator won’t break down on you after a year or two. 

3. Customizable products signify that the brand is willing to work with you and provide you with the best. True Commercial Refrigeration products are customizable in size, finishing, material, and many other aspects. 

4. Quick distribution is another aspect most tend to overlook while making a purchase. Time is of the essence when starting a new business, and you cannot afford to wait around for your order to come. You don’t need to worry about True Commercial Refrigeration since it is a massive company with many local suppliers. 

5. Excellent customer service is a crucial detail you should pay attention to when making a purchase. True Commercial Refrigeration services are famous for their professionalism. Whenever you call customer service, you are bound to be in touch with a well-trained operator who will do their best to help you with whatever problem you are facing. 

6. Strong insulation is essential to energy saving and the proper functioning of any freezer or cooler. Unless a refrigerator is properly insulated, your ingredients might go to waste, and your machine might start to malfunction prematurely. True Commercial Refrigeration makes sure its products have good insulation and that they are made of high-quality materials. 

7. Lower temperatures than the market average are one of the most critical features True brings to the table. Thanks to their incredible insulation system, True Commercial Refrigeration is able to offer lower temperatures, and lower temperatures mean longer shelf life for so many of your ingredients.

8. Energy efficiency is another area True Commercial Refrigeration excels at. Whether through their glass door products, led lightning, or the way their machines are built, you can count on True machines to save energy and work as efficiently as possible.  

True Commercial Refrigeration Products

1. True Reach-in Freezers

True Reach-in Freezer

All commercial kitchens need a good freezer to store the ingredients to make the delicious foods customers search for. You must invest in a commercial freezer that won’t malfunction in the middle of a busy day and ruin the ingredients you spent a considerable amount on.

True reach-in freezers have offered a reliable service since they have entered the markets. What mainly sets true commercial freezers apart from other freezers is that they can be set to function at temperatures as low as -10°F. The market average is 0°F, and most manufacturers don’t even make freezers that can work at lower temperatures. You can guarantee that nothing you buy goes to waste by getting a True reach-in freezer. 

2. True Reach-in Refrigerators 

True Commercial Refrigerator

It goes without saying that you will need a commercial refrigerator for your business, whether it is a restaurant kitchen or a hotel bar. True commercial refrigerators are considered the best in their class, and many kitchens have preferred them all across the U.S. Aside from their high-quality production, True commercial refrigeration fridges are famous for being energy-efficient and their remarkable warranty. Energy stars are an essential detail you need to pay attention to while purchasing any product since energy efficiency means less maintenance and is more environmentally friendly. True Commercial Refrigeration provides its customers with energy-efficient models with long life expectancies. Also, they usually offer 2-3 years of warranty for their products. 

True Draft Beer Cooler

3. True Commercial Beverage Coolers 

Commercial beverage coolers are essential for bars, convenience stores, cinemas, hotels, and many other businesses. True wine coolers, True back bar coolers, True bottle coolers, and True keg coolers come in several forms. You could either invest in a sliding door or a swing door based on the space you have. In addition to different designs that could complement your space, True commercial refrigeration provides custom beverage coolers as well. You can get your business logo on the merchandizer or choose a color suited to the aesthetic of your business.  

4. True Glass Door Freezers and Merchandisers 


Displaying your products is an important aspect of any business. So, whether it is a beverage cooler or a dessert merchandiser, a beautiful and functional display is the key. As mentioned above, you could choose the type of door you wish to have on your reach in glass door freezers and merchandisers. True glass door merchandising freezers and True glass door merchandiser refrigerators will ensure your customers can see your products and easily reach in to grab whatever they like.

Plus, the height, the width, and the color are all customizable based on your space and interior design. You could get an all-glass freezer or a tall merchandiser that reaches the ceiling. True Commercial Refrigeration services are ready to provide you with whatever you wish. 

Conclusion for True Commercial Refrigeration

Whether you’re a business owner that needs all these products or an established business that wants to make some improvements, True Commercial Refrigeration is the one right choice for you. True Commercial Refrigeration distinguishes itself from its competitors with its wide product range, and you can be sure that there is a suitable True product for you. True Commercial Refrigeration will ensure you get your money’s worth and have a smooth-running business with efficient machinery.

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