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Best Showcase For Your Foods: Grab and Go Display Cases

Grab and go display cases are commercial merchandising units that do not have front doors or lids. They can have varied mechanisms for refrigeration or heating systems, or none of these, depending on their areas of use. These grab and go display cases are designed to offer an elegant appearance to store and showcase food products and drinks in your grocery store, convenience store, deli, or bakery.

Food and drink display cases and merchandisers have extensive use all over the United States. These grab and go display cases are designed to address the specific needs of these businesses. Hence, they have different designs, styles, and features that can be fully utilized in particular conditions.

Grab and Go Display Cases Structural Concepts MI48R

According to the “Power of Produce 2020” report by the Food Industry Association, about 43% of the produce is sold through merchandising units. Additionally, 83% of the consumers buy unplanned products different from the products they have in their minds when they come to the store. Furthermore, more than half of these consumers (58%) state that they make these purchases owing to the attractive merchandising and visually appealing presentation of products.

Thus, we prepared this blog post to provide an insight into the fundamental characteristics of grab-and-go display cases and additional tips for the maximum benefit from this commercial kitchen and floor equipment.

What Are The Main Types Of Grab And Go Display Cases?

As grab-and-go display cases are preferred in many different types of businesses ranging from gas stations to restaurants, they have various styles to meet the food storing and showcasing necessities of these businesses.

1. Non-Refrigerated Bakery Display Cases

Bakery Display Case Structural Concepts B7132D 71inches Non-Refrigerated

Non-refrigerated bakery display cases are designed to preserve and exhibit the bakery products which are freshly cooked and required to be kept at room temperature. Hence, you can safely store bagels, bread, cookies, baked desserts, or candies in these grab and display cases without worrying about drying up these products.

These bakery display cases feature sturdy construction to withstand the heavy traffic of commercial floors. Moreover, they are equipped with illuminated lights and a black exterior finish to increase their appeal to attract the customers to have a look at your delicacies and persuade them to buy one of them while going to your check-out point.

2. Refrigerated Display Cases

Open Refrigerated Display Merchandiser Howard-McCray R-OD30E-4-B-LED

Refrigerated grab and go display cases are one of the critical commercial refrigeration equipment that should be placed in every commercial food and drink business. These refrigerated coolers do not have front doors like the other type of grab and go display cases and only feature solid or glass sidewalls; therefore, they are also called open-air merchandisers.

These grab and go coolers create an air curtain formed through an airstream coming either from the bottom or at the top. This confides in the cold air inside the cabinet and maintains a chilling temperature to protect the food products from spoiling and waste due to the de-hydration or bacteria growth.

3. Heated Grab and Go Display Cases or Hot Self-Serve Merchandisers

Whether you run a restaurant, bakery, pizzeria, or convenience store, you will undoubtedly want to offer or serve warm food products or meals to your customers. Heated grab and go display cases present the perfect solution for your concerns.

ederal Industries Heated Deli Display Case FSQ-8HD 96 inches Floor Model

These heated food display cases come with a food warmer to maintain your best recipes’ temperature and warmth to maximize customer satisfaction. Besides, they can be purchased with or without humidity features and temperature control to adjust the temperature for different food products at differing levels. Additionally, these grab-and-go deli cases, such as Federal grab and go display cases, feature eye-catching lightings to increase their attractiveness.

You can place one of these grab-and-go display cases in the self-service line to present soup, hot meals, or hot dogs and sandwiches in your restaurant to accelerate service. Or, you may want to encourage a last-minute sale by putting it next to your cashier to showcase your pizza slices or other bakery products.

What Are The Structure, Style, And Design Options For Grab And Go Display Cases?

Grab and go display cases also offer different structural style options, and you can choose the suitable one to match it to your layout in your store or food establishment.

Horizontal Self-Serve Refrigerated Display Case Structural Concepts GHSS460R 51 inches

1. Structural Options For Grab And Go Display Cases

  • Horizontal Open-Air Display Cases: These food display cases enable you to create an open interior floor in your business to increase the attractiveness of your store by forming an airy atmosphere at eye level. Horizontal grab and go display cases have relatively low heights and a wider footprint to create more extended shelves for product display. Additionally, they are suitable for placing in front of your serving line as some models have sliding rear doors to facilitate loading for your personnel.
Vertical Open Display Merchandiser Turbo Air TOM-72DXS-N 6 inches Vertical Extra Deep
  • Vertical Open-Air Merchandisers: Being perfect for exhibiting your packaged foods, drinks, or special treats, these vertical grab and go food display cases can be placed around your floor in front of the walls. They will present a nice alluring space for your customers while offering a large and eye-catching displaying area for your products.
  • Island-Style Open-Air Display Cases: These grab-and-go display cases are designed in a round shape that presents a stylish design in your store or restaurant. You can rest assured while your products are safely showcased and your customers grab what they want quickly from this food display island.
Island Type Self-Serve Refrigerated Display Case Structural Concepts FSI663R 80 inches

2. Grab And Go Display Cases’ Style Options

  • Free-Standing Grab And Go Display Cases: These display cases are directly placed on the store or restaurant floor. Hence, they need relatively a larger space but offer more storage for products. Therefore, you can place drinks, packaged foods, sandwiches, or desserts to encourage your customers to see all your tasty products and grab one of them when going to the check-out.
  • Countertop Grab And Go Display Cases: These types of display cases are designed to have a smaller space in your business. You can easily place them on your serving counter or next to your cash register to save floor space for other units. Although they offer a smaller storage room for exhibiting products, they will directly boost your impulse sales when these countertop grab and go display cases are filled with the most demanded and seasonal products.
  • Undercounter Grab And Go Display Cases: These are almost waist height can be placed under your counter to exhibit your products.

3. Design Options For Grab And Go Display Cases

Refrigerated Non-Refrig Display Case Structural Concepts HMBC5-E3 63 inches
  • Shape: Grab and go display cases offer different structural designs, which can be classified as curved and straight. While curved models present a better viewing with the extended displaying area, the straight grab and go display cases are space-saving units with thinner construction.
  • Shelving: Grab and go display cases have various versions for food placement. The majority of the non-refrigerated and refrigerated models have one to seven tiers of food displaying and storing. Hence, you can store and organize your products on these shelves. The heated grab and go display cases also offer shelved units, but you can also opt to purchase models without shelves to display meals on the heated counter.
  • Additional Features: To increase their functionality and alluring design, almost all the grab and go models are equipped with attractive lighting equipment to better display the meals, drinks, and other food products. Moreover, some units such as Structural Concepts HMBC5-E3 comprise non-refrigerated sections as well as refrigerated sections to enable you a combined display case to showcase drinks, chilled foods with bakery products.

What Are The Advantages Of Grab And Go Display Cases?

As grab and go display cases are designed for versatile and practical use in convenience stores, bakeries, delis, grocery stores, restaurants, supermarkets, and pizzerias, they offer several apparent advantages:

  • Grab and go display cases provide a safe preservation area for foods and drinks.
  • They present refrigerated, non-refrigerated, and heated versions for different products.
  • Grab n go display cases give quick and easy access to stored products.
  • These commercial restaurant equipment are designed for convenience in food and drink serving, and therefore, they provide faster service in college canteens, schools, and corporate dinings.
  • Grab and go food display cases constitute an eye-catching food and drink exhibition point to encourage customers to buy more stuff.
  • They can be placed next to the register or near the point of sale to boost last-minute sales.
  • Grab and go display cases keep products in a visible space to enable customers to find what they want or look for easily and help them spend less time shopping.

What Are The Tips To Derive The Utmost Benefit From The Grab And Go Display Cases?

To attain the mentioned advantages of grab and go display cases, you are recommended to;

  • Target at providing the best tastes and textures with your products for your customers,
  • Place these grab and go display cases at highly visible places on your floor to showcase them to your customers,
  • Organize your layout to facilitate customer flow. For instance, you are advised to place beverage coolers smartly to avoid lines that will hinder passage,
  • Keep highly demanded and frequently asked products at the most visible grab and go display cases,
  • Plan the product organization to increase your sales and group products that are generally consumed together (for example, keeping ice near to the beverages),
  • Create an attractive organization by using color classification,
  • Keep your grab and go display up to date and fill it up with seasonal products,
  • Prefer high mark-up products to display,
  • Keep seasonal stuff next to the cashier.


In a highly competitive business world, you are required to conduct an extensive sales organization to develop and thrive. This organization comprises supply procedures, cleaning sanitation, and, more importantly, increasing sales. Grab and go display cases provide attractive product displaying points that will entice your customers to purchase more products

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