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Beverage-Air Refrigeration Quality And Innovation

Beverage-Air Refrigeration: Quality and Innovation

If you have ever had a smartphone with a processor lagging way behind your needs, you know first-hand how tedious it could be to wait for it to run. A friend has updated their social media account, so you have itchy fingers to see what’s new, but no way. You have to wait until it downloads the relevant pages. Isn’t it like watching paint dry? The result is you feel out of the loop.

The situation may sound similar for those operating in the foodservice industry when their commercial refrigerator lets them down. With an unreliable cooler or refrigerator, you will be frozen out of the lucrative frozen food and beverage business. The dependable Beverage-Air Refrigeration equipment can help you stay in the game.

Beverage-Air Refrigeration Legacy: From the Patented Bottle Cooler to Leading Edge Refrigeration Solutions

Beverage-Air Refrigeration was founded in 1944 when John Buffington invented the first horizontal, forced-air bottle cooler in the Deep Well Series. This was a groundbreaking invention of the time, offering significant benefits to beverage cooling. Before introducing this patented product, drinks used to be stored cool in an ordinary refrigerator along with other ingredients.

The first back bar bottle cooler increased the chilled beverage storage capacity. It enabled barmaids or bartenders to serve cold wines or beers far more swiftly. The mass production of bottle cooler in John’s first manufacturing facility in Punxsutawney, PA, entitled him to the leading position in the foodservice industry.

Beverage-Air Refrigeration, The Punxsutawney Company, and its patented bottle cooler sparked a chain of innovative refrigeration equipment and a production chain. John’s novel cooler grew not only his name but also the demand for refrigeration products. The surging needs brought John’s brother, Herman Buffington, into play, too. The brothers never stopped researching and engineering to improve air-cooled beverage refrigeration further, taking firm steps towards a national brand.

The Buffington brothers opened a new plant in Spartanburg, SC, to accommodate booming customer demands and manufacturing requirements. They designed the first Beverage-Air reach-in coolers and Beverage-Air glass door merchandisers. 

Beverage-Air Corporation‘s standard-setting products continued to expand the industry and its brand name. As each new Beverage-Air refrigerator or Beverage-Air freezer was released into the market, the trust for the corporation and customer expectations rose. That meant more investment in research and development because the company pivoted on the core principle of exceeding customer expectations.

Continuous growth necessitated enlarging or adding new manufacturing plants where Beverage-Air under-counter refrigerators and Beverage-Air countertop refrigerators joined the family. The corporation kept on diversifying the product line with Beverage-Air kegerators.

Beverage-Air Refrigeration’s premium products and preferred manufacturer status soon whetted the appetite of the giants in the foodservice equipment industry. Based on the acquisition model, the company changed several hands between the early 1970s and the late 2000s. This process ended up with the acquisition of Beverage-Air Refrigeration, a leader in the refrigeration market, by the Ali Group, a global leader in foodservice equipment.

Since 2008, Beverage-Air Refrigeration’s state-of-the-art technologies reflect the unique touch of the Ali Group’s dedication to constant innovation in quality and market research. The company continues cementing its legacy of customer-based refrigeration solutions as part of the Ali Group’s North American headquarters in Winston-Salem, NC. 

Why Beverage-Air Refrigeration?

The popularity of frozen treats and chilled soft or alcoholic drinks has made beverage refrigeration one of the most profitable businesses. Therefore, the market is replete with manufacturers that compete to provide the highest quality equipment. Beverage-Air Refrigeration’s heritage suffices to justify your choice. Yet, there are many other benefits, too.

1. Beverage-Air Refrigeration Has Managed to Remain a Pioneer

From the first bottle refrigerator, which laid the foundation to today’s capstone products, Beverage-Air Refrigeration has always strived to be a pioneer in the market. The company’s mission is to be a global leader in every market they serve. In commercial refrigeration equipment, they have already realized this mission, yet this does not curb their progressivist approach to manufacturing in other product segments, as well. Collecting feedback from customers and vendors through extensive market research, they compete with themselves, not the rivals.

Beverage-Air Refrigeration‘s success feeds on an entrenched legacy of expertise and innovative engineering to offer the best for everyone in the market. With a solid commitment to all the beneficiaries, they can stay at the forefront of the food service and beverage industries. They value their employees by creating mutual trust and honesty to promote self-improvement. They value their vendors by understanding customer needs and designing products to provide them with a competitive advantage. And they value others by actively supporting the communities where they live and do business.

2. Beverage-Air Refrigeration is Environmentally Fair

Nature is a blessing to all living beings, but it is not indelible. Today, when the consequences of climate change are more visible and tangible than ever, preserving natural resources should be a top priority. Beverage-Air Refrigeration considers greenness an inseparable part of corporate citizenship, aligning their business objectives with a responsibility to the environment. Beverage-Air Refrigeration units are non-ozone-depleting products, reducing the carbon footprint.

Energy efficiency is also a firmly established norm in Beverage-Air Refrigeration products. Their wide range of refrigeration equipment perfectly complies with the guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy. Their energy-efficient beverage and food service equipment brought them the ENERGY STAR Award. With more than 180 ENERGY STAR-certified models, the company keeps on investing in eco-friendliness, promising its business partners cost savings.

3. Beverage-Air Refrigeration Delivers An Unmatched Aftersales Service

One of the most frequently repeating customer complaints is the failure to find someone to address your complaints when you have an issue with your purchase. With Beverage-Air Refrigeration, this feeling is rare. Genuine Beverage-Air parts are accessible through a worldwide network of distribution and service providers. Besides, you can easily contact Beverage-Air tech support teams via SMS texting, web chat, or phone. They consolidated their manufacturing and distribution operations in the same facility to improve lead times, reduce back-orders, minimize freight damage, and decrease logistic costs.

With a dedication to customer satisfaction, Beverage-Air updated the warranty periods. They now offer a 3-year warranty on parts and labor with an additional 4-year warranty on compressors. Plus, you can confirm your Beverage-Air warranty through online registration. All you need to do is enter the model and the serial number of your product. The rest is hassle-free. You can submit your warranty claims online using Global Warranty, an electronic application facilitating and customizing every phase of the warranty process for you.

4. Beverage-Air Refrigeration Products Are Exceptionally Durable And Versatile

Whether you run a restaurant, convenience store, or cafeteria, Beverage-Air Refrigeration offers a wide array of deluxe beverage and foodservice equipment. All their products are finished with long-lasting, stainless steel material to resist heavy-duty use. When outfitting or remodeling your establishment, you don’t have to compromise between durability and appearance. The easiest way to maintain a sleek look in your restaurant is to purchase products from the same manufacturer. If you prefer a brand that can offer most of what you might need, each piece of equipment can complete one another, creating a visually rich environment.

Beverage-Air Corporation’s next-generation technologies also house a host of features, providing a safer storage capacity for your food and beverages. Below is a quick sample of product features.

  • Beverage-Air Merchandisers
Beverage-Air Glass Door  Merchandiser Refrigerator, MT21-1B

Advertised with Marketeer and MarketMax model names, Beverage-Air glass door merchandisers allow safe storage of beverages and food products like wraps, salads, or sandwiches. The LED-lit interior of glass merchandisers creates an attractive look tempting your patrons. Depending on your available space and capacity requirements, you can choose among merchandisers with one, two, or three doors.

If you need a more compact model, there are also Beverage-Air countertop refrigerators. Beverage-Air has recently added a new, smart model, MarketMax IQ. Its electronic smart lock feature automatically locks the unit in case of a power or temperature problem.

  • Beverage-Air Open Air Merchandisers
Beverage-Air Open Refrigerated Display Merchandiser, VMHC-7-1-W

The slim VeuMax merchandisers have deep shelves to accommodate loads of packaged and sealed products. They are perfect for exhibiting prepackaged sandwiches, produce, and bottled drinks, particularly in the grab-go type of food retail. Night curtain and polyurethane insulation help save energy by maintaining cabinet temperature. All the models feature a painted steel interior for easy cleaning. The galvanized metal exterior is offered in three colors: black, grey, or white. You can also choose between three-tier and five-tier shelves, each with price tag molding.

Beverage-Air Reach-In Freezer, HF2HC-1HS
  • Beverage-Air Reach-ins

Reach-in refrigerators and freezers can improve the style and value of your establishment. You can safely keep your frozen treats, pre-cooked meals, desserts, or food ingredients within your easy reach. With solid and glass door options, and one to three-section models, you are sure to find a reach-in that can fit in your space and match your capacity expectations. Vista and Slate are two of the most preferred model names. LED lighting, self-closing doors, heavy-duty casters, and bottom-mount refrigeration are standard features in these models.

Beverage-Air, Countertop Blast Chiller Freezer, BF054AP
  • Beverage-Air Blast Chillers

These units are designed to chill products for later use. They freeze food within the shortest time possible to preserve the flavor and texture. The thick insulation, along with stainless steel interior and exterior, increase durability and internal temperature retention. They offer flexibility with customizable blast chilling, shock freezing, and thawing modes. You can add, edit, or rename recipes shown on the easy-to-use touch display with a USB connection.

  • Beverage-Air Kegerators
Beverage-Air Kegerator, Draft Beer Cooler, DD72HC-1-S 72inc

“Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza”. This quotation by Dave Barry, an American humor columnist, starkly indicates how valuable keg coolers can be for your bar, pub, or restaurant. Bev-Air kegerators with models holding multiple kegs and faucets can effectively store and dispense cold beer. This direct draw, high-volume bar equipment is a 3-in-1 solution, enabling you to serve beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages using the same tap.

To Sum Up For Beverage-Air Refrigeration

Beverage-Air Refrigeration‘s vast product line is not limited to the ones described here, of course. With chef bases, worktops, food prep tables, ice cream dipping cabinets, liquor bottle displays, heated cabinets, and deli cases, Beverage-Air Refrigeration has something to meet all your food prep, cold storage, and beverage dispensing needs. Finally, let me close this writing with the best news: All these high-quality products are manufactured at home in Brookville, PA.

Ray Hunter has been on the content management team of Chef’s Deal since 2021. With a deep insight into foodservice equipment and content writing dynamics, Ray has produced informative content about equipment, methods, and trends in the industry. He focuses on generating category and product content and also blog posts that achieve a fine balance between SEO optimization and user-friendliness to reach and address commercial kitchen operators’ wide-ranging needs and queries. With a special interest in novel technologies used in food service machinery, Ray works vigorously to remain up-to-date about emerging market expectations and advancements addressing them.   

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