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CMA Dishwashers - Chef's Deal

CMA Dishwashers: May the Sanitation Be with You

About the CMA Dishwashers

CMA Commercial Dishmachines - Chef's Deal

CMA dishwashers are high-quality, durable, and cost-efficient cleaning and sanitizing commercial restaurant equipment which is manufactured by CMA Dishmachines company originated from Westminster, Calfornia. Beginning its journey in 1970 by presenting glass and warewashing machines with less energy consumption and full service, the manufacturer adopted the “Energy Mizer” brand for its initial products range.

The company has gradually expanded its market and, later, its production plant. Operating in a modest workshop of about 2500 square feet, CMA Dishmachines now has a large manufacturing plant that covers about 100,000 square feet in Garden Grove, California. Additionally, the company has extended its product range by adding high-temperature and low-temperature chemical sanitizing dish machines, glasswashers, and warewashing equipment to its manufacturing line.

CMA Dishmachines has adopted an attitude that prioritizes customer satisfaction through technological innovation, enhanced durability, and long-time continuous service from the very beginning of its production. Therefore, the company offers high-quality and innovative CMA Dishwashers, competent, effective, and on-time service to its customers to ensure the flawless running of your commercial kitchen.

Get to Know the Commercial Dishwashers

Commercial dishwashers are designed to serve in commercial kitchens, and therefore, they offer practical and versatile features which will improve your business by facilitating cleaning.

Why Do You Need A Commercial Dishwasher?

Commercial Dishwashers By CMA - Chef's Deal

Commercial dishwashers are indispensable in any commercial kitchen, whether they are in a restaurant, hotel, or bar. Firstly, the FDA has strict rules for cleaning and sanitation in food-serving businesses. These rules are carefully enforced to prevent the dissemination of diseases through bacteria growth and cross-contamination. In this case, the dishes must be sanitized with immensely hot water at about 185 °F to kill all microbes and bacteria, which can only be performed with a high-temp commercial dishwasher.

Or, you may want to sanitize the dishes with additional chemical sanitizers used by the low-temp commercial dishwashers. Hence, to avoid such troubles and business suspension, you must comply with these rules and show your strict adherence to these rules when the inspectors come in.

The other vital reason for purchasing a commercial dishwasher like CMA dishwashers is the significance of cleanliness and hygiene of a restaurant for the customer experience. According to Forbes, excellent customer experience is the key to rising revenues and expanding business. Thus, food catering businesses aim to improve the customer experience through a rich menu, attractive ambiance, attractive and delicious foods, fast and neat food service.

However, the hygiene and cleanliness of the tables, tableware, and silverware are cited among the leading reasons that affect customers’ loyalty. While many customers expect cleaned and sanitized service utensils, about 85% of customers have stated that they will not prefer a restaurant with negative reviews about its hygiene. Particularly when you consider the Covid-19 Pandemics and the resulting conditions, the importance of sanitation is clear to run your business.

Furthermore, efficiency and speed are gaining ever more rising influence on customer satisfaction and the profitability of the food business. A study by Procter & Gamble shows that 59% of cleaning professional in the foodservice and hospitality sector puts more value in the “doing more with less” principle to adapt to the changing economic conditions.

CMA dishwashers and the other dish machines manufactured by other vendors help you “do more work with less personnel” by taking over responsibilities from your staff. Commercial dishwashers enable you to spare one or two employees to deal with other chores in the kitchen. Moreover, this commercial kitchen equipment will increase the service speed by providing clean and sanitized tableware to speed up the service. (You can read our article for details about commercial dishwashing machines.)

CMA Dishwashers Are The Commercial Dishwashing Machines You Need at Your Dish Pit

CMA dishwashers are among the most preferred commercial dish machines in the food serving and hospitality sector. It’s possible to find the CMA dishwashers in the best dishwasher lists on the internet. However, as a commercial dishwasher requires a considerable initial cost and is bought for long-term use, it’s necessary to plan your purchase beforehand carefully. We, therefore, have evaluated the CMA Dishwashers by assessing their performance in terms of the leading factors that should be considered while purchasing a commercial dish machine.

1. Cost

  • Initial Investment: Initialinvestmentcost is one of the principal factors you should consider when buying a commercial dishwasher. CMA commercial dishwashers can stay at the mid-low side of the price range for these commercial dish machines. Therefore, they are suitable options for newly-established businesses and those who do not want to spend too much money on dishwashing machines. Additionally, you can have CMA dish machines with better conditions by preferring financing options to help you pay in small installments.
  • Running Costs: Another cost of the commercial dishwashers is mainly related to their electricity, water, and sanitation chemical consumption. Here, CMA stands out with its impressive Energy Star certified models inventory. Additionally, the CMA dishwashers also have efficiency in water consumption, with about 0.46 gallons of water used per rack for some models.

2. Efficiency

  • Speed: CMA dishwashers are perfect for a flawless continuance of workflow in any commercial kitchen with their speed. Depending on your needs, you can find various models of CMA Dishwashers which can clean and sanitize up to 249 racks for an hour. Furthermore, these CMA products can finish a washing, rinsing, and steam evacuation cycle in about 90 seconds to catch up with your heavy traffic during peak hours.
  • Ease of operation: To increase efficiency and speed, many CMA dishwashers have an auto start and stop feature, which makes operation safe and easy. Therefore, your commercial dishwashing machine only needs to pull up the door, load the rack and pull down the door again to run some models of CMA dishwashers.
  • Sanitizing: CMA dishwashers come in two main categories, which are classified as low-temperature and high-temperature commercial dishwashers. You can opt for buying either option depending on your preference for applying chemical sanitation on the dishes or extremely hot water which is sprayed onto the plates.

3. Types

Conveyor Dishwasher CMA Dishmachines EST-66 66 inches, High Low Temp, 240 Racks per Hour

Because of the varying conditions, dish volumes, and kitchen layout in the hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, and other food establishments, CMA Dishmachines manufactures several different types of commercial dishwashers to address all varieties of needs in various environments under different conditions:

  • CMA Conveyor-type Dishwashers: These are the CMA dishwashers with conveyor systems. They run the dishes on a moving conveyor belt on which the dishracks are washed, sanitized, and rinsed. CMA conveyor dishwashers such as CMA EST-66 or EST-44 are excellent for handling the immense amount of dishes of the hotels, cafes, and restaurants that host numerous customers.
CMA 180 Dishwashwer - Chef's Deal
  • CMA Upright Dishwashers: CMA upright dishwashers such as CMA 180 Dishwasher and CMA AH models are designed for rapid loading and washing to increase efficiency in the dish pit. These CMA dishwashers are equipped with a door-type entrance, and the dishes come out clean and sanitized from the other side. Additionally, they are furnished with door-initiated washing cycles, which can shorten the cleaning and sanitation down to 90 seconds.
  • CMA Undercounter Dishwashers: CMA undercounter dishwashers are designed to fit under the serving or working counters, the bars, or benches to occupy less area in the commercial kitchens or bars with limited space. While these undercounter commercial dishwashers present an easily accessible dishwashing pit, they have smaller bodies, less energy, and water consumption. Hence, they offer a much faster washing and cleaning cycle compared to similar residential units.
  • CMA Glasswashers: CMA dishwashers also have an exclusive option to facilitate your operation in the bars. CMA glasswashers are principally designed to wash glasses and mugs faster to provide clean and shiny glasses and cups all the time you need. These units will keep you supplied all the time to rapidly serve your customers with a cold drink or excellent coffee.
Undercounter Glasswasher, Low Temp CMA Dishmachines GL-C 25 Rotary
  • CMA Scullery (Pan/Pot Dishwashers): CMA dishwashers also have an excellent solution for the difficulty of washing large kitchen utensils such as pans and pots. As these kitchen utensils are of large sizes, CMA pan and pot dishwashers are designed with high clearance for easy loading and taking out.
  • CMA Ventless Dishwashers: CMA Dishmachines also have ventless dishwashers to utilize the power and heat of steam that arises during sanitation. These machines offer more energy-saving and decrease the cost-efficiency of buying a commercial dish machine as they do not need a separate ventilation hood to drain the steam out of the kitchen.

4. Warranty, Service Support, and Repairs

CMA dishwashers are already of sturdy structure with stainless steel construction are under the warranty of CMA Dishmachines for at least 12 months after the installation in your facility. Hence, you can be sure that this expensive item will pay off your initial investment by presenting you with a guarantee for defects and damages that the production errors may cause.

Besides, when you consider the nightmare of a commercial dishwasher breaking down your restaurant is full of customers, you will realize the importance of a durable and high-quality dish machine. Thus, a broad and reliable service network is also of great importance to reach an expert to fix your dishwasher in a short time. CMA Dishmachines, therefore, has an extensive network of services around the country, and you can easily get the necessary CMA dishwasher spare parts and accessories on time.


CMA dishwashers have a long history of high-quality products and dependable customer service to serve the various needs of commercial kitchens. Offering reasonably priced CMA dishwashers, CMA company has a wide range of products such as conveyor dishwashers, upright dishwashers, undercounter dishwashers, pot/pan dishwashers, and glasswashers to present a clean and sanitized service and cooking utensils in your business. To bring all their benefits to your commercial kitchen, the only thing you need to do is select a CMA dishwasher for you, in addition to the necessary spare parts and accessories at the best prices.

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