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Dual Temp Refrigearation Benefits - Chef's Deal

Dual-Temp Refrigeration

Dual-temp refrigeration systems allow for maintaining different temperatures within the same storage unit. Most establishments work with an array of products that require different degrees of cooling to be safely kept. You might need a freezer and a fridge separately to accommodate all your products. On the other hand, dual-temp refrigeration comes with multiple sections within the unit to create space for different temperatures. The coexistence of two abilities in one product makes these systems highly popular among business owners.

What is Dual Temp Refrigeration?

Dual-temp refrigeration refers to a system that contains different temperature areas within the same machine. While they are often sectioned as fridges and freezers, it is also possible to find models with multiple coolers or freezers.

Benefits of Dual Temp Refrigeration

While they might not be suited for large-scale businesses, these systems offer many benefits.

  • Floor space needed in the kitchen for commercial equipment can be significantly reduced thanks to these compact models. Commercial refrigeration systems are often the biggest pieces of machinery you will encounter in a commercial kitchen, and packing these two functions in one machine will save you much space. 
  • Lower utility bills are a great perk for operating one compact machine instead of two refrigeration units. Even though they serve multiple purposes, dual-temp refrigeration units are still single machines, and this singularity will reflect on your bills too. 
  • Budget-friendly options are quite important at the initial stages of starting a business, and a dual temp unit can lighten the load on your budget by doing the part of two separate machines in one body.
  • Easier to clean and maintain thanks to its manageable structure. While this perk might not be high on your list initially if you have a small staff and not too many products, less hassle with equipment care can be a good thing in the long run. 
  • Easier to find products in fast-paced kitchens. If you have a small business with a quick service pace, having everything in one place will come in handy. 
  • The ability to set different temperatures in separate compartments within the same unit can empower you to store products closely with additional requirements. While it might not seem as much, this feature will surely increase the efficiency of your kitchen. 

Dual Temp Refrigeration Types

1. Dual temp systems are utilized in a variety of refrigeration machines.

  • Reach-ins are the most common dual-temp models on the market. Combining a freezer and a fridge in one machine is highly popular among households and small businesses.  
  • Wine Coolers of different types also utilize this technology. The different temperature zones created and maintained by separate heating units allow users to store wines of various kinds in their cooler without sacrificing the taste and quality of one type for the other. Dual temp wine fridges -zoned wine coolers are quite common, and most units possess an electronic panel for easy temperature adjustment. 

2. Dual-temp refrigeration models are also classified by the number of sections/doors they have. This classification can help you get an idea about their size and decide whether they are suited for your kitchen.

  • Single Section models are the most common ones, and they can be found in a range of environments, including basic household kitchens. They include two compartments of reduced sizes in one unit. While the utility bills will be low with these, it is important to keep in mind that your space will be limited too. 
  • Double Section models differ from their single-section counterparts by their full-size zones. The different temperature compartments are placed next to each other with two doors instead of halved structures. This version offers more space for storage while taking up more space in your kitchen. 
  • Triple Section models are similar to double-section ones in terms of their full-size compartments, but they have an additional compartment for storage. You can invest in a triple-section unit if you need an extra freezer or a fridge. 

3. Compressor Location with Dual-Temp Refrigerators

Compressors are vital parts of refrigeration units, and they should be considered before making a purchase. Dual-temp models are usually chosen for their compact sizes and dependability. To maximize your machine’s efficiency and longevity, ensure you have the right compressor. 

Structural Concepts COU2757R 27inch Oasis Service, Self-Service Dual Temp Merchandiser,  Dual Temp Refrigeration Types and Benefits - Chef's Deal
  • Bottom-mounted compressors refer to compressors that are placed at the bottom of the unit. These versions are preferred for ease of maintenance and cleaning. Yet, they might frequently clog if the kitchen is dusty or filled with sediments from various ingredients.
  • Top-mounted compressors have the compressor at the top of the unit. The placement allows the unit to escape most sediments but makes it harder to maintain. Also, it is important to remember that hot air rises, and if you don’t have enough space above the compressor, it might negatively affect the machine’s longevity. 
  • Remote compressors refer to, as the name suggests, remotely stationed compressors. You can use a remote compressor if you have an outdoor area like a rooftop or an extra room. Thanks to the “remoteness,” you will reduce noise and heat in your kitchen significantly and increase the efficiency of your staff. 


Dual-temp refrigeration is a great solution for small and fast-paced kitchens. It offers business owners many benefits and makes the staff’s job easier with its compact and simple structure. You can utilize these types of machines in many settings ranging from your home to small café kitchens and hotel rooms.

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