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Commercial Ice Machine Cleaning and Maintenance in 15 Steps

The quality and safety of every beverage you serve and the longevity of the items depend on the proper ice machine cleaning and maintenance. Dirty ice machines can create a place for harmful bacteria to grow and may cause foodborne sicknesses when ice contaminates their beverages or comes into contact with food. Additionally, if you don’t care for the ice machine properly, your energy consumption will increase, ice production efficiency will reduce, and your appliances will have a shorter lifespan. We have prepared an easy 15-step guide for ice machine cleaning and maintenance, with 9 steps for cleaning and 6 for maintenance.

Commercial Ice Machine Cleaning in 9 Steps

Ice machine cleaning involves several steps and should be performed regularly to maintain its performance and hygiene. Here are the key cleaning steps:

1 – Turn Off the Ice Machine: Before you begin cleaning, ensure the ice machine is switched off to ensure safety.

2 – Remove the Ice: Empty the ice bin and remove any ice that may have been contaminated during the cleaning process. Cleaning products can be toxic and should not come into contact with ice or other products.

3 – Sanitize Your Hands and Wear Protective Gear: Safety First! Prioritize your and your customers’ safety by washing your hands thoroughly and wearing gloves and safety glasses or goggles. By doing so, you can eliminate the possibility of contamination and protect yourself from potential malfunctions.

4- Clean Interior Components: Clean the interior components of the ice machine, including the ice bin, ice scoop or dispenser, and all accessible surfaces. Use warm, soapy water and soft cloth or brushes, toothbrushes, and mild abrasive pads. Avoid using anything that might scratch any surfaces because any place that is scratched or marred will allow scale and bacteria to grab onto, grow, and contaminate your production.

5 – Disinfect and Sanitize: After cleaning, use a food-safe sanitizer recommended by the manufacturer or health department to disinfect all interior surfaces. Make sure the sanitizers are from an approved list to meet health codes and avoid contamination.

6 – Clean Condenser Coils: Dust and dirt gathering on condenser coils can reduce the ice machine’s cooling efficiency. Clean the condenser coils using a brush or a vacuum cleaner. You should be careful with this process to avoid breaking parts of the machine. You can consult the manufacturer to fact-check your process if you aren’t confident.

7 – Check and Replace Filters: Ice machines often have air or water filters; you should regularly inspect them for clogs or wear. Various residues can culminate over time and cause issues. You should replace filters to maintain water and, consequently, ice production quality. If the filters aren’t cleaned regularly, the ice will get foggy and taste bad and might even be a health hazard in the long run.

8 – Clean the Ice-Making Components: Remove and clean removable parts like the ice maker, water distribution system, and evaporator. You should refer to the manual for specific instructions on removing, adjusting, and cleaning these components. Disassembling and reaching certain parts can be challenging, but after some practice, it is an easy task and should be done regularly for the health of your ice machine.

9 – Flush the Water System: Once all the previous 8 steps are complete, you should reassemble the machine and flush the water system to remove any residues. You can flush the water system with a mixture of water and vinegar or a descaling solution to prevent mineral culmination. You should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines or consult an expert before introducing additional products to this stage.

Commercial Ice Machine Maintenance in 6 Steps

In addition to regular cleaning, routine ice machine maintenance and inspections are essential to prolong your ice machine’s life and ensure its optimal performance. Here are some maintenance and inspection tips for maximum results:

1 – Schedule Professional Service: Hire a certified technician to conduct a thorough annual inspection and maintenance. While your personal measures will be crucial in the long run, having an expert eye on the equipment is always good.

2 – Monitor Ice Production: You should always keep an eye out for signs of malfunctions. Keep an eye on the ice production rate. A sudden decrease in production may indicate a problem with the machine that would require your attention.

3 – Inspect Water Supply: The water system is crucial to the functioning of the ice machine. While running tests, you should examine the water supply line for any signs of leaks, bends, or blockages. If there is an issue with the water system, your production will get harmed, and the machine might start malfunctioning, too.

4- Check Seals and Gaskets: Ice machines and storage bins are properly insulated to safely keep the product. You should regularly check the condition of the door seals and gaskets for any signs of harm or deterioration. If needed, replace them to ensure the insulation remains effective.

5- Monitor Ice Quality:

Ice Machine Cleaning and Maintenance- Ice Machine Cleaning and Maintenance in 15 Steps- ice being poured into a glass

Check the quality of the ice produced regularly. If you notice a change in taste, odor, or appearance, investigate and take quick action to resolve the issue. Such differences might result from contamination in the water, uncleaned filters, a problem in the water system, or a problem with the ice machine’s machinery.

6- Keep the Area Clean:

Keep the space around the ice machine clean and give it space to work properly. As a cooling machine, the ice machine should not be placed near machines like ovens. Follow your local guidelines and codes to ensure that your placement is the most optimal placement for the health of the ice machine.

Conclusion for Ice Machine Cleaning and Maintenance

Manitowoc IDT0300W/D400 Water-Cooled Full Cube 305 lbs Ice Maker with 365 lbs Storage Bin - Ice Machine Cleaning and Maintenance in 15 Steps

Proper ice machine cleaning and maintenance are essential for both the safety of the ice produced and the longevity of the equipment. Regularly cleaning, disinfecting, and inspecting the machine’s parts while also complying with health and safety rules are key practices for any place with ice machines. Following these easy ice machine cleaning and maintenance steps and consulting experts regularly ensures that your ice machine operates efficiently, produces top-quality ice, and keeps your drinks safe and delicious for your customers. Remember, a well-kept ice machine benefits your business and ensures your customers’ well-being and happiness!

You can read more about the impact of ice machines on customer satisfaction here. 

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