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international beer day

Celebrate International Beer Day

Friday nights are designated bar nights, and the first Friday of August marks International Beer Day. As an accumulation of all the happy hours across the year, this special day is dedicated to a drink dear to America’s heart. Beer is a popular drink across the globe but still a distinctly American beverage.

Served in big glasses, it is there on birthdays or after-hour meetings. You can use International Beer Day to celebrate your favorite drink in memorable ways or take a moment to recognize its beauty. There are many ways to commemorate this beautiful occasion, and you can choose from the options in this article to make some great memories. 

History of International Beer Day

International Beer Day- Chef's Deal

International Beer Day is annually celebrated on the first Friday of August. This year the first Friday of August is marked by the 5th, and beer lovers worldwide are looking forward to it. The history of this day dates back to 2007. Starting as a small, local celebration in Santa Cruz, California, the holiday spread out in a short time.

International Beer Day made its debut on a global scale in 2008, while there were national days dedicated to beer in various countries. It has been celebrated in over 200 cities across the globe and has made its mark on many individuals since.

It has been recognized as an opportunity to raise a glass to beer as well as bartenders and brewers involved in its making. Interestingly, this special date was set on the 5th of August in the beginning and later on made its way to the first Friday of August by a majority vote of beer lovers. This year 5th of August and the first Friday of August happen to fall on the same day and offer a nostalgic angle to the International Beer Day celebrations. 

How to Celebrate International Beer Day as an Individual 

There are many ways to celebrate International Beer Day as a beer enthusiast. You can choose one or more options from the list below and color your day with fun activities.  

  • Tasting events are great choices for both individuals and businesses. These events offer the perfect chance for people to broaden their palettes and discover new shades of a classic drink. 
International Beer Day-Chef's Deal
  • Happy hours are common and routine for many businesses. However, you might find additional discounts and entertainment in your favorite bar to distinguish World Beer Day from all the other weeks. Some bars hold happy hours all day to mark this day. This could be a great opportunity to indulge in pricier beers and enjoy the day properly. 
  • Bar crawling is an old, fun tradition for many. While it is usually for the youth, on this special day, regardless of age, you can break your habits and hit all the bars you have heard of in the vicinity. This way, you’ll get glass in every bar around you, and you will be able to decide which is the best. While your judgment might get cloudier towards the end of the night, you are bound to find a new favorite pub and possibly a new beer too. 
  • Trying new beers is a simple and quiet way to enjoy this day. If you aren’t much for the hustle and bustle of the city and you like your neighborhood pub just fine, you can order a bunch of different beer brands in your familiar booth. This small step out of your comfort zone will prove very entertaining and might just give you the courage to switch to a new favorite. 
International Beer Day-Chef's Deal
  • Throwing a party and drinking beer out of plastic cups will be a great way to carve this year’s International Beer Day in your memories. While this is standard for college students, drinking out of red cups and playing beer pong can be a fun way to remember the old days for many middle-aged beer lovers. Plus, it is an excuse to gather all your friends and dance.
  • Buy some beer glasses and products to indulge yourself with a better experience of drinking beer at home. Some tall glasses and a small ice machine can do wonders for you. 
  • Meet friends over a beer. A few rounds of beer on International Beer Day can be the perfect excuse to gather up the old gang. Whether it is people you see every Tuesday or people from ages ago, a round of drinks is always a good reason to meet up. Beer is known for its power in informal settings. So a friend meet-up will surely lighten up with its help. 
  • Take a quiz or maybe even make one. Did you ever wonder what kind of beer you are? Or what beer is perfect for your taste? Well, there are a lot of fun quizzes online for International Beer Day. You can take a few on your way to work in the morning and try their recommendations at night.
  • Talk to the bartender. Bartenders are very experienced and familiar with all types of drinks. By explaining your usual pattern and what you wish to try, you can get a pretty solid recommendation for your next glass.
  • Attend a bar run organized in honor of this day and enjoy with your friends sipping different tastes.

International Beer Day Celebration Ideas for Businesses 

International Beer Day is a great opportunity to attract new customers and solidify the loyalty of your current customers. There is a lot you can do on this special day. 

International Beer Day - Chef's Deal
  • Host a Party. Parties are great for businesses. They attract a wide range of new customers, and if things go well, most of them return in the future. Invest in different types of beer and choose some lively songs. The demand is bound to be high on such an occasion. 
  • Create new signature beers. Putting your own twist on drinks and naming them can elevate your business and International Beer Day is the perfect opportunity to present your recipes to the public. Signature drinks also guarantee that you are one of a kind, and those who love your beer have to come to you. So it is a great way to maintain customer loyalty.
  • Discounts and campaigns on special days will keep the customers interested. A two for the price of one and such are perfect ways to keep a dynamic customer flow and gain new customers. 
  • Buy new products for your bar or check the current ones for maintenance. You can treat your bar to some top-notch products with this excuse, but also, you need to make sure your products are up to the task with such a busy and special day on the horizon. Ensure all is well and repair or replace the problems before D-Day.
  • Organize a bar-run with your colleagues, partners, and neighbors on International Beer Day. Create a fun route for runners, make them taste the most delicious beers at the stops, and let them enjoy both the run and the beers.

Bar Products You Could Invest in on International Beer Day

International Beer Day can be the push you need to improve your business and renew some of your equipment. There are many types of products a bar needs to operate well. With this excuse, you can purchase some new ones to enhance your operations, renew some old pieces, and maybe even treat yourself to some fun bar products to elevate your business model entirely. Some brands might even create special discounts with this day approaching, so the following pieces of equipment are worth checking out. 

1. Bar Refrigeration Products

Atosa USA MBB90G-GR 89" Three Section Back Bar Cooler with Glass Door, 30.1 cu. ft.- International Beer Day - Chef's Deal

Bar refrigeration equipment is crucial for bar businesses since it directly influences the taste and serving quality of drinks and ensures all are safely stored until purchase. There are a variety of products you can choose from for refrigeration. If you already own sufficient refrigeration products, International Beer Day can be your cue to maintain them and replace them if necessary. 

  • Keg Coolers
  • Bottle Coolers
  • Back Bar Coolers
  • Commercial Wine Coolers
  • Glass Frosters & Chillers
  • Glycol Power Pack Draft Beer Chillers
  • Tap Towers

2. Underbar Equipment

Krowne KR-G18 18" Underbar Glass Rack Storage Unit- International Beer Day- Chef's Deal

Underbar equipment is designed to increase efficiency since they utilize the underbar for the bartender’s use and make it easier to store items nearby. 

  • Back Bar Cabinets
  • Underbar Ice Bins and Cocktail Bins
  • Bar Glass Storage
  • Bar Blender Station
  • Underbar Liquor Displays
  • Underbar Modular Add-On Components
  • Underbar Drainboard Units

3. Commercial Ice Machines

Commercial ice machines are useful in various settings, and bars are one of them. You can refer to our ice maker articles for more detailed information. With International Beer Day approaching, ensure you have enough ice capacity to support you through such a busy occasion. 

  • Ice Maker with Bin
  • Ice Maker Heads
  • Ice Bins
  • Portable Ice Bins
  • Ice & Water Dispensers

4. Bar Blenders

Bar blenders are used in preparing a wide range of drinks, and due to the frequency of use, they might need maintenance or replacement in certain periods. Look into the state of your current blender and consider investing in a new one if you observe a lot of wear and tear.

5. Bar Glass Washers & Polishers

Bar glass washers & polishers are essential pieces for bars. Clean and polished glasses mark the quality of an establishment, and you need to ensure your glasses are pointing in a positive direction.

6. Hanging Bar Glass Racks

Hanging bar glass racks are aesthetic touches to storage. If you don’t already own these racks, you can buy and decorate your space with these racks and the shiny beer glasses you will hang.

National Beer Day - Empty Glasses Above The Bar Rack - Chef's Deal


International Beer Day is marking our calendars on the last Friday of August, and this year falls on the 5th of August, and you should start planning accordingly. With a wide range of activities for individuals and business opportunities for establishments, it can be the push we all need to leave our comfort zones. You can choose from the options we provided for you or come up with some of your own to celebrate International Beer Day at its best. 

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