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Professional Waffle Makers

A waffle is a cake-like food made of batter leavened and cooked between the hot plates of a waffle maker. It is a versatile dish with which you can create a bunch of snacks and meals, making this golden brown crispy goodness understandable that they are on the menus of breakfast-serving restaurants, ice cream shops, waffle trucks, cafes, hotels, and street carts. 

Using a professional waffle maker, you can easily make and offer your customers various types of waffles. Simply cook the batter on the plates of the waffle maker and top it with anything you want, from fruit and whipped cream to meat and several sauces for different meals- and watch your customers gobble them up! 

Whether you have a waffle shop or not, a waffle is a low-cost and simple-to-make but highly demanded and profitable item on your menu. All these reasons suggest that using a professional waffle maker can easily offer your customers a bunch of delicious waffles. 

What is a Professional Waffle Maker  

A professional waffle maker is a specialized kitchen appliance that produces waffles on a larger scale than a home waffle maker. You can bake waffles by pouring the batter you prefer, closing the professional waffle maker, and waiting for it to cook; that’s it.  

Professional waffle makers are typically higher wattage and more durable than home waffle makers, allowing them to withstand frequent use in a commercial kitchen setting. These machines are intended for use in restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other food service establishments where large quantities of waffles must be produced quickly and consistently. They are frequently available in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as round, square, and rectangular, and may have multiple plates to allow for the simultaneous cooking of various waffles. 

Different Types of Professional Waffle Makers 

Professional waffle makers come in various types, shapes, and sizes. Mostly the materials and features of the waffle makers are similar. The major difference between them is the shape of the plates, so the shape of the waffle they produce. You can use the same batter for all or mix them up.  

Hatco KWMSL-2LG413-QS Waffle Maker / Baker - Professional Waffle Makers - Chef's Deal

1. Belgian Waffle Maker 

Belgium is famous for its waffles, which is a thick, crispy, square waffles that have fluffy and soft inside. A Belgian waffle maker has deep pockets that make the waffle thicker. Because of the shape, the waffles cook more evenly and have a crispier texture than other waffles. Belgian waffle makers come in electric or stovetop models and various sizes. 

2. Lollipop Waffle Maker 

Equipex GES23 Waffle Maker/Baker Professional Waffle Makers - Chef's Deal

If you own an ice cream shop, a waffle truck, or maybe a pastry shop that wants to make a new and unique touch on your menu with different waffles, a lollipop waffle maker is what you are looking for. A lollipop waffle maker will produce tall waffles on a stick looking like a lollipop, where they take their name from. The cylindrical imprints on the iron mold of the equipment provide an interesting shape. This fun and appealing waffles are great to serve as a snack with various sweet or savory toppings. 

Waring WWCM200 Waffle Cone Maker / Baker - Professional Waffle Makers - Chef's Deal

3. Waffle Cone Maker 

Waffle cones are a great summer day goody with a scoop of refreshing ice cream, especially if made freshly. Waffle cone makers are simple gadgets that easily make caramelized, crips, and fresh waffle cones. To produce fresh waffle cones, the batter is poured on the waffle maker and needs to be rolled when it’s cooked with the help of a cone roller. 

Waring WBW300X Bubble Waffle Maker/Baker, Heavy Duty, Nonstick Plates - Professional Waffle Makers - Chef's Deal

4. Bubble Waffle Maker  

Bubble waffle makers produce waffles with a bubbled texture that looks like a honeycomb, also known as egg waffles. The bubbly texture on the waffles is typically created by a unique gridded design on bubble waffle makers. The batter is poured into the prepared gridded molds and baked until golden brown. The finished puffy waffles can be eaten plain, dusted with powdered sugar, or topped with ice cream, fruits, whipped cream, or cheese. 

The Key Points To Consider When Buying A Professional Waffle Maker 

Many professional waffle makers are available to choose from, depending on your requirements. A lightweight model will do the job if you own a self-service breakfast station, but the heavy-duty models are ideal for busy restaurants. The points to determine before choosing a professional waffle maker are: 

  • The number of waffles you want per hour 
  • The material of waffle maker made of 
  • The size and shape of the waffles 
  • Durability 
  • Quick baking time 
  • Easy cleaning 
  • Waffle makers’ temperature range, timer features, and voltage 

Here is detailed information about professional waffle makers’ features to check and decide, depending on your expectations and needs. 

1. Material  

The material is one of the most important points to consider before choosing a professional waffle maker. The two most popular materials used in the production of professional waffle makers are cast iron and cast aluminum. 

2. Power 

Power is another key point that will help to choose the right professional waffle maker for your business. Professional waffle makers come in two power options, electric or handheld.  

Electric professional waffle makers are commonly more popular since they have more control over the temperature and are undoubtedly more practical. The temperature control makes the waffle darker or lighter and affects the cooking times. The machine comes with a heat-resistant cord and grounded plug, which are essential for safe operation.  

On the other hand, handheld waffle makers operate on a stovetop. They are hard to use and to get even results. They consist of two metal plates, mostly cast aluminum or iron, two long handles, and a hinge.  

The features of electric waffle makers vary depending on the model, which can be indicator lights, non-stick plates, and temperature controls.  

3. Plates 

The plates of the industrial waffle makers determine the waffle’s shape and texture. There are a variety of forms that a waffle can have depending on the plate grid. You can produce a round, square, bubble waffle, or a thinner version for a waffle cone or different patterns such as stick waffles. You can decide, considering your menu and how you will serve it. Plates are mostly a permanent part of the waffle maker, but there are removable options that provide easy cleaning. Remember to clean the plates daily; it will extend the lifetime of your machine. 

4. Capacity and Temperature  

Most waffle makers have a capacity of one waffle at a time. But there are double and stacked waffle makers that can make two waffles at a time, which saves a great time and so practical for larger operations. The size of the machines can also differ. Waffle cone makers have a larger diameter because they must be curled into a cone, and bubble waffle makers are mostly smaller due to thickness compensation. The temperature controls may vary from model to model, so it is important to check before buying. 

5. Drip Trays 

Drip trays are plates or trays that are placed beneath the waffle grid to catch the dripping waffle batter when you close the plates or flip them. They come as an additional accessory, but they help to reduce food waste and provide easy cleaning. 

To Sum Up 

Waffles have been on the menus of various food-service businesses for a long time. One reason this food is so popular is its versatility, providing diversity for operators and consumers. This makes it clear why most of the operations have professional waffle makers. If you want to make a profitable, economic, and attractive touch on your menu, you should give waffles a try, choosing the right professional waffle maker

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