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Make Your Kitchen Better With Atosa

Make Your Kitchen Better With Atosa

Atosa is one of the major players in the commercial kitchen equipment industry. They have been manufacturing their products with the customers in mind and based on the principles of high quality, good service, and affordable prices. They proved themselves to be a trusted brand by supporting the needs of high-demand kitchens such as schools and hotels and made sure everyone could access their products with their well-developed distribution web across the country.

Atosa has been well-received by many countries in the international markets, thanks to their incredible service and quality, in addition to their outstanding performance in the US, they have. The Company in itself is a promise to make your kitchen better. There are many different sets of products that will meet very different demands, and you can choose from the diverse catalog of Atosa to start your journey for a better kitchen. Regardless of the type and capacity of your commercial kitchen, having Atosa products at your disposal will elevate the quality of your work and smoothen the process immensely. 

Why Atosa?

There are many brands in the commercial kitchen equipment market, and asking what makes a specific brand stand out is a valid question. Atosa has proved itself worthy of your attention thanks to the great or unique features they offer.

  • In-house manufacturing is a feature you won’t encounter in many brands. Atosa has taken special measures to ensure quality every step of the way, so they do everything from design to engineering in their institutions. You can count on the production process of Atosa products since professionals handle it from beginning to end. 
  • The brand conducts quality tests to ensure every product that leaves for distribution is of top-notch quality. Their tests are thorough and intense. Any product with the Atosa label will have received many inspections and won’t cause any unexpected problems. 
  • Ease of operation is an aspect the Company pays special attention to, for they care about their customers. They are well aware that many different people will operate the machines they sell on a daily basis. Most Atosa products can be operated rather easily with a bit of training, so you will definitely thank the brand during the staff hiring and orientation process. 
  • Resistant products are essential in high-demand kitchens, and Atosa has been catering to the needs of big commercial kitchens or places like supermarkets for a long time. Their customer satisfaction is testimony to their products’ resistance to fast-paced, large-capacity production.
  • Innovation is a mission Atosa takes very seriously. The company is aware of the changing world, and they are constantly working to offer the markets new machines for the new needs of the world. Having a brand like Atosa with you will make sure you are up to date with the latest developments in the sector, and you will have the opportunity to upgrade your machinery rather easily. 
  • In addition to the technological advancements regarding machinery, the company only uses the best material available in making their products. High-quality material gives birth to high-quality products, and high-quality products promise longevity. Investing in high-quality machinery is the smart choice both financially and efficiency-wise. 
  • Last but not least, Atosa offers an additional warranty for the compressor with many of its products. While they provide the standard two-year warranty for the product in general, they give their customers extra reassurance regarding the compressor and offer about five years of warranty specifically for the compressor of the machine.  

Outstanding Atosa Products

Atosa commercial kitchen equipment has performed outstandingly in the commercial kitchens they’ve been used in, and below, you can find short descriptions of their most popular products to find out which one is the best fit for your business. They have quite the selection, and there is no doubt that you will find at least one item you will happily add to your kitchen and witness firsthand how Atosa equipment can increase the efficiency of a commercial kitchen. 

Atosa Commercial Freezers

Reach-in Freezer, 3 Solid Door, Bottom Mount, Atosa

Atosa commercial freezers come in many models. You could, as explained above, invest in an under-counter model which proved very popular with the markets, or you could go with a different model depending on your needs, such as Atosa chest freezers, Atosa merchandiser freezers, and Atosa reach-in freezers.

Atosa commercial freezers utilize an efficient refrigeration system to operate in varied conditions with no problems. This system is designed with the environment and your budget in mind. The company has taken measures to ensure your ingredients are safe and energy spending is at its minimum. The reach-in model freezer doors are designed to close on their own unless they are opened wider than 90 degrees, and gaskets are designed to ensure the doors are correctly sealed each time they are used. There are some specific models you can look into;

Reach-In Freezer, One Solid Door, Atosa USA MBF8001GR, Top Mount
  • Atosa MBF8001GR – Upright Freezer Top Mount (1) Door: These models will be sufficient for relatively small establishments. Their defining feature is the top mount compressors that function well in dry areas. Since the floor might get dusty and dirty over time, having a top mount compressor offers extra protection in such environments and ensures the stored products are safe.
  • Atosa MBF8501GRL – Bottom Mount (1) One Door Freezer: If you need a machine that can operate in hot environments, bottom mount compressors will come to your rescue. These models have one door and might not be enough for large establishments, but they are perfectly useful in hot kitchens for the chef’s use. 
  • Atosa MBF8503GR – Bottom Mount (2) Two Door Freezer: These models are the same as mbf8501 but offer more storage room with their two-door design. If you have a huge commercial kitchen, you can choose these models to use in your kitchen. 

Atosa Commercial Refrigerators 

Atosa offers high-quality refrigerator models for different settings and capacities. You can choose between one door or two-door models or top mount compressors and bottom mount compressors. Regardless of your decisions, your refrigerator will have the necessary design to ensure it is appropriately sealed and resistant to moisture and corrosion. Magnetic gaskets, self-closing doors, epoxy-coated shelves, etc., all serve these goals, and you will receive these signature qualities with your chosen product.

Reach-In Refrigerator, Atosa USA MBF8010, Two Half Door, Left-Hinged

Also, most Atosa refrigerators come with a round corner design that elevates the overall aura of your kitchen. Small details can make huge differences, after all. You can choose one of the following models;

  • Atosa MBF8004GR Upright Refrigerator – Top Mount Reach-In (1) One Door Refrigerator: These models are used in relatively small kitchens. Their top mount compressor will ensure your ingredients are safe from floor dust and their reach-in system is easy to operate. 
  • Atosa MBF8505GR – Bottom Mount (1) One Door Refrigerator: Hot kitchens can prefer these models thanks to bottom mount compressors. You have the option of adding extra shelves if you wish, which can be quite an advantage in terms of customization. 
  • Atosa MBF8507GR– Bottom Mount (2) Two-Door Refrigerator: For extra storage space, you can get a two-door refrigerator for your hot and fast-paced kitchen. 
  • Atosa MCF8705GR – Bottom Mount (1) One Glass Door Refrigerator: Atosa also offers glass door options for establishments that wish to utilize their refrigerators as reach-in merchandisers for their customers. These models are especially great for supermarkets and convenience stores. 
  • Atosa MCF8707GR Bottom Mount (2) Two Glass Door Refrigerator

Two glass door refrigerators will provide you with the extra space you need and ensure your customers or your chef can see more items in one place. 

Atosa Merchandiser Refrigerator 

Atosa merchandiser refrigerators are made up of black stainless steel, and thus, they offer the perfect chance to business owners to upgrade their kitchens. Their sleek design is the cherry on top of the beautiful engineering; as with much Atosa equipment, you can find a digital control panel to set and observe the temperature, which eases the staff’s job. Also, you’ll be glad to find out that these machines are pretty adaptable to their environment. You have the option of sliding doors for limited spaces, and the bottom mount compressor they possess makes it significantly easier for them to function in hot environments.

Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerator, Atosa USA MCF8724GR, Three Section

So, if you plan on getting a merchandiser refrigerator for your limited kitchen area, then look no further than Atosa merchandiser refrigerators. You can check out the following models for more information and examine other MCF-coded models if you need more capacity or different types of doors.

  • Atosa MCF8726GR – Black Exterior Glass One (1) Door Merchandiser
  • Atosa MCF8727GR – Black Exterior Sliding Glass Two (2) Door Refrigerator Merchandiser
Glass Door Back Bar Cooler, Atosa USA SBB48GGRAUS2, Two Section

Atosa Back Bar Coolers 

Atosa back bar coolers stand out compared to their counterparts, primarily thanks to their environmentally friendly designs and heavy-duty compressors. These machines will minimize your carbon footprint and the noise of operation significantly. Also, the Company utilizes magnetic door gaskets and safety locks on the doors to ensure nothing harms your products which is of utmost importance for coolers and freezers. 

Atosa Under-Counter Freezers And Refrigerators 

Undercounter Refrigerator, Atosa USA MGF8402GR, Two Solid Door

Atosa under-counter freezers and Atosa under-counter refrigerators come in several sizes that you could choose from based on the space you have. They offer the chance to add extra shelves if you think it’s necessaryand their pre-installed epoxy coated shelves are pretty resistant to external factors such as humidity. Most freezer and refrigerator shelves run the risk of eventually giving away to rust. Still, these coated shelves carry an extra layer of protection to make sure your ingredients are safe.

While it might seem like a small detail, to maintain a healthy environment for the customers and the staff, you need to make sure the materials are resistant to such hazards. You can check out this specific model for more information;

  • Atosa MGF8402GR is one of the best under-counter refrigerators markets have to offer. The design and engineering are high quality, and this model is bound to fulfill your needs. You can choose between different capacity options and ensure you have enough storage space under the counter. 


Atosa has been building a reputation for high quality and affordable service for years now. Their primary goal is aligned with the purpose of many business owners; making your kitchen better. They think of everything from engineering and design, and their thoroughness shines through the digital panels and the round corners of products. Thanks to their concern for their customers, you are bound to find something that will elevate your kitchen to the new level you are aspiring to achieve. So, lose no time to get on this boat of innovation and get yourself an Atosa product!

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