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National Drink Wine Day 2022 - Chef's Deal

Raise a Glass on the National Drink Wine Day!

When the calendars mark the 18th of February, it is time to gather with your friends and pop the finest bottle of wine you own, for it is the National Drink Wine Day! While most Americans don’t need a reason to treat themselves to some good wine, there is no point in missing a chance to celebrate one of the oldest and best drinks the world has to offer. Wine has been there for every one of us in its countless forms; birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and so many other occasions have been impressed on our minds in all their glorious colors with the help of wine.

National Drink Wine Day is an opportunity to return the favor and appreciate all forms of this unrivaled beverage. Read on to discover the history of National Drink Wine Day and choose a celebration idea from the list below. Regardless of the celebration method you select, there is no doubt that you will have fun since it’s all about wine.  

Brief History of Wine and National Drink Wine Day

Wine has been blessing our lives for over 4000 years now. While there is no definite story of how it was invented, historians have long speculated that it came into existence in various corners of the world around the same time. The oldest known winery in the world is currently situated in Armenia, while older traces of wine production have been found in Georgia to China.

It is no surprise that such an ancient and prevalent drink made its way into the cultural fabric of so many religious and ceremonial rituals. Ancient Greeks have worshipped a literal god of wine, Dionysus, and Romans kept up the tradition under a different name. Cult of Dionysus even managed to make it to the modern days, while the religious value of wine got even more layered with the introduction of Christian symbolism.

In addition to religion, wine found a place for itself in many different areas of life, such as health. People have benefited from this product for years, and recent studies have been in favor of the notion that a moderate amount of wine is good for your heart and cholesterol. All in all, wine has been flowing like water throughout history.

National Drink Wine Day’s history resembles that of its subject since it’s not entirely clear who founded it, but it has been marking our calendars for the past two decades. It’s definitely here to stay, thanks to its many enthusiasts. The purpose of the National Drink Wine day is simple and straightforward; spreading the love and culture of wine and appreciating the many colors of this wonderful drink. Wine enthusiasts have existed since ancient times, and they will continue to take pride in their taste through this national holiday for many days to come. 

National Drink Wine Day - Chef's Deal

10 Celebration Ideas for National Drink Wine Day

You could do so many things to celebrate National Drink Wine Day. Choose one or more of the following to get started on the festivities and savor the day down to the last drop! 

1. Visiting a Vineyard: has been a popular activity among wine enthusiasts for a while now, and the National Drink Wine Day is the perfect day to go on a trip. A lot of wineries offer a guided tour of their gardens and cellars. You can enjoy the view, snap a few nice pictures, and find out about the production of wine at its source. You’ll be amazed to see how much difference simple variants such as soil and seed can make in the taste of wine. If you are lucky, you can try the products of the previous harvests and see how different the wine can be from one year to another.

Visiting a Wine Yard - National Drink Wine Day Ideas - Chef's Deal

2. Trying a New Wine: It’s the most straightforward celebration you can have for National Drink Wine Day, and it basically serves the purpose since you will be literally drinking wine. By either going to a wine bar or paying a visit to your local liquor shop, you can try that wine you’ve been eying for a while. You can gather recommendations from your friends and make each other try your favorites. It’s bound to please everyone and help you meet new varieties of your favorite beverage.

3. Wine Tasting Parties: Wine tasting parties are chic, classy events. You can dress up and go wine tasting on National Drink Wine Day. These events are usually preferred by those who know or love their wine so that you will be in good company. Plus, the selection is bound to be worthy of the National Drink Wine Day and provide you with a high-quality experience. 

Hosting a Party of Your Own - National Drink Wine Day Ideas - Chef's Deal

4. Hosting a Party of Your Own: It can be a lot of fun too. The National Drink Wine Day is the perfect opportunity to throw a wine-themed party. The details are up to you, and that’s the fun of it. You can just invite your close friends and have an intimate night with some good wine, or go all out and have your very own classy wine tasting event with some good bottles and charcuterie boards.

5. Taking a Trip to a Nice Location to Enjoy Your Wine: A little getaway can help you have a memorable National Drink Wine Day. Whether it’s the waves hitting the shore or the sun rising over the misty city skyline, sipping some wine will help you savor the moment better. 

6. Hosting a Party of Your Own: It can be a lot of fun too. The National Drink Wine Day is the perfect opportunity to throw a wine-themed party. The details are up to you, and that’s the fun of it. You can just invite your close friends and have an intimate night with some good wine, or go all out and have your very own classy wine tasting event with some good bottles and charcuterie boards. 

7. Finding Out the Stories Behind the Bottles: It can be fun to know about what you drink on National Drink Wine Day. Whether it’s their names or places of origin, wine bottles always have intricate stories to tell. In addition to the joy of learning, you will get to use these remarkable stories in gatherings, and people will be coming to you for recommendations soon.

8. Wine and Cheese Matching: It might not sound like much at first, but through a joint effort, you and your friends can match the wines to the cheese that compliments them the best. It can be a fun party game befitting the National Drink Wine Day.   

Wine and Cheese Matching - National Drink Wine Day Ideas - Chef's Deal

9. Get to Know Different Types of Wine Glasses: You might not have heard of this before, but the kind of glass you use has an impact on the taste of your wine. This is due to the amount of air the wine comes to contact with. You can try the same wine in multiple different glasses and see the difference for yourself. 

10. Making Your Own Wine: It can be the hobby you’ve been looking for, and the National Drink Wine Day can be the time to start this journey. You can follow many tutorials, and you can always consult your local wine stores to gain more knowledge. Yet, do not forget that a hobby like this requires the utmost attention, and you can’t afford to make a mistake when it comes to your health. Make sure to take all the necessary cautions before you embark on this beautiful adventure. 

Wine Coolers and the Brands 

National Drink Wine Day is fun and can be more by boosting your business. The wine industry is expanding, and the generation of wine consumers is shifting like in the other markers. Therefore, expectations also change. By understanding and meeting these expectations, you can turn today into an opportunity. Having a wide wine selection on your menu can boost your business.

Summit SWC6GBL One Section Glass Door Wine Cellar, 5.5 cu. ft., Black Exterior

National Drink Wine Day can help you gain a more nuanced understanding of the wine culture and encourage you to get a commercial wine cooler for your selection. A good commercial wine cooler will keep your wine at the perfect temperature for you to savor its taste and enjoy a glass or two whenever you are in the mood for it.

The following brands have proved themselves to be worthy of the task of keeping your wine cool. Since the preservation of liquor, in general, is a tricky business, you better go with a trusted brand. All you have to do is decide on the capacity you need, ranging from 19 bottles to 149. Whether you are buying a cooler for your home or business, you’ll be grateful to have one, especially on special occasions such as the National Drink Wine Day.


Summit SCR610BLXPNR 24 inc Glass Door Wine Cellar, 5 cu. ft., 40 Bottles - Chef's Deal

After sipping the days down to the last drop, we’ve finally made it to the 18th of February, the National Drink Wine Day. It’s time for you to finally celebrate your favorite beverage to your heart’s content and enjoy a day of bliss through the rose-colored, pun intended glasses of wine.

You can celebrate this beautiful day in so many ways and dedicate today to the drink that has been there for you through the thick and thin. You can take your love of wine to the next level and get a wine cooler for your home or use this special day as an inspiration to expand your business to include more wine in your menus. Get your glasses ready and raise them high on the 18th of February for the National Drink Wine Day!

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