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Chef’s Deal's Top 10 Best-Selling Commercial Restaurant Equipment in 2022

Chef’s Deal’s Top 10 Best-Selling Commercial Restaurant Equipment in 2022

A foodservice business can succeed with the right investment, clean and hygienic establishment, good service, and delicious foods. But, even though you have made a significant amount of investment in other necessities to create a profitable business, investing in the right commercial restaurant equipment or renewing/replacing them regularly is a vital requirement.

Chef’s Deal proudly serves the American, Canadian, Mexican, and Caribbean foodservice industries with a rich inventory of commercial restaurant equipment from the leading brands. Aiming to provide the best equipment at the lowest prices, we cooperate with over 200 manufacturers who supply thousands of products. Here, we have collected and created a list of our Top 10 Best-Selling Commercial Restaurant Equipment in 2022 to provide insight into your upcoming needs.

1. Donper USA XF248 Two Flavor Commercial High Volume Frozen Drink Machine

Established in 1966, Donper USA has a long history and experience in the commercial refrigeration industry with premium quality refrigeration compressors and frozen drink machines. Boasting the longest warranty period and the largest product line, Donper USA presents ten different models of frozen drinks, and soft serve machines, including the most compact units to the XF series with a capacity of hundreds of frozen drinks per hour.

Built on a strong and sturdy basis of experience and skill of the Donper USA, this two-flavor commercial high-volume frozen drink machine was one of the top 10 best-selling commercial restaurant equipment in 2022. Frozen drinks and soft-serve ice cream are great hits to include in a restaurant or café menu to attract customers, particularly during summer. Donper USA XF248 offers an excellent option to provide an easy-to-operate commercial ice cream machine to serve delectable and refreshing treats.

Donper USA XF248 -Top 10 Best-Selling Commercial Restaurant Equipment in 2022

Donper USA XF248 of our top 10 best-selling commercial restaurant equipment in 2022 list features a self-contained air cooling system and compact size to fit countertop spaces. Donper USA XF248 can serve two flavors at a time and is suitable for serving margaritas, daiquiris, smoothies, frozen juices, slushes, and other frozen cocktails. With backlit signages at the top, it will create an attractive and clearly visible spot for more sales.

Furthermore, this frozen drink and soft serve machine are constructed from high-quality materials and stainless steel to last longer in commercial settings. The safety sensor will alert in case of any fault in the motor and belt errors. Additionally, it has indicators to warn the operator before the machine goes empty.

Key Features of Donper USA XF248

  • Two flavor service
  • Illuminated top-display
  • Refrigerated hopper to better maintain the product’s freshness
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Higher mechanical consistency
  • Sensors to monitor mechanical problems

2. Atosa USA, Inc. MCF8724GR 81″ Three Section Merchandiser Refrigerator with Glass Door, 69.5 cu. Ft.

Atosa is among the leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers with an extensive product range, including Refrigeration, cooking, food holding, and preparation tools and appliances. Having warehouses in California, Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Washington, Atosa retains a wide network of facilities to rapidly and efficiently address the needs of restaurants, cafes, catering services, and the other commercial kitchens in schools, hospitals, and hotels.

The FDA requires food products to be stored below 40°F for refrigerated foods, while frozen foods must be kept below 0°F. For this reason, all food service businesses have to equip their businesses with suitable commercial refrigeration units, and ATOSA products fulfill this task in the best way. Atosa Merchandiser refrigerators and freezers are designed to display frozen and refrigerated products in accordance with these requirements and to customers for further sale.

Atosa USA MCF8724GR - Top 10 Best-Selling Commercial Restaurant Equipment in 2022

Atosa USA MCF8724GR is three section merchandiser refrigerator with an 81″ width and 69.5 cu. Ft. storage capacity. It features an eye-catching look with an illuminated header panel and black exterior to enhance customer visibility. Having a self-contained bottom mount compressor, Atosa USA MCF8724GR has self-closing hinged doors and four shelves in each section (12 total.) Furthermore, this merchandiser refrigerator in the top 10 best-selling commercial equipment in the 2022 list is available with pre-installed casters to increase mobility and cleaning.

Key Features Atosa USA MCF8724GR

  • Bottom mount compressor
  • Stainless steel interior and black exterior
  • LED interior lighting
  • Lighted head display
  • Double pane glass doors with recessed handles
  • Magnetic door gaskets
  • Energy Star certified

3. AmeriKooler QC081072**NBSC 8′ X 10′ Quick Ship Indoor Walk-In Cooler without Floor, Self-Contained

AmeriKooler was established in 1985 to produce sturdy and reliable commercial refrigeration equipment with innovative engineering and high-quality craftsmanship. Conducting its production in a state-of-the-art facility of 200,000 sq. ft., AmeriKooler operates in all 50 states and more than 30 countries with energy-efficient walk-in coolers.

Walk-in coolers and freezers are large-capacity refrigeration units that store bulk foods and ingredients to prevent spoilage or bacterial growth. These units will help you prevent food waste by prolonging the storage life of the products while ensuring you comply with the food storage regulations.

AmeriKooler QC081072**NBSC - Top 10 Best-Selling Commercial Restaurant Equipment in 2022

AmeriKooler QC081072**NBSC is the third among the top 10 best-selling commercial restaurant equipment in 2022 as the main refrigerated storage for commercial establishments. Thoughtfully engineered and manufactured, this walk-in cooler features a top-mounted compressor, enabling you to use all available space in the cooler.

AmeriKooler QC081072**NBSC is coated with 26-gauge steel and finished with corrosion-resistant acrylic paint to maximize its life span. It is also insulated with 4″ thick AK-XPSF rigid foam to enhance energy efficiency and lower energy consumption.

Key Features of AmeriKooler QC081072**NBSC 8′ X 10′

  • Digital LED thermometer
  • Easy installation
  • 4-inch insulation
  • Top mounted compressor
  • Floorless design

4. Blakeslee UC-18-1 Door Type High-Temp Undercounter Dishwasher, 30 Racks/Hour Capacity

Blakeslee is the founding father of the commercial dishwashing industry as its founder George S. Blakeslee invented the first mechanical dishwasher in 1880. George Blakeslee continued his efforts to improve his invention and started to sell dishwashers to large restaurant chains. The company added another milestone in the commercial dishwashing industry by developing the first rackless conveyor-type dish machines that allowed continuous feeding.

Blakeslee has achieved to preserve its place as the leading manufacturer of commercial dishwashers, which are crucial for restaurants, cafes, bars, and other food-serving establishments. These dishwashers are critical for ensuring safety and compliance with health regulations. They are designed to wash dishes at high temperatures of 165°F to 180°F, as required by the USDA, to prevent cross-contamination.

Blakeslee UC-18 - Top 10 Best-Selling Commercial Restaurant Equipment in 2022

B.lakeslee UC-18-1 is the first commercial dishwasher in our top 10 best-selling commercial restaurant equipment in the 2022 list. This unit is a door-type commercial dishwasher that utilizes hot water to sanitize the dishes; therefore, they are called high-temp commercial dishwashers and offer a lower cost of running when compared to low-temp dishwashers.

In addition, commercial dishwashing units remarkably shorten the washing and cleaning time by several minutes to keep your kitchen supplied with clean dishes to handle even the busiest hours. Blakeslee UC-18-1 can clean 30 racks per hour with a 2-minute cycle with high-quality cleaning. It features a compact construction as an undercounter dishwasher, so it is a suitable option for bars, restaurants, and pubs.

Key Features of Blakeslee UC-18-1

  • Built-in 6.5 Kw booster
  • Built-in detergent and rinse aid dispensers
  • Removable wash arms
  • Low water consumption with water consumption per rack 0.60 – 0.74 (gal) 2.27 – 2.8 (L)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Top mounted controls

5. Howard-McCray SC-CMS34N-10-BE-LED 120″ Full Service Red Meat Deli Display Case

Howard-McCray represents a long history and experience in commercial refrigeration history with its roots dating back to two different companies. The company was established in 1887 by Elmer E. McCray, who patented a cold storage unit in 1882 to prevent food losses and waste by keeping them in chilled cabinets. Howard was founded by Albert Fogel in 1949, merged with McCray in 1975, and has maintained operations in the Philadelphia facility since then.

Specialized in refrigerated merchandising, Howard-McCray has contributed much to the development of the food display industry with a large product range of smartly designed and sturdily constructed merchandisers, bakery and deli cases.

Howard-McCray SC_CMS34N_10_BE_LED - Top 10 Best-Selling Commercial Restaurant Equipment in 2022

Howard-McCray SC-CMS34N-10-BE-LED is a stand-alone red meat display case that is one of the top 10 best-selling commercial kitchen equipment in 2022. It is manufactured with heavy gauge steel to last in commercial settings and has bottom storage. Additionally, this case features a self-contained compressor with a Copevap system that does not need a condensate pan. Furthermore, this red meat display case by Howard-McCray has electronically controlled auto defrost.

Key Features of Howard-McCray SC-CMS34N-10-BE-LED

  • Self-contained Refrigeration
  • Electronic controls for consistent temperature
  • Built-in drain
  • Air-insulated baffle to prevent moist in the cabinet
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Interior lighting

6. Southbend BGS/22SC Double Deck Full Size Gas Bronze Convection Oven

Southbend Range Company was started as Malleable Steel Range Manufacturing Company in 1898 in Indiana to craft kitchen ranges. The company expanded its production and produced ranges for the military during the Second World War. Changing its name to Southbend Ranges in the 1950s, the company moved its production to North Carolina and still produces high-end commercial cooking equipment.

The top 10 best-selling commercial equipment in 2022 includes premium quality cooking equipment with the Southbend BGS/22SC convection oven. These units are designed in two decks to maximize the cooking space with 11-position rack guides in each unit and come with ten wire racks. Running on natural gas to provide up to 54,000 BTU, this commercial convection oven has electronic ignition and solid state thermostat to allow the operator to set the temperature between 140°F to 500°F.

Southbend BGS/22SC - Top 10 Best-Selling Commercial Restaurant Equipment in 2022

Southbend BGS/22SC convection ovens boast a superior design that aims to achieve both durability and energy efficiency. Manufactured from stainless steel, this convection oven features a porcelain interior finish. In addition, it has low-emission glass windows and double-sealed doors to reduce energy costs.

Key Features of Southbend BGS/22SC

  • 54,000 BTU per section
  • It runs on natural gas
  • Standard depth
  • Slide out the control panel
  • Energy saving windows
  • Porcelain interior
  • Electronic ignition
  • Interior lighting

7. AdCraft PW-120H Proofer Control Drawer w/ 18-1/4″W x 28″D x 7″H, 80°F-185°F

Admiral Craft was founded in 1952 and manufactures smallware and equipment for the commercial foodservice industry. The company offers a vast product range with over two thousand products under several brands, including AdCraft, Black Diamond, Grista, Lunar Ice, and U-Star.

Proofing is the key to the taste of the bakery and pastry products, and therefore, the dough needs to be left for proofing to reach a better texture and flavor. Heated proofing cabinets are designed to handle this procedure in large volumes, but the temperature must be closely followed for the best result.

Adcraft PW 120H Proofer Control Drawer -Top 10 Best-Selling Commercial Restaurant Equipment in 2022 | Chef's Deal

Adcraft PW-120H Proofer Control Drawer is a part of our top 10 best-selling commercial kitchen equipment in 2022 and is designed to work with proofing cabinets. This proofer control drawer can adjust the temperature between 80°F and 185°F and humidity between 30% and 100%. The LED thermostat of the Admiral Craft PW-120H offers precise control over the proofing and can fit most of the proofing cabinets of the widely known brands.

8. Atosa USA, Inc. ATFS-40-NG 15″ Floor Model Natural Gas Fryer, 40 lbs

Fryers are must-have commercial cooking equipment to cook chicken tenders, French fries, fish, and appetizers with a mouthwatering look and satisfying taste. And Atosa USA, Inc. ATFS-40-NG 15″ floor model, the natural gas fryer is the second piece of equipment from Atosa in our top 10 best-selling commercial restaurant equipment in 2022 with its special features.

Atosa USA, Inc. ATFS 40 NG - Top 10 Best-Selling Commercial Restaurant Equipment in 2022 | Chef's Deal

This fryer by Atosa is manufactured from stainless steel and has a welded tank to ensure long-time use. Running on natural gas, this floor-model fryer has three burners for higher energy efficiency. Equipped with a premium quality thermostat that can keep the temperature stable between 200°F-400°F, this fryer will enable you to adjust the optimum heat for the best result.

Key Features of Atosa USA ATFS-40-NG

  • The oil cooling zone is designed to collect particles
  • The self-reset temperature-limiting function
  • Two frying baskets
  • Built-in casters

9. True T-49-HC 54″ Reach-In Two Section Solid Swing Door Refrigerator, 49 Cu. Ft. 

True Refrigeration is an American-based refrigerator and freezer producer for commercial and residential areas. Founded by Second World War veteran Bob Trulaske in 1948, True Refrigeration began its business by producing bottle coolers in St. Louis. In the 1950s, the company expanded its reach to international markets and large beverage companies in the United States. The company is now headquartered in Missouri and has several production plants.

Commercial refrigerations are crucial for any kitchen to preserve the freshness of vegetables, fruits, meat, veggies, and other temperature-sensitive ingredients. Therefore, they are among the first appliances to be added to the inventory of commercial foodservice establishments to prevent food waste and to consume foods safely.

 True T-49-HC 54" Reach-In Refrigerator - Top 10 Best-Selling Commercial Restaurant Equipment in 2022 | Chef's Deal

True T-49-HC is one of the top 10 best-selling commercial kitchen equipment in 2022 as a reliable solution to provide safe storage by obstructing bacterial growth and maintaining food quality. It features a two-section design, making it large enough to handle food stocks in low-volume spaces as the main cooler. It can also be used as an interim storage area to ensure the meat, desserts, or other foods retain freshness during the preparation.

Key Features of True T-49-HC 54″

  • Manufactured with the highest quality materials
  • Self-contained bottom mounted Refrigeration
  • Six Adjustable shelves
  • Self-closing doors
  • LED interior lighting
  • Exterior temperature display

10. Manitowoc IDT0450A 30″ Cube-Style Indigo Nxt™ Series Ice Maker, Air-Cooled, 470 lbs/Day

Manitowoc has more than 50 years of experience in the ice production industry, starting in 1969 with the introduction of the first vertical evaporator, which allowed clear ice. Since then, Manitowoc has continued improving ice production with new developments and innovations ranging from the first automated cleaning systems to the touch screen displays for the ice cream machines.

Manitowoc IDT0450A 30" Cube Style Indigo Nxt™ Series Ice Maker Top 10 Best-Selling Commercial Restaurant Equipment in 2022 | Chef's Deal

The company’s latest success has been the production of Manitowoc IDT0450A of the Indigo NXT Series. Our customers are also aware of it, so the product is included in the top 10 best-selling commercial restaurant equipment list. This commercial ice machine was also granted the 2019 Kitchen Innovations award. Featuring a capacity of up to 470 lb. of ice per day, Manitowoc IDT0450A 30″ Cube-Style Indigo Nxt™ Series Ice Maker is air-cooled and needs less water during production when compared to the water-cooled ice cream machines.

Manitowoc’s commercial ice maker machine also uses energy-efficient compressors that lower energy consumption by 9%. It is also engineered to ensure ease of use with state-of-the-art controls and intelligent diagnostics that monitor water quality and machine condition to consistently serve.

Key Features of Manitowoc IDT0450A 30″

  • 9% lower energy consumption with a 12% increase in ice production
  • Remarkable reduction in water usage
  • Touch screen controls
  • Easy to clean food zone
  • Intelligent diagnostics for preventive maintenance
  • Corrosion resistant exterior


2022 was the year in which businesses almost reached the levels before the pandemic and made new investments to prepare for the future. The Top 10 Best Selling Commercial Restaurant Equipment list is intended to present a summary for business owners and operators about last year’s trends in the commercial hospitality sector. We sincerely thank all customers, manufacturers, and manufacturers hospitality industry.

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