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Understanding Commercial Kitchen Equipment Warranties - Chef's Deal

Understanding Commercial Kitchen Equipment Warranties: Comprehensive Guide

Commercial kitchen equipment warranties act as a form of insurance and guarantee that you will have support in cases of breakdowns or malfunctions. They are possibly the most important documents you will receive upon purchasing equipment, and you should understand them well to know what you are entitled to as a part of this coverage. There are different types of commercial kitchen equipment warranties, such as manufacturer, dealer, and extended warranties, and there are various areas warranties might cover, such as parts and labor, wear and tear, etc. Understanding commercial kitchen equipment warranties will increase your chances of receiving necessary support and covering most of your repair costs. 

Types of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Warranties

Different types of commercial kitchen equipment warranties offer different services and amounts of coverage. Make sure you know which category yours falls under to get the most out of these services. 

  1. Manufacturer’s Warranties are provided directly by the manufacturer of the product. If the product does not function as it should, the manufacturer’s warranties might help you fix those issues easily.
  1. Dealer Warranties are provided by the distributor/seller of the product. These can be given individually or as an addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. They are more likely to cover general defects than systemic issues.
  1. Extended Warranties refer to the extension of regular warranty durations by distributors. With extended warranties, you can prolong the service support and have more coverage.
  1. Expressed Warranties refer to the fact that products should function according to expressed specifications. This does not have to be given to you in an explicitly written warranty document. If there are defects in the product that shouldn’t happen according to its advertised functions, you can ask for a repair or a change. While exaggerated and subjective advertising sentences are excluded from this, you should be able to get warranty services if expressed functions are not working as they should or are not present at all.
  1. Implied Warranties are similar to expressed warranties. Some things do not need to be expressed openly. If you purchase a dishwasher, you expect it to wash the dishes and have all the necessary parts to fulfill this goal. Dealing with defects and failures in implied services and functions fall under implied warranties. 
Professional Warranty Service - Understanding Commercial Kitchen Equipment Warranties | Chef's Deal

Coverage of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Warranties

Different services and commercial kitchen equipment warranties will offer different coverages. It would help if you chose what you will most likely need. Understanding what your warranty covers can help you avoid costs and teach you what to pay attention to before calling the customer center.

  1. Parts and labor coverage (also referred to as full-warranty) mean that your warranty covers the cost of the parts that need replacing and the cost of the technician who will handle the problem. Working with an authorized technician will save you money and ensure you get the best help possible.
  1. Replacement coverage will only provide the parts you might need, and it won’t pay for the service. This is a far more limited coverage, and finding the right technician might be a hustle.
  1. Wear and tear coverage will help you with wear and tear due to daily, normal use. These warranties are usually provided for smaller and minor equipment such as faucets, door handles, or sinks. 

General Mistakes that Might Invalidate Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment Warranty

Not every case makes the seller or the manufacturer liable. Commercial kitchen equipment warranties place responsibilities on buyers as well. In most cases, the warranty provider will send an expert to assess the equipment and the claims regarding its situation. If the expert decides that the issue does not fall into their realm of responsibility or does not seem to be their fault, they will deny you cost-free services. The following mistakes will likely invalidate your warranty coverage: 

  1. Overloading equipment over its limits and causing it to break.
  1. Using the equipment for purposes it is not meant to be used for.
  1. Misusing the equipment and damaging it in the process.
  1. Improper installation of the equipment and the malfunctions resulting from this initial mistake.
  1. Negligence and lack of basic maintenance in general.
  1. Unauthorized changes and modifications to the equipment might also invalidate the coverage of your commercial kitchen equipment warranties. 

Limitations to Commercial Kitchen Equipment Warranties

It is important to understand the exclusions and limitations mentioned in the warranty documents to not run into any issues in the future. Even if you believe that the warranty might cover you, certain limitations may exist, and you might not be entitled to the perks of the warranty. 

  1. Residential use of commercial equipment might hinder your chances of getting proper service. Most technicians do not cover residential areas; even if they do, residential use might invalidate your coverage.
  1. Living in a remote location is a disadvantage when trying to get a technician. You might not get support if the warranty provider does not have authorized technicians in your area.
  1. Minor wear and tear might not be included in every warranty.
  1. If you purchased the equipment from a different country or moved it to a foreign country, your warranty might not offer coverage for the new locations.
  1. Depending on your location and needs, you might be held responsible for the technician’s travel expenses.
  1. The warranty will only cover what the manufacturer or the seller is responsible for, and malfunctions and misuse beyond that will not be covered. 

How to Choose the Right Warranty for Your Needs

There are a couple of points you need to consider when choosing among commercial kitchen equipment warranties:

  1. Understanding your equipment and its needs is the main consideration. If it is a small piece of equipment, you might need a warranty covering wear and tear; if it is a large one you will use daily, you might want to opt for a full warranty.
  1. Budget is always an important consideration when making purchases. Extra warranties might require additional fees. If you don’t have the budget, you may not choose a full warranty unless you absolutely need it.
  1. Compare the available warranty options. There will be many brands and providers and types of warranties when buying equipment. Make sure to compare those options to see which one suits you the best. 

What to Look for in a Commercial Kitchen Equipment Warranty

When buying a piece of equipment, you can choose brands and distributors. If you pay attention to the following details, you can get one of the best commercial kitchen equipment warranties possible. 

  1. What the warranty covers is an important detail. A full warranty is the best way to go if it is a major piece of equipment.
  1. The length of coverage varies based on brands and products, but in any case, the longer it is, the better for you. A long coverage acts as a safety net and ensures you have support for a long time.
  1. Customer service reputation can make or break a warranty deal. Do your research well and opt for the best customer service. Commercial kitchens are fast-paced and indispensable environments. Issues need to be resolved quickly, and you will need the right kind of people on your side when problems arise.
  1. Service response time will define whether you need to close the shop for a few days or a week. If you are buying an indispensable item such as a refrigerator, you cannot wait for weeks before someone comes and fixes the issue. You need quick service to avoid waste and loss of money.
  1. The extent of the services in terms of location is a specific yet important consideration. Make sure that the provider has a technician in your area. This will ensure you are entitled to warranty coverage and quick help.
  1. Transferability ensures that you can transfer the warranty rights of the product. If you intend to sell the equipment after a while or think that you might need an upgrade soon, ensuring transferability will protect the resale value of your product.  
Understanding Commercial Kitchen Equipment - What to Look for in a Commercial Warranty - Chef's Deal

Understanding Warranty Terms and Conditions

Read the terms and conditions section of your commercial kitchen equipment warranties carefully. These will define what you are entitled to and your limitations as a customer. You will also find the renewal conditions, information, and expiration date in this section. In general, terms and conditions and warranty will come in several languages, so you will probably have your language preference included in the document.

Maintenance and Care Requirements for Warranty Coverage

In most cases, you are required by the warranty to care for your equipment and keep up a regular maintenance schedule. If you do not follow the implied and expressed procedures for the equipment’s maintenance, its longevity will be reduced, and you will be less likely to receive help from the warranty provider for any issues that might come up. 

Registering Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment Warranties

Warranty registrations ensure that you get the full warranty period for your products. Commercial kitchen equipment is hard to ship and install. It might take you a while to get your product up and running, so it is important to register the product to get the full period. Otherwise, the warranty providers will usually assume the date of shipment as the start of the warranty period.

You can browse the warranty section on your provider’s website or read the printed documents to find out how you can proceed on this subject. By registering your commercial equipment warranty, you will be able to easily file repair or replacement requests, get guidance on installation and use, and benefit from potential discounts as registered customers. 


Commercial kitchen equipment warranties are a great help and a much-needed safety net in commercial environments. They come in many different types based on their providers and how much they cover. Understanding the kind of your warranty will help you figure out whom to get in touch with and how much help you are entitled to within your warranty. Make sure to avoid mistakes such as misuse, improper installation, and negligence to not invalidate your warranty rights. After carefully considering your needs and budget, you can choose the right warranty and ensure you have the support you need with your commercial kitchen equipment. 

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