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UNOX Ovens: Excell in Baking with Innovation and Technology

UNOX Ovens have internationalized the Italian cooking experience through smartly designed commercial cooking equipment. Established in 1990 in Italy, the company introduced the first ovens that enabled cooks to bake frozen bread and croissants without pre-proofing. This system was designed to ensure the even distribution of heat flow inside the cabinet, thanks to the air diffusion technology that UNOX Ovens developed.

The company has successfully expanded its market with its dedication to producing innovative, competitive, and high-quality products. Now, UNOX has direct existence through its offices and sales branches in 34 countries, while UNOX Ovens and other products are distributed to more than 130 countries. The Company also has a branch in the United States, UNOX Ovens USA, centered in Denver, North Carolina.

UNOX Ovens has adopted the principles of innovation, simplicity, and efficiency, which are all strictly applied to the production of every UNOX Oven. As innovation defines the company’s passion for advancing cooking with technological innovations, simplicity targets to simplify the cooking process for easier use. Lastly, the company sticks to efficiency to provide the highest output with the least consumption of energy, time, and space.

UNOX Ovens present the top-of-the-line commercial cooking equipment in the sector and have enriched its innovative technologies with new features to facilitate and accelerate cooking. Thus, this post aims to provide insight into the product range and the innovative technologies of the UNOX Ovens to help you decide on the best model that will match your needs in your business.

What is a UNOX Oven?

Unox Ovens in a Commercial Kitchen - Chef's Deal

UNOX Ovens are the high quality and advanced products of UNOX, which has built a well-deserved reputation for its products. These UNOX combi and convection ovens reflect the beauty of Italian expertise in style with their space-saving design and attractive appearance.

Additionally, all UNOX Ovens are the high-end products of UNOX plants that run on their production principles which are defined above. Hence, a UNOX Oven features high-quality parts, user-friendly controls, and ideal distribution of heat and humidity for the best cooking experience.

Where are UNOX Ovens Made?

UNOX Ovens are manufactured in Italy now. But the company has started a new investment plan to erect a production plant in Charlotte, North Carolina, in the United States, as stated by the Foodservice Equipment Distributors Association. This plant will employ about 30 people and serve as a facility to assemble the parts that will be brought from Italy to the United States. Projected to be completed in 2023, the UNOX Ovens plant in the US will shorten the lead times and quicken the delivery process.

Why Choose UNOX Ovens?

When you start to design a brand new commercial kitchen or renew the one you have, you will see many options from various brands. If you opt to purchase UNOX Ovens, it will allow you to rest assured that your kitchen has a smooth and efficient workflow with the features that are designed.

1. Energy Efficiency

Energy bills are always a particular concern for the foodserving business. Still, energy prices are skyrocketing, particularly in the last two years, which makes energy-efficient appliances crucial for profitability. Several UNOX combi ovens and proofing cabinets are Energy Star Certified since they consume 30% less energy than their regular counterparts. Additionally, you can keep track of the energy consumption of your UNOX Oven on your mobile phone, and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the UNOX Ovens will give you advice on how to reduce your consumption to increase your profit.

2. Automated Cooking Process

As the innovation stands out as the leading goal of the company, the cooking process of the UNOX Ovens is developed into automated controls which only require the operator to place the pans and hit the start button. The UNOX Ovens with MIND.Maps™ also utilizes artificial intelligence to create the optimal conditions for cooking so that your UNOX convection ovens or combi ovens will provide a consistent and standard output every time.

3. Multi Cooking Programs

Because you will need to prepare many dishes at a time to catch up with the orders even during a regular day, you will need several commercial ovens in your kitchen. Or, you may decide to buy a UNOX Oven, which features multi-cooking options. This feature will let you cook several items in the same Oven simultaneously with different settings.

4. Innovative Technologies

UNOX Electric Combi Oven XAVC-10FS-HPLM

UNOX has developed several technologies that are chiefly designed to improve the cooking features to achieve the best taste possible. UNOX Ovens are equipped with all or several of these innovative features, which will be of great help when cooking:

  • ADAPTIVE.Cooking™: This feature enables a UNOX Oven to measure the product inside the cabinet and adjusts the cooking settings accordingly to reach the best and most consistent result.
  • CLIMALUX™: Humidity is one of the leading parameters in cooking, and it is pretty influential in the crustiness and the cooking level. Contrary to traditional ovens that do not have control over the humidity, the UNOX Ovens can remove the excess moisture or provide additional humid air into the cabinet when needed.
  • AUTO.Soft: The ovens featuring AUTO.Soft can adjust the temperature to ensure the optimal distribution of heated air and uniform browning for each piece.
  • SMART.Preheating: The texture and taste of the meals and bakeries are also related to the cooking cabinet’s temperature. This feature ensures the pre-heating of the chamber for the best-starting temperature.
  • SENSE.Klean: This mode helps you check the dirtiness level of your UNOX Oven and suggest the best cleaning mode.
  • SMART.Drain: The UNOX Ovens can be equipped with a fat collection and draining system to remove the excess fat which is produced during the cooking process.

UNOX Product Range

UNOX has created an extensive range of ovens, which can be classified primarily into two: residential and commercial. While UNOX residential ovens offer a chef-like cooking experience in your house, UNOX commercial ovens present top-class cooking equipment that will carry your recipes to the next level.

1. UNOX Combi Ovens

Unox Cheftop Mind Maps

UNOX combi ovens are the company’s most extensive product category and present a wide variety of products with different sizes and the most advanced technological features. Offered in countertop, compact, or floor-type models, UNOX Cheftop and Bakertop ovens are the best among commercial ovens for bakeries, restaurants, and delis with their versatile and multi-purpose professional ovens that will facilitate the cooking process.

Controlled through a wide digital panel in the front, these units can serve as a convection oven when it is set in dry mode, or you can use them to steam the veggies or other products by switching to the steam mode. If you need a longer time to cook your meals, you can turn the mixed mode on and achieve balanced cooking.

UNOX Cheptop MIND.Maps™ is the high-end product of combi ovens, and they offer versatile use with grilling, roasting, smoking, frying, browning, and steaming as supported by the automatic cooking cycles and AI, which collects your usage trends and provides suggestions accordingly. Thus, they offer 80% savings on the amount of water used for steam cooking and 90% saving on oil that is used for frying.


2. UNOX Convection Ovens

Convection ovens are equipped with a fan that circulates the heat around the cooking cabinet. UNOX convection ovens like the UNOX 135 convection oven also have such a fan, but the UNOX Bakerlux ovens also feature humidity controls and water supply, which will provide moisture for the cooking process when it is necessary (BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro™).

UNOX Proofing Cabinets XAVPC-12FS-B Stationary

3. UNOX Proofing Cabinets

Bakeries and other pastry serving establishments know the importance of the formation of suitable conditions for dough preparation. The company has developed UNOX proofing cabinets as dough proofers to ensure the precise control of temperature and humidity in the cabinet while preventing dough drying.

Other UNOX Products

Other than the UNOX Ovens, the company also manufactures commercial kitchen equipment that will help you run a flawless work in your kitchen:

  • UNOX Equipment Stands
  • UNOX Ventless Exhaust System
  • UNOX Water Filter Cartridges
  • UNOX Reverse Osmosis System Parts & Accessories
  • UNOX Steamer Water Filtration Systems
  • UNOX Reverse Osmosis Systems

How to clean UNOX Oven?

Ovens can be subject to spills and food debris during frequent use in commercial kitchens, and therefore, it can be challenging to clean them sometimes. Thus, UNOX has created self-cleaning systems that efficiently clean the cooking cabinet. The SENSE.KLEAN feature can automatically detect the level of dirt that is piled on the surfaces and choose the most suitable option. Additionally, some units like the UNOX CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ PLUS has ROTOR.KLEAN, which features a rotary washing arm that sprays the interior like a washing machine.

To Sum Up

Equipping your establishment with the right and reliable commercial kitchen equipment is the key to success in your business. UNOX Ovens offer not only reliability with their sturdy and high-quality products but also present versatile and practical technological innovations ranging from automated cooking processes to self-cleaning systems.

Thus, you can enjoy the technological convenience of the UNOX Ovens as a part of your commercial kitchen. Whether you run a bakery, a busy restaurant, or a small food truck, you can find a suitable option that will fit your kitchen layout and meet your requirements.

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