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16 Most Popular Mexican Beverages

16 Most Popular Mexican Beverages

We all agree that Mexico has one of the best cuisines in the world, and it doesn’t just consist of various delicacies but also numerous Mexican beverages. Whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, all Mexican beverages have unique and authentic flavors. Here we prepared a top Mexican beverages list for you.

Alcoholic Mexican Beverages

1. Tequila

Tequila -  One of The Most Popular Mexican Beverages

Tequila is the most popular Mexican beverage that you can find everywhere. It’s made from the sugars that the blue agave plant contains. There are several processes in making tequila. The plant is steamed in the oven, fermented, and distilled in order to create this alcoholic Mexican beverage.

There are different aged or unaged types of tequila such as plata, joven, reposado or anejo. The time of aging or being aged or unaged is the main difference between these. You can enjoy this drink neat, in a margarita, or you may have a shot with a lime.

2. Mezcal

Mezcal is any drink made of different types of agave, so tequila is a type of mezcal. It can be made from nearly 30 different types of the agave plant. Its cooking process is another feature that distinguishes it from tequila. Mezcal is roasted with lava rocks, wood, and charcoal. It has a smoky flavor, which the cooking process provides.

3. Raicilla

Like tequila and mezcal, raicilla is a Mexican beverage made from the agave plant, but it has fruity and floral flavors, unlike them. It’s roasted just like mezcal, and it’s generally used in cocktails.

Margarita - One of the Main Mexican Beverages

4. Margarita

Margarita is one of the main Mexican beverages, a cocktail made of tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. Different variations are made with fruit flavors, such as pineapple, pear, or even cucumber. It’s usually served in a margarita glass with salted rims, and it can be served with ice cubes, blended with ices or without ice.

5. Paloma

Like most of the other Mexican beverages, paloma is made of tequila too. It’s a perfect cocktail for hot summer days, made of grapefruit soda and a touch of lime juice.

Carajillo- Authentic Mexican Beverage

6. Carajillo

This three-ingredient cocktail made with coffee is one of the authentic Mexican beverages that will attract both coffee and cocktail lovers. It’s made of coffee, Spanish liquor, which contains vanilla and citrus flavors, and ice cubes if wanted as it can be served both hot and cold.

7.Craft Beers

Michelada - Mexican Local Beer Festical's Drink

Beer is coming after tequila as a popular Mexican beverage. Even there are some local beer festivals in some parts of Mexico.

Michelada is a Mexican beverage that can be made in numerous variations. It is made with beer, lime, various sauces, chili peppers, spices, and tomato juice. Soy sauce, chamoy powder, or serrano pepper are the alternatives you may add.

Non-alcoholic Mexican Beverages

Agua Frescas, Non-alcoholic Sweetened and Fruit-flavored Waters

1. Agua Frescas

In English, Agua frescas, meaning freshwaters are non-alcoholic sweetened and fruit-flavored waters. This refreshing Mexican beverage can be made in almost every fruit and flavor, such as mango, basil, hibiscus, strawberry, etc.

2. Agua de Jamaica

There are various refreshing non-alcoholic Mexican beverages, and Agua de Jamaica is one of them. It’s a kind of agua frescas. Jamaica means hibiscus in Spanish, so as it’s a hibiscus tea sweetened with sugar and mostly served with traditional Mexican dishes. 

Hot Chocolate - with a special Mexican-touch, chili powder

3. Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mexican hot chocolate is regular hot chocolate, but with a special -and Mexican- touch, chili powder. This spice is what makes this beverage special and peculiar to Mexico.

4. Horchata

Another delicious Mexican beverage is Horchata – sweetened, milky, and spicy rice water. This beverage is made by soaking rice in water, adding granulated sugar and cinnamon then blending all these together. There are dairy-free horchatas too. You may add several flavors, such as vanilla, or you may add nuts to your Horchata optionally. It is a perfect Mexican beverage to drink after spicy and hot Mexican foods.

Atole, masa-based Mexican beverage

5. Atole

Atole is a cornflour dough or masa-based Mexican beverage that is popular to consume on Day of the Dead, in breakfasts, and as street food. It is made by toasting masa dough on a grill, adding cinnamon-flavored water, piloncillo, vanilla, cinnamon, and whipping up with a wooden whisk named molinillo. And it is served warm.

6. Champurrado

Similar to Mexican hot chocolate, champurrado is made with chocolate. But the difference between Mexican hot chocolate and champurrado is this Mexican beverage is a kind of Atole made from masa harina-dried corn dough- or cornflour, milk, water, vanilla, and cinnamon. This traditional Mexican beverage is mostly popular on Day of the Dead- a celebration of Mexicans- and is consumed near tamales. You should try this creamy drink on cold winter days.

 7. Ponche

Punch is the general name for all the drinks containing fruit or fruit juice, whether alcoholic or not. And a Mexican beverage, ponche, is fruity water made with fresh and dried fruits, generally consumed on Christmas. Depending on your taste, you may include cinnamon, raisins, any kind of fruit you want, brown sugar, or piloncillo.

Café de Olla, four-ingredient Mexican beverage

8. Café de Olla

How can we forget coffee lovers? This four-ingredient Mexican beverage is a popular one. Café de olla is made of Mexican ground coffee, water, cinnamon stick, and piloncillo. But the point is to use a traditional clay pot to brew coffee for the special aroma.

9. Mangonada (Mango Chamoyada)

Mangonada is a kind of chamoyada-shaved ice with fruit and chamoy. Chamoy is the name of savory pickled-fruit sauces. Mangonada is made of mango chamoyada, shaved ice, fruit chunks, and a little touch of lime juice and chili powder. By adding some liquor you like, you can transform it into an alcoholic beverage.

To sum up

Mexican cuisine is authentic and unique, which is a favorite of those who tried, or many are willing to try it. Mexican beverages are not less than the foods, fascinating everyone who tries them. The same spiciness and bitterness are dominant in Mexican beverages and dishes. Still, there are various creamy and milky beverages for those who do not like spices. We recommend you give these amazing beverages a try, and if you are already a regular of these drinks, you can share your favorite Mexican beverage with us.

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