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Everything You Need To Know About Blast Chillers And Freezers

Everything You Need To Know About Blast Chillers And Freezers

Blast chillers and freezers are the backbones of mass production and fast storage. They’ve proven themselves as indispensable assets to many establishments, and if you don’t own blast chillers and freezers yet, you should lose no time to hop on this train of efficiency. While many fail to recognize the combined power of blast chillers and freezers, it’s fair to claim that they set many businesses apart from their counterparts on the markets.

We prepared an article to help you with any questions you might have regarding blast chillers and freezers. So that you can add them to your business and increase your kitchen efficiency, rest assured that once you add these commercial refrigeration units to your kitchen, the very air you breathe will feel better and cooler :-).

How Do Blast Chillers and Freezers Work?

The main purpose of blast chillers and freezers is to help you with the cook-chill method. Big establishments such as correctional facilities, hotels, etc., usually use this method to ensure the cooked food is stored healthy until the serving hours. Blast chillers and freezers will decrease the temperature of your freshly cooked food to storage temperatures and help you avoid any bacteria growth or spoilage. 

  • Blast chillers and freezers function in smart, efficient ways. Blast chillers achieve their goal through continuous airflow at high speeds, which removes the heat from the foods in a short time. This system ensures that the temperature of your meals is dropped to almost 35 degrees F in about 4 hours. Some models work faster or slower depending on the capacity etc. 
  • Commercial freezers maintain freezing temperatures through the operation of multiple parts ranging from evaporators to compressors. Since a kitchen cannot do without a freezer, the engineering of these machines is complicated and top-notch.   

Why Do You Need Blast Chillers and Freezers?

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A commercial kitchen serving large quantities of food every day simply cannot do without blast chillers and freezers for many reasons, mainly because they are essential to the cook and chill process. The lack of this commercial refrigeration equipment would make it impossible for that method to be sustainable. The functioning and maintenance of many kitchens rely on such machinery. Blast chillers and freezers most importantly offer healthy storage, which is incredibly important since any little health hazard might lead to many catastrophes in mass production. Storing the cooked food in the best way possible should be on the top of your to-do list as the management.

In addition to the fact that they will help you maintain a healthy environment, blast chillers and freezers also do a great job at preserving the taste of your delicious foods. So if you were worried about what freezing might do to your dishes, you could rest assured that all will be well in terms of tastiness. Your guests will enjoy every bite of your cooked and chilled food, and you’ll be enjoying the sweet taste of efficiency.

Blast chillers and freezers are also environmentally friendly and energy saver commercial refrigeration equipment. But as the most important, these commercial kitchen equipment are your best helpers for healthy and efficient mass production for a smooth-running business.

What Is The Difference Between Blast Chillers And Freezers?

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Blast chillers and freezers often go hand in hand and are very intertwined in their functions. A blast chiller will get your cooked goods to storage temperatures in a short period of time, and the blast freezer will help you safely store the food till it’s time to eat. Despite working very closely, blast chillers and freezers obviously differ in the purposes they serve.

You might be confused about why you need both blast chillers and freezers. Commercial freezers are used to store everything that needs to be stored below freezing temperatures, including uncooked ingredients (it is hard to imagine a commercial kitchen without a good freezer.) It would be a mistake to believe a freezer alone is sufficient for the food business.

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Blast chillers are essential to preserving the taste and nutrients of the food and making sure the meals are ready to be stored in such cold temperatures. If you place your fresh off the stove, hot meals directly in the freezer, you are bound to experience some problems such as food spoilage and taste loss. Blast chillers and freezers, together, will ensure your food is safe and sound and that everything goes according to plan.  

Blast Chillers and Freezers Benefits

Blast chillers and freezers have countless benefits for your establishment, and it’s a guarantee that you’ll be grateful for the day you decided to get these machines for your business.

  • The nutrients and taste of your dishes will be safe with blast chillers and freezers. Food that waits around often loses its freshness and thus its nutritional value, but these commercial refrigeration systems will ensure your customers gets the benefits of your well-cooked meal. 
  • Preventing spoilage is possibly the most significant advantage of blast chillers and freezers. Most establishments will definitely need them to keep up with health codes, for it is very easy for bacteria to grow in commercial kitchens that aim to serve great capacities. 
  • The ice cream and dessert-making process also greatly benefits from blast chillers and freezers. You could chill the ingredients quickly with the help of your blast chiller and store the deserts in the blast freezer once they are done. Also, keep in mind that making your deserts yourself will be a huge plus for your business.
  • The ice cream and dessert-making process also greatly benefits from blast chillers and freezers. You could chill the ingredients quickly with the help of your blast chiller and store the deserts in the blast freezer once they are done. Also, keep in mind that making your deserts yourself will be a huge plus for your business.
  • Efficiency is the middle name of blast chillers and freezers, which will save you time, money, and energy! What more could you ask of commercial kitchen equipment anyway. 
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  • Shelf-life will be one of your biggest concerns once you manage your own commercial restaurant, and blast chillers and freezers have proven that they are great at increasing the shelf-life of your products. 
  • Room for creativity will present itself once you get your blast chillers and freezers. The freedom to play with the temperatures of your products quickly will help you develop your menu and experiment with new meals.  
  • Storage is the most apparent benefit of blast chillers and freezers. Whether your goal is to retain nutrients or have ready meals for the next day or so, you will need plenty of storage room, and you will need it fast. Getting the right blast chillers and freezers will surely ease your job and ensure you are as comfortable as possible in such a demanding business sector. 


Brands on the market are well-aware of the value of blast chillers and freezers for commercial kitchens, so there are so many options you could choose from for your business. You can choose from one of the following top brands and get your blast chiller and freezer.


Blast chillers and freezers are two amazing inventions that will change the way you run your business. They will introduce you to new levels of efficiency and turn mass-production into a breeze. You will save a lot of money and a lot of energy with the help of this commercial restaurant equipment.

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