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13 Essential Asian Restaurant Equipment

Asian cuisine has a huge fan group all over the world. We have to admit it, how can it be possible to not love these various delicacies from sushi to ramen or dumplings. To create an appetizing menu and provide customers with an unforgettable experience, you will need several Asian restaurant equipments This list will significantly help you decide what Asian restaurant equipment you need, from sushi supplies to specialty serving bowls.

Asian Restaurant Cooking Equipment And Supplies

commercial rice cooker- Chef's Deal

1. Rice Cookers

As rice is one of the most used foods in Asian cuisine, a commercial rice cooker has an important place in an Asian restaurant. To meet the need for a high amount of rice in a kitchen where Asian foods cooks, purchasing a rice cooker will be reasonable. The only thing you need to do is add rice and water into the rice cooker, which will cook the rice in a perfect texture. Because it turns off automatically when the rice is ready, it will save the employees time for other work. 

2. Wok

A wok is a traditional Chinese pan with a round bottom, high walls, and two handles on the sides. This Asian restaurant equipment is an authentic way of stir fry cooking unique Asian dishes, can be made of durable stainless steel or aluminum for the best heat distribution. The wok rings make it available to use the wok pans on any type of range, and the lid makes the food-which has long cooking times- cook faster.

commercial teppanyaki griddle- Chef's Deal

3. Teppanyaki Griddles

Teppanyaki griddle is a hot plate on which meat and veggies are cooked in front of the customers, providing a visual show and appealing smells. Various seafood, meat, eggs, rice, and veggies can be cooked on a teppanyaki grill, using propane flame as the heat source. Hibachi grill is the most famous type of teppanyaki grill, a small grill made from cast iron, and it is generally heated with charcoal, but there are electric versions too.

4. Mongolian BBQ Grills

Mongolian BBQ grills are similar to standard grills, but they reach the temperature of 550° F, and the unit has a different shape. They provide customers to choose the exact meal they want and cook several dishes simultaneously. They vary in shapes and sizes to meet the needs of various restaurants, and they are typically made of steel or cast iron.

dumpling - Asian Restaurant Equipment -  Chef's Deal

5. Dumpling Steamers

Dumpling steamers are Asian restaurant equipment consisting of separate layers with holes in the bottom, which are placed on top of each other and use the steam created by boiling or hot water to cook the food on the layers. By this cooking method, the food preserves its flavor, texture, nutrients, and shape better than be boiling in water. Steamers can be bamboo, the traditional one, stainless steel steamer pots consisting of one layer, stacked steamers, or steamer baskets.

6. Wok Ranges And Burners

commercial wok ranges- Chef's Deal

Wok ranges are another Asian restaurant equipment designed for sauteing or stir-frying. The high heat it provides is perfect for frying rice and meat. They are available in countertop stand-alone and drop-in styles. Additionally, you can choose wok ranges with one or multiple burners, depending on your business volume. They can also be used as a steamer or a noodle boiler.

7. Stock Pot Ranges

Stock pot ranges are designed to bear heavy and large cookware and have a high heating capability, making them convenient for commercial kitchens. They will come in handy for cooking sauce, soups, or boiling large quantities of Asian dumplings. They come with one or two burners and can be heated by gas, electric, or propane, letting you choose the one that fits your kitchen best. The best thing about a stock pot range is its several burners, providing faster cooking times than several ranges.

8. Cooking Utensils

Asian restaurant cooking utensils, from ladles to knives, will assist and fasten the staff’s work considerably in the cooking and serving processes. Ergonomically designed wooden handles will complement the authentic theme of an Asian restaurant while providing a simple and comfortable use.

Asian Restaurant Serving Equipment And Supplies

The unique Asian kitchen has a wide range of service supplies, just as the cooking equipment. What makes them special is their historical and traditional origins and uniqueness, aside from their convenience.

commercial sushi display cases- Chef's Deal

9. Sushi Display Cases

Refrigerated sushi display cases are perfect pieces of Asian restaurant equipment for merchandising and keeping sushi fresh and safe. You can place all kinds of sushi throughout the unit and provide an attractive area. They have curved or angled glass foreparts for displaying. Their various sizes make it easy to find the best one for your business.

10. Pho Bowls

Pho Bowls - Asian Restaurant Equipment - Chef's Deal

Pho is a traditional Vietnamese soup comprised of veggies, noodles, and spices all together consumed directly from a bowl. A pho bowl is made for pho and other special soups or dishes, a must-have for an Asian restaurant since it serves as a part of the Asian cuisine layout and will make customers experience authentic Asian cuisine. They can be melamine, cast iron, porcelain, or stoneware, all with different colors or patterns.

11. Beverage Dispensers

A beverage dispenser provides self-serving drinks for customers or facilitates staff’s work while making several Asian cocktails in your restaurant. Beverage dispensers can be insulated or non-insulated. Insulated beverage dispensers are made especially for keeping beverages hot or cold until serving. The non-insulated beverage dispensers are see-through, providing a pleasing look, but they are not designed to keep hot drinks.

12. Chinese Soup Spoons and Turners

Using traditional utensils instead of regular ones will contribute to creating an Asian restaurant theme. You can use Chinese spoons with traditional soups, broth-based dishes, and turners can be used while cooking meat to produce the cultural environment. They can be made of melamine, porcelain, ceramic, or china materials and in various sizes.

13. Sushi supplies

Sushi is the jewel in the crown in Asian cuisine. We can not think of a Japanese restaurant without sushi on its menu. To make different colorful and flavorful sushi for your Asian restaurant, there are some specialty tools listed below:

sushi boards - Asian Restaurant Equipment - Chef's Deal
  • Sushi Boards

A sushi board is a dinnerware on which the sushi is served. Sushi boards are generally made of bamboo, providing an esthetical serving style.

  • Reusable Chopsticks and Holders

It may seem hard to use chopsticks at first, but once you make it, it will be fun. The bamboo or wooden chopsticks are durable and reusable, and you can choose from several colors and designs to fit your ambiance.

  • Rolling Mat

A bamboo rolling mat has an important place in making sushi. Ones rounded on one side and flat on another are ideal for giving the perfect shape.

  • Wasabi Greater

Wasabi is one of the most popular sauces of Japanese cuisine. It is made by grating the wasabi plant on a wasabi grater, which is made from sharkskin. The sharkskin grater perfectly turns wasabi into the consistent form we use as a spicy sauce.


An Asian restaurant is a haunt for sushi, ramen, dumpling, or other Asian dishes lovers. To create an authentic environment with a traditional layout and produce delicious Asian dishes, all you need is to choose the suitable Asian restaurant equipment that fits your kitchen best. With the right Asian restaurant equipment listed above, you can attract your customers with the unique flavor and diversity of the Asian dishes.

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