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National Poultry Day March 19th - Chef's Deal

National Poultry Day and 10 Ways to Celebrate It

National Poultry Day, which marks the 19th of March, is once again right around the corner, giving us a chance to celebrate one of the world’s most popular types of food. The golden age of the 90s showed that poultry was more than a secondary source of protein. Poultry consumption suppressed beef consumption in the US, and it was a moment to behold. As this widespread love redefined our relationship to poultry, it became an indispensable part of our lives.

National Poultry Day has been marking our calendars since the 50s to cherish this beautiful product, and it has become more and more important every year. March 19 can be a fun day to spend with your friends or a profitable opportunity for your business if you know how to benefit from National Poultry Day. Read on to discover more about this holiday’s story and how you can commemorate the day as an individual or a business owner. You’ll be surprised by the quantity of possibilities National Poultry Day has in store for you!

History of National Poultry Day

National Poultry Day‘s creation story dates back to 1951. While the exact founder of the holiday is unknown, the national holiday emerged in a small town in Ohio. It started small and local but spread to a national level in about a decade and celebrated as a whole weekend occasion. Its main objective is to recognize the value of poultry, domestic fowls raised for commercial purposes and acknowledge the benefits of this process, such as eggs, meat, and feathers.

Each year, especially in Ohio, National Poultry Day is celebrated with big events and attracts many visitors from all across the nation. Some people even prefer to travel to Ohio to live this day at the heart of the festivities and experience many exciting poultry events. National Poultry Day events have proved to be very profitable opportunities for locals thanks to the broad public interest. 

National Poultry Day Celebration Ideas for Individuals 

There are many ways to celebrate National Poultry Day. You can draw inspiration from the common traditions or create your habits to repeat every year with your family and friends. Below is a list of ideas you can use on this day to recognize the place of poultry in your own life. 

National Poultry Day, March 19
  • Eat poultry! What can be more appropriate than dressing your meals with your favorite poultry dishes on National Poultry Day? There are so many meals you can cook. You can start your morning with a pan of omelets and have fried chicken for lunch and dinner. Or you can go with dozens of other recipes poultry has to offer!
  • Create your own poultry recipes. Why not spend the day in your kitchen inventing a whole new meal, especially for National Poultry Day? Poultry, by nature, creates many opportunities for cooking, and you can experiment with different ideas or mash up your favorite recipes to come up with something entirely of your own. 
  • Host a dinner party and invite all of your friends. Of course, don’t forget to dress your table with their favorite poultry dishes. This is the surest way of spreading the joy of National Poultry Day. Plus, it’s an excuse to gather with your friends and enjoy some delicious food.
  • Try a different kind of bird on National Poultry Day. Most people consume chicken regularly, but other birds such as turkey and duck might not be in your circulation. This can be the opportunity for you to try new tastes and widen your palette.
  • Visit a National Poultry Day celebration event. There is a major event in Ohio annually, and other states across the nation are also hosting events where you can play games and try out new dishes. It’s all about your favorite meals, so it’s bound to be a fun time. Grab your family and friends and make your way to the closest event on the 19th of March.

National Poultry Day Celebration Ideas for Businesses 

National Poultry Day is a golden opportunity for businesses. With all the attention on poultry, you need to bring your A-game and capitalize on this attention. Below are a few ideas you can try to increase your sales and celebrate poultry which is the backbone of your business.

National Poultry Day-Chef's Deal
  • Taking part in the local National Poultry Day event can help you introduce your products to a wider range of customers and gain fame and credibility among the locals. It’s an excellent opportunity for advertisement and reaching new customer bases. 
  • An in-shop sale can increase foot traffic towards your way. A discount on poultry can be an excellent way of recognizing the value of these products, and those who hear about the sale will come to check out your products in person. You might acquire a lot of loyal customers with one day’s work. 
  • You can prepare informative pamphlets about National Poultry Day and help your customers become aware of it. Encouraging them to celebrate this beautiful day and recognize the value of poultry might increase your sales. You can even include recipes on the pamphlets!
  • You can open a stand in front of your shop and offer cooked poultry to give a taste of your products. People will follow the smell to your shop and join the festivities in no time. 
  • You can upgrade your poultry-related equipment to ensure your products are safe and in good condition. Showing utmost care to poultry handling can be a great way of recognizing the value of poultry on National Poultry Day. 

Poultry Display Cases and Chicken Slicers

Howard-McCray R-CFS40E-8-S-LED Deli Seafood / Poultry Display Case - Chef's Deal

Whether you are running a supermarket or deli, poultry is an indispensable part of your business. Paying attention to the care of poultry is the best way a business can recognize the value of these products on National Poultry Day.

Investing in a poultry display case or upgrading your current equipment will ensure that your products are stored at the right temperature and are readily displayed. On the other hand, a chicken slicer gives you hygienic and sanitized cuts with stainless steel blades.

There are a few brands you can check out to find a product that fits your capacity needs and aesthetic.

  • Infrico USA
  • Howard-McCray
  • Delfield 
  • Omcan USA
  • Continental Refrigerator


National Poultry Day is truly a day of delicious meals and golden opportunities. It is a chance to acknowledge the place of poultry in our lives and appreciate something we more often than not take for granted. Take your time to reflect on National Poultry Day and enjoy the festivities at your local event or home. Not only will you commemorate a beautiful holiday, but also make lasting memories for you and your friends.

If you are a business owner, you will surely benefit a lot from this special day and get a chance to recognize poultry’s value for your business and reflect on your method of care regarding it. Lose no time, make your own itinerary for National Poultry Day, and get prepared to have a memorable day!

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