Chicken Slicers

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Consistently Well-Shaped Slices With Chicken Slicers

Chicken slicers are necessary equipment for the kitchens to cut fresh or cooked chicken, turkey, other meat, seafood, and even vegetables at maximum speed, consistency, and safety. They have a simple design featuring a four-legged blade base and a push plate that is controlled with a handle and used to push the meat towards the blades.

Chicken slicers are perfect for rapidly preparing thin sliced chicken breasts of fajitas that will be served on a salad, in a wrap, or as the main element of chicken meat recipes. So, these poultry slicers are perfect and must-have additions to any restaurant, salad shop, café, or Mexican restaurant that serves many orders daily.

How to Slice Chicken Breast with Chicken Slicer?

Slicing poultry and meat could be challenging to cut into pieces by hand, requiring much labor and time and sometimes resulting in injuries, so chicken slicers provide a faster and more comfortable slicing experience. Chicken slicers give you hygienic and sanitized cuts with their stainless steel blades and accelerate this procedure down to seconds.

You only need to place the chicken breast on the blades and lower the handle to move the push plate. This will slice the meat in a short time and will keep you supplied with enough sliced chicken for the rushing orders.

Features of Chicken Slicers

Chicken slicers are designed and manufactured to streamline your workflow to enable you to catch up with a high number of orders with the following features:

  • Chicken breast slicers feature a compact size that easily fits your available space on your counter.
  • Chicken slicer machines require a limited time before training as they are easy to use and operate.
  • These units can also slice onions, cook meat, beef, or roast turkey.
  • Chicken slicers come with non-skid suction cup feet, providing a sturdy and stable cutting platform.
  • Blades can easily be disassembled for cleaning.

Advantages of Chicken Slicers

  • Chicken slicers shorten the prep time and increase the production output.
  • They will save you labor and free up some of your staff for other duties.
  • Chicken slicers provide precisely cut and evenly shaped chicken for salads and wraps.
  • Chicken breast slicers give you consistent size and weight portions for your customer at any time and minimize waste as well.
  • Unsharpened blades and the design of the push plate will help you minimize and prevent injuries.

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