Stainless Steel Work Stations

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Stainless Steel Work Stations: Sturdy Organizer

Stainless steel work stations are among the most necessary pieces of equipment in restaurants and bars, together with the other commercial work tables. These stainless steel working units help you create a better organized front house and form a fine-looking appearance.

Stainless steel work stations are durable and safe to use. Additionally, these stainless work stations have sturdy louvered doors to enable better ventilation. Also, they stand on stainless steel bullet feet to let you adjust their feet in accordance with the working height of personnel.

The cabinet underneath the stainless steel work stations provides a suitable and safe place to store your extra register rolls, detectors, menus, or other supplies for your POS system. Hence, your waiting staff, bartenders, or cashiers can easily reach all the necessary items for faster and better service.

The counter of the stainless steel work station is also produced from stainless steel to last for more prolonged use. Its sturdy structure and the large working area will allow you to place the cash register, cash drawers, and POS monitors. The work surface of these cash register stands comes with a cord access hole to enable you to connect the necessary cables.

Besides, high back and side splash shields encircle the strong and sizeable tops of stainless steel POS cabinets. These additions to the work center will protect your cash register and other important document and equipment from the probable harms of a commercial kitchen with water splashes and food stains.


Chef's Deal carries a distinguished selection of NSF-listed stainless steel work stations for your business to enable you to welcome your guest with a chic impression. You can opt to buy a cashier stand from the vendors, Krowne and Glastender.