Restaurant Seating

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Offer Your Customers A Comfortable Experience With The Help of Restaurant Seating

Restaurant seating is one of the essential factors along with the food and service quality, which determines the customers’ experience in a restaurant. Whether you run a food truck or a luxurious restaurant, suitable restaurant seating will enhance their experience by providing more comfort and satisfaction.

Even if the financial concerns are perceived as the determining thing in restaurant seating, it is crucial to choose the appropriate types of restaurant furniture that will match your style, meet your requirements and contribute to your business.

How to Create the Best Restaurant Seating?

As a quick start, you can take the following things into consideration when buying commercial restaurant furniture.

  • The first thing you should consider is the concept that you want to implement in your food business. This will be the start point for you, particularly when you decide on the right colors, designs for the restaurant seating, and the dining hall's ambiance.
  • Secondly, restaurant seating must be compatible with the restaurant type and requirements. For instance, as a café owner, where people come to enjoy their time with friends drinking and chatting, offering small wooden chairs will adversely affect their comfort and shorten their seating time. Naturally, this will decrease your sales as well. However, these small wooden chairs can be the best choice of commercial seating in fast-food restaurants with a high customer flow during the day.
  • Third, the restaurant seating you decide should match your restaurant layout and available space to create a comfortable and roomy atmosphere for customers' delight. Therefore, you need to plan well your commercial restaurant furniture layout.
  • Lastly, the materials of the commercial seating vary depending on their use areas. If you look for commercial seating for a bar, it would be best for you to go for sturdy wooden bar stools or chairs. This will protect your furniture from liquid spills, and they will last longer.

After determining your priorities, needs, and conditions, you should also get to know the different types of restaurant seating, which are explained below.

Types of Restaurant Seating

We cover a large inventory of commercial restaurant seating to address the various needs, with different styles, materials, and sizes.

Restaurant Chairs

Restaurant chairs are the main seating element in the restaurant, cafes, pizzerias, and other food catering businesses. While these sturdy dining chairs provide comfortable and safe seating for the customers, they also bring a style to your dining hall. These industrial dining chairs have different types ranging from wooden bistro chairs to the grid back side chairs. Furthermore, you can also find the best options whether you look for café chairs, restaurant chairs, or shop chairs.

Additionally, there are also various commercial restaurant chairs that are made of different materials. Wooden chairs will bring the chic touch of natural elegance, while metal chairs offer sturdiness. Or, you can choose galvanized chairs as your modern restaurant chairs to complement your current designed layout.

Restaurant Booths

Restaurant booths are stylistic and colorful additions to your restaurant seating. While restaurant booth seating brings you an elegant addition to your dining hall décor, it will also provide cozy seating for families and crowded friend groups. These dining booths have different types of styles ranging from modern to retro, and they are of various upholstery with tufted or channeled designs. Additionally, booth chairs have different sizes to match your available space.

Restaurant High Chairs

Restaurant high chairs provide a safe, comfortable, and elegant seating space for the little customers in your restaurant or café. Restaurant style high chairs also have different types as wooden restaurant high chairs and plastic high chairs. These commercial high chairs have suitable finishes to ease the cleaning. Furthermore, the safety straps that are attached to these restaurant high chairs to maximize children’s security.

Restaurant Booster Seats and Baby Carrier Stands

Restaurant booster seats are alternative to the restaurant high chairs, and they are used as placed on regular restaurant seating equipment. These dining booster seats raise the children's seating height, and they can comfortably accompany their families during their time in your restaurant.

For your infant guests, who will be your future customers, you can opt to provide a comfortable baby carrier stand in which they can have their meal or milk while their families are enjoying their food and conversation in the booth seatings.


Chef’s Deal carries all these types of restaurant seating that will host your guests comfortably from leading manufacturers, ATS and FMP.