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What Is An Ice Maker Head?

Ice maker heads, also known as modular ice machines, are high-capacity commercial ice machines that can produce up to 3000 pounds of ice per day. Their modular design allows using them in combination with an ice bin for storage or an ice dispenser for easy access to customers. Ice demand in various industries ranging from food service to healthcare makes ice a lucrative business. Therefore, an ice maker head can meet the ice demands of restaurants, bars, hotels, hospitals, hospitality clubs, and any place where ice is needed.

Shopping for Ice Maker Heads

The need for a modular ice machine is crystal, but choosing the right one that matches your expectations is not always so. While browsing through these commercial ice makers, you will encounter a host of features. The nitty-gritty of the task is compatibility. Since ice machine heads are modular units placed on other machines in the ice business, you need to double-check before pairing two units. Then you can consider capacity, ice type, and refrigeration to find the ice maker head suitable to your establishment's unique needs.

1. Ice Maker Head Capacity

While buying an ice machine head, capacity refers to the amount of ice produced in a 24-hour cycle. These commercial ice machines have a daily production capacity ranging from hundreds to 3000 pounds. An accurate estimate of your business volume will dictate your capacity requirements. As a rule of thumb, ice consumption per customer in a restaurant is roughly 1.5 pounds on average, but around 3 pounds in a cocktail lounge and bar. You can add the possibility of peaks during rush hours to this.

If you are pairing an ice maker head with an ice bin, you should remember that overstored ice might create an excess of meltwater, paving the way for bacteria and mold growth. Consider an ice machine head as a lifetime investment. If you are a startup, you should be planning to grow your business. It would be wise to select a machine that can cover the needs when your business traffic has increased.

2. Ice Type

Ice maker heads generate ice in various shapes. The ice type can affect the ice-to-water ratio, bringing about less or more drink dilution. Full-size ice cubes have larger dimensions, melting more slowly and preserving the flavor of your drinks. If ice shape is not your primary concern, you can go with the most common half-size cubes. Nugget ice is smaller and softer, so it quickly soaks up the flavor of the drink. Thus, it can turn into a chewable snack. It is the perfect pick for frozen drinks, soft drinks, and ice coffee.

3. Refrigeration

Ice machine heads can have a self-contained or remote refrigeration system. Self-contained refrigeration systems, on the other hand, feature built-in air-cooled or water-cooled condensers, and air-cooling is the most common self-refrigeration. The system collects cool ambient air, and an in-house fan blows it through a grille to cool down the unit. For a smoother fresh air intake and circulation, there must be certain clearance on all sides.

Businesses with high ambient temperatures and more contaminants in the air should prefer water-cooled condensers, which are self-contained, too. Instead of air, freshwater pumped through the refrigerant coils does the cooling. Water-cooled ice maker heads are way more efficient production-wise, but they may increase your water bills.

Remote refrigeration is an air-cooled condenser mounted in a separate location away from the ice machine head. Although installing requires extra wires and lines, it removes the heat and noise created while air-cooling.


You cannot afford to say no to customers' ice demands, but you can afford to get one of our large selection of ice maker heads offered at budget-friendly financing options. You may also want to check out the ice storage bins.