Commercial Ranges

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  1. $24,730.20

    FINANCE FOR: $603.74/mo.

  2. Special Price $7,920.00

    FINANCE FOR: $175.77/mo.

  3. Special Price $9,790.00

    FINANCE FOR: $217.28/mo.

  4. Special Price $9,240.00

    FINANCE FOR: $175.95/mo.

  5. Special Price $1,699.50

    FINANCE FOR: $37.72/mo.

  6. Special Price $6,215.00

    FINANCE FOR: $137.93/mo.

  7. $11,047.00

    FINANCE FOR: $269.69/mo.

  8. Special Price $9,240.00

    FINANCE FOR: $177.35/mo.

  9. Special Price $7,315.00

    FINANCE FOR: $162.35/mo.

  10. Special Price $9,460.00

    FINANCE FOR: $209.95/mo.

  11. $3,206.06

    FINANCE FOR: $78.27/mo.

  12. Special Price $7,370.00

    FINANCE FOR: $163.57/mo.

  13. Special Price $8,140.00

    FINANCE FOR: $180.66/mo.

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Running a professional kitchen requires the best commercial restaurant equipment. And that equipment always includes commercial ranges. Chef’s Deal brings the best commercial ranges for restaurants together on one platform so that you can choose among the leading brands and outfit your kitchen with the best.

Choose Your Workhorse Among Many Options

A commercial cooking range is your restaurant’s workhorse that you and your employees can rely upon. Commercial electric, gas ranges are available in various sizes to fit all kinds of food serving businesses’ needs. Most of them are designed with a griddle so that your chef could cook delicious casseroles, broil meats, grill breakfast foods, and saute sauces on the same unit meaning that using a commercial range with griddle saves you both time and labor.

Whether you run a small bakery shop or a restaurant, there is a commercial kitchen range to match your needs. As ranges differ in size, it is simple to find one for your kitchen. What you need is to know their advanced features to make a wise choice among them. Here are some of them we gather for you:

  • If you are tired of cooking and baking with different pieces of your commercial equipment, then a professional gas range is there for help. It allows you to do every phase of cooking on the same unit.
  • Professional ranges are made out of stainless steel making them durable for years. So, purchasing restaurant ranges can be considered as an investment in the future of your food serving business.
  • As a commercial range is a combination of a stove and oven, it comes with basic functionality but fully loaded with extra features and accessories. Thus, they run the entire cook load of a commercial kitchen saving you both time and labor.
  • Whether you choose a commercial gas range or a commercial electric range, they all come in different sizes. There are ranges with different numbers of burners. You can consider the daily workload before you make your choice.

Commercial Stove or Commercial Range Oven?

When you decide to upgrade your restaurant’s kitchen, the first thing you need to do is to equip the kitchen with the best equipment starting with a restaurant range. However, you might be asking yourself “Should I get a commercial range oven or would a commercial stove be enough for my restaurant?”. Before you make your choice, you have to consider the daily and even monthly needs of your restaurant. Here are some of the differences between a restaurant stove and a restaurant gas range or a restaurant electric range:

  • Commercial stoves have two types. One is the commercial gas stove and the other is the commercial electric stove. While electric stoves are easier to use, gas stoves cook food faster. You can find the best professional gas ranges here at Chef’s Deal.
  • Commercial ranges, on the other hand, make all the work in one unit. You can put meat in the oven while you make the fries on the burners. Before you make your purchase, don’t forget to consider that electric ranges may cost more than gas ranges.

Whether you need a commercial stove for sale or a commercial range, Chef’s Deal offers it for you. Find different types of commercial gas ranges or commercial electric countertop ranges here and enjoy cooking with the best in your kitchen!