Commercial Steam Tables

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  1. $4,899.00

    FINANCE FOR: $119.60/mo.

  2. $5,590.50

    FINANCE FOR: $136.48/mo.

  3. $6,711.50

    FINANCE FOR: $163.85/mo.

  4. $8,053.50

    FINANCE FOR: $196.61/mo.

  5. $9,350.50

    FINANCE FOR: $228.27/mo.

  6. $3,759.00

    FINANCE FOR: $91.77/mo.

  7. $4,440.00

    FINANCE FOR: $108.39/mo.

  8. $5,492.50

    FINANCE FOR: $134.09/mo.

  9. $6,401.00

    FINANCE FOR: $156.27/mo.

  10. $5,862.50

    FINANCE FOR: $143.12/mo.

  11. $8,563.00

    FINANCE FOR: $209.05/mo.

  12. $10,664.00

    FINANCE FOR: $260.34/mo.

  13. $4,389.00

    FINANCE FOR: $107.15/mo.

  14. $5,490.00

    FINANCE FOR: $134.03/mo.

  15. $6,496.00

    FINANCE FOR: $158.59/mo.

  16. $7,589.00

    FINANCE FOR: $185.27/mo.

  17. $8,499.50

    FINANCE FOR: $207.50/mo.

  18. $1,858.00

    FINANCE FOR: $45.36/mo.

  19. $2,106.00

    FINANCE FOR: $51.41/mo.

  20. $2,377.00

    FINANCE FOR: $58.03/mo.

  21. $2,357.00

    FINANCE FOR: $57.54/mo.

  22. $2,994.00

    FINANCE FOR: $73.09/mo.

  23. $3,432.00

    FINANCE FOR: $83.79/mo.

  24. $5,564.90

    FINANCE FOR: $135.86/mo.

  25. $4,962.65

    FINANCE FOR: $121.15/mo.

  26. $2,728.55

    FINANCE FOR: $66.61/mo.

  27. $2,841.85

    FINANCE FOR: $69.38/mo.

  28. $2,857.25

    FINANCE FOR: $69.75/mo.

  29. $1,209.45

    FINANCE FOR: $29.53/mo.

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Commercial Steam Tables and Food Wells

Commercial steam tables&food wells hold the food at serving temperature by heating water in a well and releasing the steam that causes heating evenly bottom of the pan. This method is more economical and efficient since it doesn’t cause overheating and wastage.

Commercial steam tables&food wells hold the food at a serving temperature for a long time. So they are very at high volume business such as buffet-style restaurants, banquet facilities, and cafeterias. Commercial food wells can also be used as a work table or serving station when space is limited.

Commercial steam tables have a wide selection of product options. The units are stainless steel and come in electric and gas models, open base, enclosed base, undershelves, open well tables, sealed well tables, insulated. They have two or more compartments.

Food Wells are smaller and primarily stationary units that have 2 to 6 wells. They don’t have their legs or stand but are well designed to enhance your kitchen by making them drop-in or under-mounted units.

You can serve hot, cold, or both food items with ultimate flexibility with the serving counters. Multiple pans provide you with keeping food either hot or cold for a long time without losing taste and quality. Serving counters provide extra countertop space as well for small restaurants.

Tray slide is valuable equipment that helps handle fragile products. When your customers or guests choose what they want to eat from wells, they don’t have to carry their trays with their hands. They can put trays on a tray slide and slide it as they wish.

The induction hot food serving counter offers portable induction heat, enabling direct heat only to cooking surfaces and cools quickly. The usage of the unit is such easy that anyone in your kitchen can use it.

We offer a wide selection of commercial steam tables&food equipment. Please also check out our other food holding&warming equipment.