Commercial Work Tables

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Use Your Space Effective And Increase The Restaurant Kitchen Efficiency With Commercial Work Tables

Commercial work tables have crucial importance for industrial kitchens, food trucks, and food caterers to increase efficiency and workflow. They are generally made of stainless steel, and their structure is planned and manufactured to handle the kitchen rush and duties. Furthermore, commercial work tables address various necessities, and therefore, they come of different sizes and with varying features. However, their contribution to your business is common and apparent.

The Benefits of Commercial Work Tables

As the commercial work tables are designed for use in industrial kitchens, they offer smart solutions for efficacy and efficiency in the commercial kitchens as:

  • Commercial work tables are primarily designed to work in commercial kitchens,
  • They have sturdy steel structure,
  • Commercial work tables enable you to use your kitchen space effectively with different sizes, models, and designs,
  • Commercial work tables are durable and suitable for more extended periods,
  • They provide extra space and storage are,
  • They facilitate kitchen operations by improving the workflow,
  • Commercial work tables enable you to arrange your kitchen layout, and they can comply with the kitchen plan and working routine.

Types of Commercial Work Tables

When you start looking for commercial kitchen work tables, you will see that there are many options and variations. Therefore, you should know the basic things before. Firstly, you should decide the size of the commercial work table that you need. Despite the fact that their height is generally 36 inches, their width and length vary to match your needs and kitchen layout.

Furthermore, there are also material options for you to decide. For instance, stainless steel kitchen work tables offer 14 gauge industrial stainless steel tables. Depending on your needs, you can opt for 16  and 18 gauge commercial stainless steel tables. Besides, wooden work tables are also available.

Apart from these, the commercial work tables have variations for stationery or rolling work tables, stainless steel prep table with drawers, or storage. Additionally, you can choose a stainless prep table with a sink option.

In addition to these variations, the designing purpose of the commercial prep tables vary as follows:

Stainless Steel Work Tables  

Stainless steel work tables are the critical element in the restaurant, café, food caterer kitchens. These stainless steel restaurant tables enable an ample and convenient space for the staff to prepare salads, pizzas, sandwiches, or other foods. Furthermore, their steel top serves as a suitable place for chopping, mixing, or other food preparation procedures. Stainless steel prep tables can also provide an additional storage area if you have one of them with an undershelf. Furthermore, you can also opt for open base work tables, which are convenient for easy cleaning or storing larger equipment. Additionally, you can also choose enclosed work tables offering a completely closed storage area while providing a sturdy work table at the top as well as metal work tables with backsplash.

Equipment Stands and Mixer Tables

Equipment stands and mixer tables offer both practicality and safety in your commercial kitchen. These steel stands raise the heavy preparational countertop equipment such as mixer and slicers to a suitable height to enable the staff a comfortable working position by preventing bending and resulting injuries. Furthermore, stainless steel appliance stands provide a sturdy and even platform to run safely and efficiently.

Moreover, commercial spreaders, known as spreader cabinets, can also be an option for you with practical use and an additional working area. While they facilitate your operations and decrease cleaning requirements, they also have cut-outs that are useful to add sauce to the meals easily. You can also find base cabinets for the Zummo commercial juicers and Electrolux products in this category.

Wood Work Tables

Wood work tables offer both an elegant touch to your restaurant and your kitchen with their hard-laminated wooden top. You can use these bakery work tables for kneading the dough, mix ingredients, make cookies or do the other baking procedures. They have both open base and undershelf options, which can provide extra storage depending on your needs.

Demo Tables

Demo tables are designed to display your sample products to the customers in a sanitized safe equipment. Furthermore, these food demo tables can be moved to different places thanks to their caster wheels.

Poly Top Tables

Poly top tables offer functionality with their strong top, which can be used both as a kitchen prep table and cutting table. Therefore, your staff can carry all the preparation processes on these poly top tables. For instance, while one of your personnel prepares the salad ingredients by chopping the vegetables, the other staff can use the table as a meat cutting board.


Chef’s Deal Commercial Restaurant Equipment Supply Store offers all these types of commercial work tables from the leading producers. You can also check other commercial food preparation equipment commercial mixers, dough presses, and fruit, vegetable and salad prep equipment.