Undercounter Dishwashers

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Commercial Undercounter Dishwashers

Commercial undercounter dishwashers are one of the must-have equipment to run your commercial kitchen operations smoothly. As they cover a smaller space compared to the other commercial dishwashers, these commercial dishwashers also have narrow dishwashers versions and can fit in your small spaces like food trucks as well. Thanks to their high-quality sanitation and speed, industrial undercounter dishwashers keep your business up to code and improve your kitchen with rapidity and efficiency.

What To Look For In The Best Commercial Undercounter Dishwasher?

There are a variety of these small space dishwashers with different measures and features. The first thing to consider when buying a commercial undercounter dishwasher is its size and dimensions. There are various sized industrial dishwashers whose width ranges from 19 inches dishwashers to 23 inch/ 24 inch dishwashers. Moreover, you can also prefer different heights from 31-inch height dishwashers to 32-inch height dishwashers and up to 33 ¾ inches.

Naturally, the sanitizing and cleaning capacity of these fast dishwashers also differ along with their dimensions. As their capacity is measured through the number of dishes and glasses they wash an hour, you will see that the catalogs in our listings also include this information. We carry compact dishwashers with 20 racks per hour capacity that can handle 120 dishes or 320 glassware per hour. Depending on your operational capacity, you can find larger commercial undercounter dishwashers that can clean up to 40 racks per hour to handle your urgent need for clean dishes and glassware during peak hours.

The last feature that classifies the commercial undercounter dishwashers is their sanitizing technique. These commercial under-counter dishwashers are used in restaurants, bars, cafes, pizzerias, food trucks, and other food businesses; therefore, they must comply with the FDA Food Code, requiring sanitation after the cleaning. One type of these commercial undercounter dishwashers conducts this sanitation through the additional chemicals used at low temp undercounter dishwashers. Another type is the high temp undercounter dishwashers, and these commercial undercounter dishwashers utilize a booster heater to raise the water temperature at about 180°F to spray the dishes to terminate all microbes.

Commercial undercounter dishwashers are designed to provide full service with high quality by consuming less water and energy. Additionally, they are manufactured from stainless steel to cope with the heavy use in commercial kitchens and bars. Furthermore, the professional dishwashers, some of which have Energy Star Certified and NSF Listed, will be great selections for your food-serving establishment with their food-safe materials; energy and water efficiency.

Besides, commercial undercounter dishwashers provide a compact and relatively cheaper dishwashing solution to small food establishments as space saver dishwashers. They can easily handle the warewashing of cafes, bars, food trucks, and restaurants with a seating capacity of up to 50 people. İn addition, commercial undercounter dishwashers and bar dishwashers can also be supplementary to the primary dishwashing station of a busy restaurant. Also, they ensure your glassware and dishes are sanitized and cleaned if you need them ready in a remarkably short time (about 90 seconds). This will provide a continuous workflow and facilitate service operations even during peak hours.


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