Equipment Stands & Mixer Tables

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Organize And Keep Safe Your Commercial Equipment With
Equipment Stands and Mixer Tables

Equipment stands are crucial pieces of equipment in commercial kitchens for easy and reliable kitchen operation. These appliance stands provide a strong base for the commercial kitchen tools to work safely. As one of the leading restaurant equipment suppliers, Chef's Deal carries a large inventory of equipment stands and mixer tables to maximize your business efficiency.

Equipment stands will bring a versatile contribution to your kitchen layout thanks to their well-thought design features. To begin with, these stainless steel equipment stands are manufactured from steel, and thus, they present a solid, sturdy, and durable base platform to hold your kitchen equipment safe and secure during operation. Furthermore, the heavy duty equipment stands are suitable for placing the commercial kitchen machinery such as convection ovens, commercial grills, charbroilers, hotplates, beverage equipment, or other commercial kitchen equipment you have.

Equipment tables raise your restaurant kitchen equipment to a comfortable height to keep all the machines and their controls within your staff's easy reach. This will increase the production efficiency with less time spent on using the appliances and fewer injuries resulting from bending down for equipment. In addition, industrial equipment tables are equipped with backsplashes (for some models) to keep the food ingredients and crumbs on the counter to prevent them from falling onto the floor.

Stainless steel stands offer stationary and mobile versions. While stationary equipment stands can keep your large kitchen machines safe in your kitchen, equipment stands with casters provide easy and secure transport of the machines where you need them. Commercial equipment stands also provide extra storage underneath their solid counters. While some versions offer a steel shelf to put your large items, some models of the equipment stands feature built-in slides that you can easily place the pans after preparation and move them comfortably on the mobile models. Besides, mobile-type equipment stands will ease and facilitate the cleaning as well by letting you move the table back and forth.

Mixer tables, mainly designed to hold the food mixers, stand with a sturdy frame and a solid counter for securely storing the tabletop mixers or food slicers. These industrial mixer tables are equipped with casters, pan slides, or shelves, depending on your preference.

Lastly, you can also opt for small equipment tables to complete your kitchen layout or additional counter space in your busy kitchen. These small restaurant equipment stands, and the spreaders will fill in the gaps between the larger steel work tables or other restaurant equipment. This will prevent the falling of kitchen equipment or food ingredients off the food prep tables and decrease your cleaning labor.