Commercial Ice Cream Freezers

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Store Your Ice Cream Safe For Extended Times With Commercial Ice Cream Freezers

Commercial ice cream freezers are perfect commercial refrigeration equipment to store frozen novelties. The ice cream freezers allow businesses to serve ice cream and frozen treats with better texture, taste, and freshness. They can be installed in any food establishment ranging from ice cream parlors and creameries to concession stands, convenience stores or cafes, and restaurants. These commercial ice cream cabinets and freezers provide a smartly designed space to ensure the stable preservation and prevention of melting to retain an attractive look and delicate taste.

The Advantages of Commercial Ice Cream Freezers

Commercial ice cream freezers are designed to serve commercial purposes to meet the varying needs of the ice cream and frozen treat serving businesses. Firstly, a commercial ice cream freezer can run at very low levels, and some models can decrease interior temperature down to -10°F. You can also find small and large ice cream freezers and models with adjustable temperature features and built-in safety locks. Or, you can have a portable ice cream freezer with caster wheels to facilitate the transfer. Furthermore, these units are of stainless steel construction. These commercial ice cream freezers offer;

  • The best preservation conditions for the best ice creams with consistent and proper temperature ranges.
  • Sturdiness and durability for long years with solid and high-quality material.
  • Stable freezing with robust mechanic systems.
  • Easy reach and service with glass door top lids and sliding door options.
  • Safe storage of ice cream and frozen novelties for long hours until they are served.

Types of Commercial Ice Cream Freezers

As the ice cream and frozen treats have different areas of use, service they require differing storage with varying designs:

1. Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet

Ice cream dipping cabinets provide versatile use by allowing you to store and serve your ice cream and other frozen novelties. This type of commercial ice cream freezer will keep your ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato safe under solid doors at a stable temperature level. With different sections for flavors and products, ice cream dipping freezers let your server quickly serve the ice cream by hand-dipped scooping. Additionally, ice cream dipping cabinets with syrup rail are equipped with railed containers that will facilitate service by keeping the toppings, syrups, and creams within easy reach of your server.

2. Ice Cream Display Freezer

Ice cream display freezers provide a practical and nice-looking display case for ice creams, frozen yogurts, gelatos, and frozen desserts. These commercial ice cream equipment will also present a transparent lid to enable customers and the servers to have a clear look at the products inside. Furthermore, the commercial ice cream display freezers with sliding doors can let the customers and the servers quickly grab the products they want.

3. Gelato Dipping Cabinets

Gelato dipping cabinets have the necessary features to best serve the special Italian gelato by keeping them at the right temperature. These large and small gelato freezers are also equipped with glass-door front walls to increase the visibility of the delicacies inside while protecting the gelato from external contaminants and dust.

4. Frost Top and Cold Slab Units

Frost tops and cold slabs are stylish commercial ice cream freezer equipment that increases the taste of your ice cream. They're perfect equipment for mixing the ice cream on a chilled slab. Thus, these frost top machines prevent the possibility of melting during preparation. They keep foods and ingredients cold and frozen until they're served.

5. Commercial Chest Freezers

Commercial chest freezers will be your reliable partner in running a restaurant, café, food truck, supermarket, or gas station. Ice cream chest freezers provide you with an appropriate place to store your frozen foods and ingredients. So if you prefer a commercial glass top display chest freezer, it will let your customers easily grab an ice cream and other frozen desserts.

6. Drop-In Ice Cream Freezers

Drop-in ice cream freezers are practical ice cream storage and serving equipment that can easily fit in the serving or sales counters of the concession stands, convenience stores, ice cream parlors, or other food-serving businesses. They have small separate compartments to keep your ice cream, frozen sandwiches, or treats to preserve them under freezing conditions.

Commercial Ice Cream Freezer Parts & Accessories

Commercial ice cream freezer parts and accessories are always better to spare at hand to keep your business running. These commercial refrigeration units are crucial to storing and protecting your stocks safely. You can find the necessary ice cream freezers and ice cream cabinet parts and accessories to help you solve any trouble in your business.


AS an authorized dealer of the leading commercial refrigeration manufacturers, Chef’s Deal offers commercial ice cream freezers from Beverage-Air, Delfield, Excellence, Hydra-Kool, Master-Bilt, Maxximum, Omcan USA, Summit, and Kelvinator,  and more.