Wood Top Work Tables

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Enrich Your Commercial Kitchen With Wood Top Work Tables

Wood top work tables are elegant and valuable additions to any commercial kitchen. These wood-top kitchen work tables are suitable for use in restaurants, bakeries, cafés, delis, and other foodservice outlets. Thanks to their design features and materials, they will pay off the investment soon with more efficiency and functionality.

Wood top work tables feature a robust steel construction that is made from 16 gauge steel to resist hard and heavy use during daily food prep operations. Moreover, the frame has stainless steel legs, and these wooden bakers tables are furnished with adjustable steel bullet feet. Additionally, these heavy-duty woodwork tables are reinforced with cross rails to ensure the stability and evenness of the flat top.

These work tables with shelves feature 18 gauge steel shelves, presenting a high storage area for bulk ingredients, kitchen utensils, or small kitchen appliances. Some models come with an undershelf, as well. We also carry wood top work tables with open bases, and you will have ample space for storage or under-counter equipment as well as an attractive wooden counter.

Equipped with a 3/4" maple wood top with edge grain, these wood kitchen work tables can accommodate all food preparation processes, including beatings and kneadings. Furthermore, this wooden top is hard laminated to provide a nonporous and smooth working surface to prevent food pile-up and bacteria growth in thin cuts and small cracks.

Wood top work tables in our inventory offer handy to use. They can serve as a  display counter for customers to watch the food preparation on a sanitized and chic restaurant prep table. Or, these bakery work tables can serve as a multi-purpose working counter at the back of the house by providing a neat and clean area for cookie shaping, kneading dough, chopping vegetables, or batter mixing.