Commercial Refrigerator Freezer Combos

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Commercial Refrigerator Freezer Combo: Functional Dual Temp Refrigeration System

Commercial refrigerator freezer combos bring versatility and flexibility to restaurants, cafés, or other foodservice outlets. As hybrid members of commercial refrigeration systems, they combine the functions of commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers in one piece of equipment. While these industrial refrigerator freezer combos enable you to save space, they also help you minimize your initial investment in these commercial refrigeration appliances.

The Advantages of Commercial Refrigerator Combos

Commercial refrigerator freezer combos offer the practicality and benefits of two different commercial kitchen equipment. These benefits can be summarized as follows:

  • Commercial refrigerator freezer combos have different sections, and these sections are insulated from each other.
  • These sections can be set to different temperature levels, and they can maintain the proper levels in both sections.
  • Commercial refrigerator freezer combos can store frozen treats and refrigerated products at the same time.
  • These commercial refrigerator-freezers can have solid or glass doors or both to offer durability or versatility.
  • Commercial refrigerator freezer combos save you room for other equipment or working area.
  • They improve the workflow in the back of the house.

What To Know Before Purchasing a Commercial Fridge Freezer Combo?

There are numerous models of commercial refrigerator and freezer combos available on the market. They have different features, materials, and styles which require careful consideration while buying.

1. The Conditions in Your Commercial Kitchen

Therefore, you are advised to carefully inspect your business to determine the necessities and requirements for this kind of commercial equipment. While the needed capacity is essential to calculate the suitable size, buying such equipment is also important to find the most appropriate model.  

The conditions in your business are also vital to deciding the compressor location. For instance, the businesses like delis and bakeries have dusty environments due to flour usage, and the top-mounted compressors will be better to avoid compressor clogging. But, bottom-mounted compressor models can be more beneficial to save more energy as these commercial cooler freezer combos use the cooler air at the bottom.

2. The Available Features

To provide proper solutions to different needs in commercial kitchens, the commercial refrigerator freezer combos come with various options as follows:

Door Material:  Commercial fridge freezer combos primarily have two options for the door's material: Glass and Solid. Glass door industrial refrigerator and freezer combos have glass front doors to increase visibility and prevent long-time door openings. Your staff can easily discern what is inside and grab them without keeping doors open, thereby saving energy. This will compensate for the disadvantage of glass door refrigerator freezer combos for weaker insulation at the glass door.       

You can also find many models which have solid doors. These solid door cooler and freezer combos have better insulation, and they are more durable when compared to the glass door models.  Thanks to the models, you can also have both of these options, which offer solid and glass doors at the same equipment.

Door Type: Commercial refrigerator freezer combos have different door types. In addition to the typical full door models, half door models which seal separate compartments and the drawer styled models are also available for your needs.

Size and Capacity: Commercial cooler freezer combos have various capacity options ranging from the smaller 1 door models to the 3 door commercial refrigerator freezer combos to serve higher capacity requirements.

What Are The Types Of Commercial Refrigerator Freezer Combos?

Apart from the differences mentioned above, several types of commercial refrigerator freezer combos vary per their usage.

1. Reach-In Refrigerator Freezer Combo

Reach-in refrigerator freezer combos offer versatile use, practical working, and efficiency by combining the refrigerator and freezer. You can store your daily frozen and chilled ingredients in these reach-in fridge freezer combos, and they also help you open up more space for staff, thanks to this type of commercial refrigerator freezer combo.

2. Pass-Through Refrigerator Freezer

Pass-through refrigerator-freezers provide outstanding ease and productivity by facilitating your service operations, mainly when installed between the kitchen and the service area. They can store both the ice cream, desserts, frozen foods, and other foods that you serve chilled and fresh. Dual temperature pass through refrigerator freezer can maintain your meal's taste and delicious look.

3. Convertible Refrigerator Freezer

A convertible refrigerator freezer can comply with your altering needs, and its sections can serve both as a refrigerator and a freezer. By offering additional flexibility, these 2 in 1 convertible freezer refrigerators let you switch from freezer to refrigerator or vice versa easily.


Chef's Deal carries an exclusive line of commercial refrigerator freezer combos and offers high-quality models by the manufacturers such as Beverage-Air, Continental Refrigerator, Everest, FMP, Hoshizaki, Summit, True Appliances, and Victory. Depending on your needs and business conditions, you can choose a glass door refrigerator freezer combo or the models with solid doors. You can have top-mounted, bottom-mounted, or rear-mounted compressor models as well.