Reach In Refrigerator and Warmer Combos

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  1. $10,852.80

    FINANCE FOR: $264.95/mo.

  2. $9,710.06

    FINANCE FOR: $237.05/mo.

  3. Special Price $17,118.79

    FINANCE FOR: $355.93/mo.

  4. Special Price $13,659.08

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Reach-In Refrigerator and Warmer Combos: Expand Your Space with Smart Designs

Reach-in refrigerator and warmer combos are designed to harness all your available space with versatile ways to address differing needs in commercial kitchens. Commercial refrigeration keeps your ingredients, veggies, fruits, or prepared dishes and desserts fresh, while the holding cabinets keep the hot served meals ready to be quickly sent to the front of the house or customers’ tables.

Reach in the refrigerator and warmer combos combine these two pieces of equipment to utilize your limited space at the maximum level by providing a refrigerated cabinet next to a food warming cabinet.

Available Features of Reach-In Refrigerator and Warmer Combos

These Dual Temp Refrigerated/Heated Cabinets are configured to present two completely different features with their:

  • Durable construction and efficient cabinet insulation,
  • Two smart temperature control to allow the precise control of temperature in each cabinet,
  • Digital temperature displays that enable you to monitor cooling and warming,
  • Various capacities with half or full-sized doors. 
  • Versatile design with reach-in or pass-thru models.


Chef’s Deal retains an extensive collection of commercial refrigeration equipment for varying conditions in commercial kitchens. You can find a wide selection of Reach-In Refrigerator and Warmer Combos from Continental Refrigerator, Victory, and more.