Commercial Faucets & Plumbing

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What to Know About Commercial Faucets and Plumbing

Commercial plumbing covers the overall installation and maintenance of the systems and tools required for heavy-duty cleaning, food preparation, and waste removal operations. As foodservice and food production establishments house potential health hazards, proper plumbing is critical for reducing safety risks. Commercial faucets, drains, washdown stations or other commercial plumbing equipment should all have design features suitable for high foot traffic.

Things to Consider While Selecting Your Commercial Plumbing and Faucets

Hygiene is everything to some people, so they value what is happening behind the scenes. The backstage in a restaurant is the kitchen. There are many points you need to bear in mind. Looseness about the following issues may pave the way for foodborne diseases, hefty fines, and additional uptake costs.

Codes: The top consideration is the regulations in effect. National and local guidelines dictate the number of sinks, installation of the correct commercial faucets, and the type of drainage you must have. The lead content of the equipment, backflow prevention, leaks, water pressure, and contamination of food contact surfaces are some of the items on a commercial plumbing inspection checklist. Codes assure a balance between water conservation and food safety.

Durability: Frequent use of hot water and chemical cleaning substances render kitchen tools susceptible to rust and corrosion. Brass and stainless steel are the most robust materials. They may be a bit more expensive, but investing in high-quality construction is a reasonable tradeoff in the long run. A kink-free rubber water hose or a crush-proof spray nozzle can save you from big bucks.

Look: In designing your kitchen, you don’t have to sacrifice style for quality. You may prefer products from the same manufacturer or those with the same finishes for a sleek appearance.

Brands: Commercial plumbing is a fiercely competitive industry with lots of rivals. You may prefer a suitable brand for each product, or you may pick one and stick to it as your favorite. T&S Brass, FMP, Krowne, and Dormont are among the leading players with the most extensive line of commercial plumbing equipment.

Commercial Plumbing Supplies

While outfitting or remodeling your kitchen, a must-have on your shopping list is commercial faucets. They dispense water at the right temperature and flow rate for each washing and food prep task. You can purchase faucets by mount type or function: Commercial wall mount faucets attach to your water lines through the wall or the backsplash of a sink, while deck mount faucets fit easily into pre-drilled holes on a sink. Below are commercial faucets by function.

  • Pre-rinse faucets facilitate the wash, rinse, and sanitize procedure by spraying the food scrubs on dishes.
  • Pot fillers and wok range faucets reduce physical strain by filling bulky containers right on your stove or range.
  • Mop sink faucets make janitorial tasks safer by preventing the backflow of detergent water in mop buckets.
  • Pantry faucets increase efficiency by providing water for multiple washing and pot-filling tasks.
  • Commercial touchless faucets and self-closing metering faucets improve sanitation and conserve water by shutting off automatically.

There are more components to complete your commercial plumbing. With the high-pressure water flow from a washdown hose station, you can perform the cleaning errands more efficiently. A retractable hose reel would be an excellent addition for storing hoses and dispensing pressurized water. If you are serving ice cream or frozen snacks, you will need dipper wells and faucets to keep your ice cream scoops sterile in a continuous flow of clean water.

The final component of commercial plumbing is the drainage system. Water and debris pile up during all the washing and filling tasks, creating mess and making the floors slippery. Floor troughs and drains filter the wastewater from food particles and other dirt that could otherwise clog your drainpipes.


The overall key in setting up your kitchen is having code-compliant and long-lasting commercial faucets and plumbing installation. Chef’s Deal has everything you need, from water hoses to vacuum breakers. You may also need to stock replacement parts and accessories to take care of maintenance and repairs.