Commercial Meat Slicers

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  1. $2,717.00

    FINANCE FOR: $66.33/mo.

  2. $1,211.57

    FINANCE FOR: $29.58/mo.

  3. $1,419.40

    FINANCE FOR: $34.65/mo.

  4. $2,216.05

    FINANCE FOR: $54.10/mo.

  5. $1,305.75

    FINANCE FOR: $31.88/mo.

  6. Special Price $1,123.21 $1,498.24

    FINANCE FOR: $27.42/mo.

  7. Special Price $2,708.44

    FINANCE FOR: $59.24/mo.

  8. $4,600.70

    FINANCE FOR: $112.32/mo.

  9. $8,635.00

    FINANCE FOR: $210.81/mo.

  10. $4,444.05

    FINANCE FOR: $108.49/mo.

  11. $4,769.70

    FINANCE FOR: $116.44/mo.

  12. $6,960.85

    FINANCE FOR: $169.94/mo.

  13. $5,353.40

    FINANCE FOR: $130.69/mo.

  14. $17,221.75

    FINANCE FOR: $420.43/mo.

  15. $6,635.20

    FINANCE FOR: $161.99/mo.

  16. Special Price $775.00

  17. $5,005.00

    FINANCE FOR: $122.19/mo.

  18. $4,379.05

    FINANCE FOR: $106.91/mo.

  19. $1,405.00

    FINANCE FOR: $34.30/mo.

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  20. $2,827.00

    FINANCE FOR: $69.02/mo.

  21. Special Price $1,740.00

    FINANCE FOR: $40.39/mo.

  22. $5,353.40

    FINANCE FOR: $130.69/mo.

  23. Special Price $665.00

  24. $4,600.70

    FINANCE FOR: $112.32/mo.

  25. $6,907.55

    FINANCE FOR: $168.63/mo.

  26. $4,611.75

    FINANCE FOR: $112.59/mo.

  27. $1,396.53

    FINANCE FOR: $34.09/mo.

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A perfect commercial equipment is only complete with the right kitchen appliances. Besides the workhorses such as commercial ranges and hoods, there are many effective appliances that will help you out with the daily operation. A commercial meat slicer is one of them. At Chef’s Deal, you can find a wide range of professional meat slicers that will help you with the food prep process more than you think.


Prepare Food With The Best Commercial Meat Slicers


Serving food is easy. Preparing to serve it is the real challenge. Especially, if you run a busy restaurant, using professional equipment like commercial meat cutters matters a lot. Restaurant meat slicers come in two types. If you are not serving for a quite number of people throughout the day, then a manual meat slicer would be enough. An electric meat slicer, on the other hand, is very practical for busy restaurants.


Both electric and manual meat slicers differ in size and level. At Chef’s Deal, you can find a commercial meat slicer to fit your size and level needs. Whether you need an entry level, mid-tier or a premium slicer, Chef’s Deal offers it for you in different sizes. Thus, before you make your purchase, consider your restaurant’s daily operational needs. If you get a small commercial meat slicer for a busy restaurant, it might let you down. It is the same for unnecessarily big meat slicers used in small restaurants. Knowing your business needs play an important role at that point.


Ease Your Workload With A Commercial Food Slicer


Commercial food and meat slicers have many advantages for restaurant kitchens. As they come in different sizes and levels, it is easy to find one that will match your needs. Besides, they help you with the daily workload. Thanks to a commercial slicer, you can buy deli meat in bulk and slice it as needed. That way, it is also possible to prevent waste in your restaurant.


What’s more is that a commercial slicer helps your kitchen staff to finish the food prep process faster. Making work fun and easy for your employees also helps you serve your customers a better restaurant experience. Thus, a commercial food and meat slicer is a small but effective part of your kitchen equipment.


Find the most suitable one for your restaurant and your budget here at Chef’s Deal and give us a call before making your purchase to get a special payment plan.