Commercial Chest Freezers

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Provide Right Storing Conditions For Your Ice Creams With Commercial Chest Freezers

Commercial chest freezers are ideal for every type of commercial kitchen, whether in a restaurant, café, bar, pizzeria, ice cream parlor, or any other food service establishment as the main commercial ice cream freezer. With their well-thought features and robust construction, these industrial freezers offer appropriate storing conditions for your ice creams.

What Are A Deep Freezer And A Commercial Chest Freezer?

Commercial chest freezers are designed to hold your food products at much lower temperatures than regular refrigerator freezers. Furthermore, they are much better insulated to maintain the interior cold. Hence, they can safely preserve the food without damaging its taste and texture for more extended periods.

Commercial chest freezers are one type of deep freezer, and they mostly have a rectangular shape like a chest. These storage freezers are also among the most frequently used commercial refrigeration equipment in food serving businesses, hospitals, and laboratories. Therefore, these commercial deep freezers offer different designs, materials, and features to meet the diversified needs of busy commercial kitchen and food-serving establishments.

Commercial Chest Freezers: Everyday Star of the Commercial Kitchens

Commercial chest freezers bring functionality and versatility to any commercial kitchen and will pay off your initial investment by increasing efficiency and saving energy, time, labor, and money.

Solid Door or Glass Door?

Commercial chest freezers offer mainly two options for door types. The first group has solid doors that are better insulated to preserve and maintain the interior cold to protect the frozen treats and ice-creams for extended periods. If you intend to store ice cream, frozen treats, sorbets, and frozen yogurt until you need them rather than displaying them to your customers, you should opt for one of these commercial chest freezers. You can place them at the back of the house to have your ice cream stocks within your reach.

However, you can purchase a commercial chest freezer with a glass top if you want to create attractive and healthy storage and showcasing area for your ice cream, packaged frozen foods, bagged vegetables, and frozen meals. These commercial glass top display chest freezers will enable your customers and staff to peruse what is inside and decide what to buy without opening the doors. This will decrease your energy bill by letting the commercial chest freezer efficiently maintain the temperature and use less energy. Additionally, it will boost your impulse sales by attracting your customers to grab ice cream or packaged foods thanks to its attractive look.

Commercial display chest freezers also offer two types of glass doors: curved and flat glass. While commercial chest freezers with curved glass top present more visibility without light reflection, the chest freezers with flat glass top are relatively cheaper and can be preferred for stocking purposes.

Coating: White or Stainless Steel?

Commercial chest freezers are made of stainless steel to ensure durability and long-time service. But, the exterior finish varies, and you can have either stainless steel exterior in addition to the nice-looking white powder finish. You can opt to buy one of these depending on where you place them. While the stainless steel finished commercial chest freezers are perfect for the back of the house use, the white-powdered finish commercial chest freezers can be used in every part of the ice cream parlors, commercial kitchens, delis, convenience stores, cafes, and sorbet shops.

Other Features Of Commercial Chest Freezers to Consider

Commercial chest freezers come with additional features to enhance their compatibility with the commercial kitchen needs. Firstly, the doors of these storage freezers offer hinged or sliding doors, and there are also models with locking doors. Secondly, a commercial chest freezer can come with wire baskets to facilitate storing and product rotation to maximize efficiency.

Additionally, some models are also equipped with LED lights to better illuminate the inside of the commercial chest freezers to help you rapidly find what you need. If you need to move the stocked food products to somewhere else, integrated wheels will be pretty helpful to transfer the chest freezer.

Besides, commercial chest freezers can also be found with various capacities. You can find different sizes ranging from the small deep freezers with seven cubic feet capacity to the large chest freezers with capacity up to 25 cubic feet. Hence, you can buy a compact chest freezer or a large deep freezer depending on your kitchen setup and available space.


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