Residential Ranges

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Residential Ranges: Make use of Every Space in your Kitchen

Residential ranges are multi-functional additions to any kitchen and provide more comfort and convenience in preparing meals. These units are designed to address versatile needs in a kitchen while opening more space by bringing different appliances together.

What is a Kitchen Range or a Residential Range?

A kitchen range or a residential range refers to a combination of a stove with a multi-purpose oven. These domestic ranges feature a stovetop with burners that will enable you to boil, simmer, fry, or saute just as you did on regular stoves. Additionally, residential ranges also present an efficient oven part in which you can broil, bake, and roast when you also work on the stovetop.  

What is a Domestic Range?

According to the USPTO definition, domestic ranges are the cooking equipment where the fuel is not restricted to solid fuel, e.g., gaseous fuels, liquid fuels, or electricity.

Can You Put a Residential Range in a Restaurant?

Residential ranges can be places not just in houses but also in country clubs, senior housing, college dorms, and golf clubs in accordance with local codes.

Features of Residential Ranges

These units will be of great use for your cooking experience in your house as;

  • These residential stove ranges are manufactured to run with high energy efficiency and present practical use.
  • These range oven stoves can be easily installed in your residential kitchen without the need for much work.
  • Residential professional ranges can answer your varying energy needs with burners that provide different energy levels (Rapid, semi-rapid, and simmer).
  • Some models are of great use with automatic electronic ignition, full-range temperature control, timers, and transparent front doors.
  • These small and large residential ranges are generally equipped with backsplashes and come with broiling trays.

Types of Residential Ranges

These stove ranges are primarily classified in accordance with their fuel types, which are residential gas ranges and residential electric ranges. Furthermore, they differ in their construction and are available as free-standing, slide-in, or drop-in models.

1. Fuel Type

Residential Gas Range: Residential gas ranges can efficiently work with the residential gas outlets without modification. These units are also equipped with sealed gas burners with differing cooking energy. And can more quickly reach cooking temperature. These units offer more efficient cooking with open flames and removable cast-iron grates for easy cleaning as well.

Residential Electric Range: Residential electric ranges are designed to work with the residential electric outlets, and you can start cooking by plugging them in. The cooktops of these residential electric ranges can comprise coil burners or smooth top burners. Residential electric ranges enable precise control over temperature.

You can also find dual-fuel ranges in which the stovetop is powered with gas while the oven runs on electricity.

2. Installation Type

Free-standing Ranges: This is the most common type of residential ranges, and they stand atop their legs and feature finished sides. So, they can easily be installed anywhere with a gas or electric outlet.

Slide-in Ranges: Slide-in residential ranges do not have their sides finished and fit into the specially designed place on the counter. Therefore, the installation place must be allocated beforehand.

Drop-in Ranges: Drop-in residential ranges are installed as a part of the cabinets and stand on the cabinet drawers to create an integrated appearance.


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