Back Bar Coolers

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Commercial Back Bar Coolers

Back bar coolers are the staple bar refrigeration equipment that will provide convenience and versatility to your back bar. They are perfect for all types of drink serving businesses, whether a bar, pub, nightclub, restaurant, or even convenience store. These types of refrigeration equipment are designed to keep bottled and canned drinks cold and chilled and ensure you are supplied with refreshing beer, wine, soda, or other beverages to facilitate and accelerate your service.

Back bar coolers feature various designs and styles to provide appropriate solutions for the varying needs of bars. Hence, it is better to be equipped with prior knowledge before deciding which back bar refrigerator is suitable for your business.

Available Options for Back Bar Coolers

1. Design

Back bar coolers present versatile and compact designs to match the needs of a regular bar. They are of low-heights to perfectly to fit under your serving counters. Therefore, these undercounter bar refrigerators will enable you to make the most out of your available space by utilizing compact places as well. While narrow back bar coolers will easily fit into the small gaps in the bar setup, the undercounter bar refrigerators are perfect solutions to keep drinks within your reach by placing them under the serving counter.

2. Construction

Back bar coolers are of sturdy design to last under the heavy traffic of the drinks serving outlets. They are made from stainless steel and feature steel or galvanized top. Additionally, they are equipped with powerful cooling mechanisms to keep the cabin's temperature low enough to chill the drinks all the time.  

3. Style

As back bar coolers are both commercial refrigeration units to keep drinks chilled and a decorative part of the bar layout, they offer several design options. Some models arrive with stainless steel exterior to bring a shiny touch to the bar, while others feature a black surface to match the general decoration of the bar.

4. Door Types

Solid vs. Glass: Back bar coolers have mainly two-door options as glass and solid, each of which has its own benefits. Solid door back bar coolers offer more durability and energy efficiency as the doors are made from stainless steel or galvanized steel and feature better insulation. Hence, they maintain the interior cold with less electricity consumption. Although glass door bar fridges lack door insulation, they remarkably decrease the door openings (and the electricity consumption) as they offer a transparent front through which your customers or staff can see what's inside. Additionally, these units merchandise your drinks to bring more sales.

Sliding Door vs. Swing Door: Back bar coolers can be purchased as furnished with sliding doors that will work better in limited spaces by eliminating the need for additional space to open. So when you or your staff open the back bar refrigerators, the way will not be blocked. Swing doors are more appropriate for relatively spacious areas, and they also provide much ease when you need to load or reach the inside of the bar beer coolers.

5. Compressor Location: Side vs. Remote vs. Rear

A compressor is a vital part of commercial refrigerators, and the location of these components also poses importance to the performance of these commercial back bar fridges. Most of the units in our inventory have side-mounted compressors, and they supply the required airflow through the front vents. The back bar coolers with the rear-mounted compressors must be situated away from the walls to provide enough airflow for the cooling mechanism. The remote compressor models are suitable for removing the extra noise of the cooler compressor, but they require more work to install and move.

6. Capacity

In addition to the design, material, and mechanism, bar beer coolers have different capacity options. While single door back bar coolers present a reasonably priced and space-saving choice for drink cooling, you can opt to buy larger models such as 4 door beer coolers or 6 door back bar coolers depending on the volume of your business.

7. Other Features

Back bar coolers also offer adjustable shelving to allow you to place long pieces inside the cabinet as well. Additionally, LED lighting presents better illumination for the solid door back bar coolers while it creates an eye-catching style in the glass door bar fridges.


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