Chef Bases

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What Is A Chef Base?

Chef bases are the essential equipment in a food catering business with their versatile features, which will provide your business with rising efficiency and faster preparation. Chef base grade commercial refrigerators are equipped with a stainless, sturdy top that can handle the cooking equipment's weight, impact, and heat when placed on it. As another key feature, They have refrigerator drawers that are placed under the solid counter. This refrigeration and working unit combination will help quicken and facilitate your operations beyond your expectations.

Chef bases safely store the frozen and perishable ingredients, and hence, these commercial restaurant equipment facilitate and accelerate cooking for you and your staff. They can rapidly cook the necessary starters, appetizers, and dishes as your staff has all the ingredients within their reach in the chef base refrigerator and the chef base freezer.

Advantages of the Refrigerated Chef Bases

Equipping your restaurant with a chef base will present you the following benefits:

  • Commercial chef bases provide a combined solution to increase the efficiency of the cooking operations.
  • Chef base refrigerators provide you extra room for other restaurant equipment by presenting you with a robust stainless counter for the cooking equipment.
  • Chef base freezers and refrigerators keep the frozen and refrigerated treats in a safe place within the staff's reach.
  • You can place the countertop fryers, charbroilers, commercial grills, and hotplates on top of these chef bases by leaving some clearance between these tools and the chef base top.
  • Chef bases can have different sizes, and you can have two drawer refrigerated chef bases for lower volume operations or 6-drawer refrigerated chef bases to accommodate up to 12 pans.

Types of Chef Bases

Chef base refrigerators and chef base freezers have diverse use areas and present a spacious restaurant kitchen layout. Therefore, you can find chef bases that are great for hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, food trucks, and other catering businesses.

The two main classes of this commercial restaurant equipment are the chef base refrigerators and chef base freezers, which are explained in detail below.

Chef Base Refrigerator

Equipment stands with a refrigerated base is a versatile chef table that will increase your kitchen efficiency by gathering the cooking tools and the chef base cooler in the same place. These chef base fridges provide healthy cooling storage to keep the refrigerated and fresh food products and ingredients safe until the cooks use them. Furthermore, chef base refrigerators open space for other kitchen tools and equipment, particularly in a food truck or a busy restaurant kitchen. Additionally, these prep tables will shorten the cooking time by eliminating the going back and forth between the cooking equipment and the commercial reach-in refrigerators.

Chef Base Freezer

Equipment stand with a freezer base presents all benefits of chef base refrigerator except for cooling. They are designed to keep the frozen treats safe until they are served.

What to Know for Purchasing the Right Chef Bases?

Refrigerated chef bases have different designs, features, and types, and thus they have different classification systems. Firstly, you should decide the space you can allocate for this commercial kitchen equipment. Afterward, you can determine whether you opt for a two-drawer chef base or a four-drawer chef base depending on your need. Moreover, you can select among the side-mounted, center-mounted, and back-mounted compressor systems.

Lastly, different vendors manufacture refrigerated chef bases with all these features, which are suitable for all kinds of needs. As Chef's Deal, we have you covered by including the True Refrigeration, Turbo Air, Beverage-Air, Hoshizaki, Continental Refrigerator, and many alternatives from other brands in our inventory.