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  1. Special Price $7,012.37

    FINANCE FOR: $134.27/mo.

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  5. $2,299.82

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  9. $7,185.50

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  10. Special Price $5,789.14

    FINANCE FOR: $110.85/mo.

  11. Special Price $6,985.22

    FINANCE FOR: $133.75/mo.

  12. Special Price $9,527.69

    FINANCE FOR: $182.43/mo.

  13. Special Price $7,664.15

    FINANCE FOR: $146.75/mo.

  14. $10,482.50

    FINANCE FOR: $255.91/mo.

  15. Special Price $3,702.06

    FINANCE FOR: $79.87/mo.

  16. $13,931.50

    FINANCE FOR: $340.11/mo.

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  18. Special Price $5,105.63

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Looking for a chef base that will be of good use in your restaurant? Then, you’re in the right place! Chef’s Deal offers different types of chef base refrigerators that will serve as both an additional refrigerator door and an equipment stand. So, it’s time to grow your business with Chef’s Deal’s commercial chef bases. Here you can have a look at all of the products!


Equip Your Kitchen with Industry Leaders


Chef’s Deal offers different brands’ products in one platform. From Atosa chef bases to Turbo Air chef bases, you can find all the industry leaders’ products at Chef’s Deal. You can even compare and contrast all the advanced features and make your choice accordingly. What you can do with chef bases matters at that point. They are the saviors of chefs. Thanks to chef base coolers, chefs have ingredients within reach of their prep station. That way, chefs do not have to travel the kitchen to bring all the ingredients they need together.


Besides, refrigerated chef bases keep ingredients close to cooking stations making food prep more efficient and your daily operations run smoother. You can even place cooking equipment such as commercial ovens or fryers on top of refrigerated or freezer chef bases to save some space in the kitchen. Moreover, there are chef bases with drawers making everything even more practical. You can discover Atosa, Beverage-Air, True chef bases with drawers here. And keep in mind that whatever type of food serving business you run, a professional chef base is definitely a must.


Since both equipment size and function are important while planning the layout of your kitchen, what you include in your kitchen matters a lot. As you have seen above, chef bases are very practical at that point. Especially, if you are looking for efficient and streamlined work stations, you can try Beverage-Air chef bases, True chef bases, Everest chef bases or Delfield chef bases and more to create the productive atmosphere in your kitchen.


Time to Enhance Your Business with Chef’s Deal


Here at Chef’s Deal, it is possible to find different types of chef bases for sale to help you run daily operations better and thus enhance your business in the long run. From Migali chef bases to Atosa chef bases, all the industrial leaders are waiting for you here. What you must do is to give us a call before you make your purchase to get a special payment plan from Chef’s Deal experts!