Portable Hand Washing Stations

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Practical Solution For Hygiene: Portable Hand Washing Stations

Handwashing is the easiest method to prevent the spread of germs, infectious diseases, and food contamination. A portable handwashing station is the most practical solution to hand sanitation with its self-contained design. It hosts everything required for a code-compliant cleaning of hands.    

How do Portable Handwashing Stations Work?

Portable handwashing stations are similar to drop-in sinks recessed into a kitchen countertop. The primary difference is that they contain their own freshwater water reservoirs and wastewater tanks. Plus, they rest on a plate with 4 casters, so you can easily transport them to wherever proper handwashing is necessary. They have a cabinet large enough to house multiple tanks. The cabinet also includes an electric water heater with an adjustable thermostat to provide hot water at required temperatures and a water pump for running the water.

On top of the cabinet is the rust-free stainless steel sink. Portable handwashing stations feature a soap dispenser and paper towel holder on their backsplashes to offer a complete hand sterilization process. Some models additionally have a waste bin inside the cabinet connected to a trash chute on the backsplash. All the portable hand wash sinks have an on-deck faucet. The models with motion sensor faucets and soap dispensers are perfect for minimizing contamination risks.

The installation of a portable handwashing station is hassle-free. You just need to take it out of the box, roll it nearby a standard electric outlet and plug it in. You can effortlessly fix it, thanks to the casters with brakes. Once you adjust the thermostat, it will heat the water quickly. Then test the water pressure and temperature before you start using. Refill the clean water tank, dispose of the wastewater, and tuck them back into their slots when needed.

Where to Use Portable Handwashing Stations

A portable hand wash sink is convenient for commercial kitchens. FDA dictates that food employees wash their hands with running warm water and cleaning compounds before food preparation. After rinsing, they must thoroughly dry their hands, preferably using disposable paper towels. A portable sink with hot water can meet all these requirements. The mobile handwashing sink designated for must be made visible with a sign for full compliance.

Portable handwashing stations can serve customers in a restaurant, too, particularly those with heavy foot traffic. Locating them at entry areas of toiletry facilities increases the sanitary conditions. Catering companies can use them in events in large venues or outdoors with limited water supply. Schools, hospitals, or public buildings can increase their handwashing capabilities with a portable handwash sink.

How to Buy A Portable Handwashing Station

When browsing through portable handwashing stations for sale, you will encounter a wide range of selections, including those with cold water only. Here on Chef’s Deal, you will find the electric ones that can dispense hot water, a requirement for handwashing facilities in foodservice businesses. Therefore, the water heater, soap dispenser, and paper towel holder are standard features of the models here. The following details may influence your selection:

  • Water tank capacity varying between 5 and 10 gallons of fresh water, and 7 to 30 gallons of wastewater is your choice.
  • For more sterile handwashing, you may prefer a portable handwashing station with a hands-free faucet, soap dispenser, and a trash chute.
  • Plastic and plywood with laminate cabinet construction can be more attractive than stainless steel cabinets.
  • Sink bowl quantity may be crucial for you. 2 or 3 sinks can significantly decrease waiting time for your employees or customers.