Commercial Grills

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Cook Everything From Meals To Snacks On Commercial Grills

Commercial grills are one of the most versatile pieces of cooking equipment in restaurant kitchens. They can cook practically everything from main courses for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to side dishes or snacks like paninis, hot dogs, tortillas, eggs, and more. You’ll see at least one type of commercial grill whether you dine at a steakhouse, full-service restaurant, burger joint, fast-food stall, or concession stand. A sizzling sound, finely-seared proteins, and smoky texture you get at parties, picnics, or other catered events are the culinary artwork of outdoor griddles. They’re everywhere and cook everything. 

Types of Commercial Grills

One of the most common commercial grill types is the commercial griddles. A griddle is a broad and flat rectangular or square cooktop. They are the experts of breakfast servings like eggs, French toast, pancakes, and hash browns. The large flat metal cooking area also enables grilling large quantities of sausages, burgers, and fish. The cooking surface can be cast iron, ceramic, chrome-plated, or steel. These nonstick griddle plates make flipping items easier and safer with a spatula. Teppanyaki griddles are popular with Japanese cuisine lovers. Finally, you may need an outdoor griddle for your catered events or mobile dining facility.

If the primary treats on your menu are juicy steaks, fish, and poultry, the commercial grill you need is a charbroiler. Charbroilers look like classical outdoor grills with cast-iron or stainless steel grates that open eye-catching sear marks on products. Your proteins or vegetables cook on extremely hot grates fired by electricity or gas. Many manufacturers also offer wood-burning charbroilers. They grill foods over open flames to perfect the smokey flavor BBQ lovers traditionally crave. Since grilled pizza is also becoming popular, a charbroiler can add value to your establishment, enriching your recipes and driving repeat customers.

There are also specialty commercial grills cooking some unique and traditional dishes. Commercial panini and sandwich presses are perfect for preparing toasted sandwiches and paninis. Buying a panini grill would be wiser for sandwich shops or cafes. If you’re serving high volumes of tortillas regularly, then commercial tortilla makers & presses can streamline your business by creating consistently round tortillas. You can additionally serve quesadillas or fajitas with a tortilla grill. One more specialty appliance is Mongolian BBQ grills. You can create a fun dining experience cooking stir-fry recipes on these round and flat grills. Finally, you can develop a completely portable BBQ system with a mobile and towable grill.

Key Points In Buying Commercial Grills

As with other cooking equipment, one of the first decisions is the fuel type. Commercial grills are powered with electricity, or more commonly, gas. Outdoor grills benefit from the portable LP gas tanks. If your customers are more into the charred and seared proteins with a smoky and juicy texture, you can go for a wood-fired or charcoal grill. When purchasing a charbroiler, you should also consider the heating source. It is about how the heat is radiated to the broiler grates and foods. Radiant charbroilers use an angled metal over burners, but in lava rock charbroilers, lava stones placed above the burners heat the grilling area.

Size always matters in commercial kitchens. You can prefer a countertop commercial grill or a floor model, depending on the available space in your facility. Some countertop models will stand on a base or legs, but drop-in griddles can be recessed into your counter. They’re compact but can deliver big flavors. The width of the cooking surface is the hot priority in specifying your size. Cooking high volumes during peak hours may require a grill with a wider grilling area.  

Are Commercial Grills The Same As Griddles?

All commercial grills are used to grill ingredients. The taste, texture, and aroma created from this direct-heat cooking process make grills one of the staples of commercial kitchens. In that sense, grills and griddles are the same. However, there is a visible difference in the shape of the cooking area. Grills have grates, while griddles feature a flat cooking surface. Everything cooked on grills can also be cooked on griddles, but not vice versa. For example, you can’t cook omelets, eggs, or pancakes due to the raised ridges on grills. Griddles are often sold as commercial grill types because they rely on the same cooking method.


Flavor and healthy food concerns make customers more and more selective in what they eat. Therefore, professional chefs prefer different commercial grills to create more customizable menus. You can now find many grills on the market, each specialized in grilling specific dishes. Chef’s Deal offers the best commercial griddles, charbroilers, or specialty grills from trusted brands, American RangeComstock-CastleConnertonCrown Verity, and more. You can also check other cooking equipment for different cooking styles of various products.