Vending Carts & Vending Kiosks

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  1. $1,383.72

    FINANCE FOR: $33.78/mo.

  2. $3,409.00

    FINANCE FOR: $83.22/mo.

  3. $12,663.00

    FINANCE FOR: $309.14/mo.

  4. $6,469.00

    FINANCE FOR: $157.93/mo.

  5. $8,063.00

    FINANCE FOR: $196.84/mo.

  6. $8,398.50

    FINANCE FOR: $205.03/mo.

  7. $5,915.00

    FINANCE FOR: $144.40/mo.

  8. $8,412.50

    FINANCE FOR: $205.37/mo.

  9. $6,596.00

    FINANCE FOR: $161.03/mo.

  10. $5,506.50

    FINANCE FOR: $134.43/mo.

  11. $8,593.00

    FINANCE FOR: $209.78/mo.

  12. $8,763.00

    FINANCE FOR: $213.93/mo.

  13. $8,714.50

    FINANCE FOR: $212.75/mo.

  14. $8,769.00

    FINANCE FOR: $214.08/mo.

  15. $4,368.00

    FINANCE FOR: $106.64/mo.

  16. $2,374.69

    FINANCE FOR: $57.97/mo.

  17. $2,374.69

    FINANCE FOR: $57.97/mo.

  18. $3,944.00

    FINANCE FOR: $96.28/mo.

  19. $4,834.00

    FINANCE FOR: $118.01/mo.

  20. Special Price $19,632.68 $21,740.40

    FINANCE FOR: $479.29/mo.

  21. $2,089.50

    FINANCE FOR: $51.01/mo.

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As Chef’s Deal, we aim to make your dreams come true. Whether your goal is opening up a new restaurant, café, or bakery or owning a vending merchandising kiosk, we are here for you. A vending kiosk is ideal if you want to sell hot dogs, falafel, cotton candy, and popcorn. You don’t have to be limited to a place to sell your products; you can open up your little business wherever you want. That is the beauty of vending carts. You will find various types of merchandising kiosk and concessions equipment models, from a shaved ice machine to a commercial waffle cone maker.

Choose your side: Cotton Candy vs. Popcorn

Every kid loves to fill up their stomach with cotton candy at carnivals and festivals. Were you one of them, and did you dream of selling cotton candy when you were a little kid? We said it before; we are here to make your dreams come true. Now, you can buy a commercial cotton candy machine! You don’t need to have a stomach ache over the cotton candy machine price at Chef’s Deal. Check out our financing options to find your dream cotton candy machine.

Besides a cotton candy machine and a waffle cone maker, a popcorn maker stand is everyone's favorite in the ballpark, festivals, and carnivals. With the delicious smells coming out of your commercial popcorn cart, everybody will gather around the popcorn cart. You can spread that tasty smell and joy to wherever you wish by purchasing a popcorn machine on wheels. You’ll love the smile popcorn puts on people’s faces.

Other Concession Stand Equipment You Can Find at Chef’s Deal

Other than a popcorn machine cart and cotton candy machine, a commercial outdoor serving cart is perfect for selling donuts, snacks, and drinks at carnivals and festivals. You may use your outdoor serving cart on wheels at hotels and open buffets, too. It comes in different shapes and sizes and enables you to create your unique workspace.

Do you want to learn more about the commercial kitchen supplies and our services? If the answer is yes, we have three choices for you; come up to our store in Nashville, call us on our toll-free call center line or write to us by using the ChefsBot on our website. We can guide you in choosing the right equipment that suits your needs and inform you about the financing and shipping options. We have answers to your questions!