Commercial Undermount Sinks

The Compact Undermount Sinks

Commercial undermount sinks, also known as undercounter sinks or undercounter bar sinks, don't have outer lips resting on the countertop, unlike drop-in sinks, which also fit directly into a countertop. While the edges of a drop-in sink frame the counter sitting on it, an undermount sink has no framing sitting above the counter. Its seamless design creates a sleek look and provides certain benefits. The recessed installation of commercial undercounter sinks can increase the efficiency of warewashing and food prep tasks in your restaurant or bar kitchen.

Commercial Undermount Sink Installation

The installation of undermount sinks is slightly different from drop-in sinks. Undercounter bar sinks don't feature edges resting on the counter, so they attach to the counter through custom-cut holes. Commercial sinks need strong support to hold the heavy load of water and kitchenware in them. Commercial undercounter sinks don't sit on the countertop to carry their weight, so that they will need extra materials for proper installation. Plus, they need more solid countertops not to suffer from water damage. Therefore, having a professional install your undermount sink is more advisable.

Pros And Cons Of Commercial Undermount Sinks

Commercial undercounter sinks are made of sturdy stainless steel and comply with many health and food regulations like other restaurant equipment. Your focus will be on cost, efficiency, and functionality features.


  • A sophisticated look with the rim hidden below the counter
  • Much easier wiping off the water or dirt piled up on the countertop directly into the sink
  • With no visible edge above the counter, no need to sacrifice any counter space
  • A trendier sink option with seamless, smooth lines


  • A bit pricier due to the installation hassle and extra support materials
  • Less undercounter space with a larger part of the sink protruding underneath


Your budget, needs, and countertop material will specify whether a commercial undermount sink or a drop-in one is the right choice for you. You can browse all different types of commercial sinks at Chef's Deal and find the best match for your restaurant or bar kitchen.