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Commercial Ice Bins

Industries in food service and healthcare need to stockpile ice to keep their products safe, fresh, and clean. The durable interior design of a commercial ice bin ensures temperature retention, so you can have a stock of pre-made ice ready to use at any time.

Buying a Commercial Ice Bin

Commercial ice bins store the ice produced by ice machines. Your commercial ice maker may create more than its storage capacity, or there may be a surge in your business volume. Then, you will need a commercial ice bin to guarantee that you have adequate ice whenever needed. The compatibility of the commercial ice bin with your ice machine is the first thing to be sure of while purchasing a new ice bin. Alternatively, you can buy a commercial ice maker with bin to produce and store ice. You may still need an extra ice storage bin to keep up with increasing demands.

Choosing the Right Commercial Ice Bin

Finding your commercial ice bin is not a tedious task because most have a simple design. Capacity is the top consideration while choosing this equipment. Here are a few other points that may help you:

  • It may not always be wise to go with 'the more, the better' principle. Overstored ice will melt and create an excess of water, paving the way for bacteria and mold growth. It will also waste utility costs, let alone the effort and money spent on sanitary processes.
  • Running out of ice due to inaccurate estimation of capacity is just equally risky. The outcome is dissatisfied customers or failure to comply with food safety regulations. Your business type, daily ice consumption average, and needed volumes during peak times will dictate your choice of storage capacity.
  • There is no need to worry about matching the production capacity of your ice maker with the storage volumes of your commercial ice bin. It would be fair enough to own an ice storage bin with a much higher volume than what your ice machine can produce.
  • If you are operating a large restaurant or bar, you can even get multiple commercial ice bins. Thus, you can both prevent overproduction when there is less business traffic and handle the sudden increases in demands during rush times.
  • Since more capacity means a bigger size, you will need to consider the available space in your establishment while buying a commercial ice bin. The size and capacity of an ice bin for bar will differ from a restaurant ice bin.
  • Commercial ice storage bins have additional features based on their door-opening styles, which offer various benefits to users while scooping ice. If you need quick and safe ice transportation in your high-volume business, a commercial ice bin with roll-under carts will be a perfect choice.


Chef's Deal offers you commercial ice bins from leading brands with different styles and capacities ranging from several hundred to over 3000 pounds.