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Deli Display Cases: Store Safely, Showcase Nicely

Deli display cases are designed to create safe storage for the refrigeration needing food products in deli stores and bakeries as well as supermarkets, grocery stores, pizzerias, and cafeterias. In addition, deli display cases are perfect for merchandising these products in easily-spotted areas for your customers, which will boost your impulse sales.

Deli display cases are built to last for long years with regular servicing and maintenance since they are essential for the healthy preservation of perishables. Therefore, they are manufactured primarily from stainless steel to make them resistant to corrosion, rust, dents, and heavy traffic of the commercial areas. Moreover, their exterior is also styled to present an appealing look to attract customers and encourage them to make last-minute purchases.

Features of Deli Display Cases

Deli display cases offer additional features to preserve and promote under the best conditions for the storage and sales of cheese, salads, meats, or delicatessens, as follows:

  • Deli display fridges are available in different widths starting from 36" and going up to 144".
  • Various models have varying capacities, offering up to 6 tiers of stocking shelves. The shelves are also adjustable to allow you to stack at different heights.
  • These units offer consistent cooling at proper temperature levels to retain the taste and texture of the ready-to-go or pre-packaged food products.
  • Deli coolers feature various finishes with stainless steel, painted with white or black color or coated with laminate.
  • Most commercial deli refrigerators are equipped with interior LED lighting to enhance energy efficiency while presenting better illumination and attractive product showcasing.
  • Deli display cases boast large showcasing glass panels in the front or at the top to enable customers to peruse the products quickly.
  • Many models have rear sliding doors to facilitate restocking and serving the products.
  • Some models of deli fridges have top panels or counters as well to allow you to place additional products like condiments or supplies for boosting impulse sales.

Available Options for Deli Display Cases

As the needs and conditions vary in commercial areas, the deli display cases are configured with different options to meet these necessities at the maximum level.

1. Low Height vs. Full Height Deli Display Cases

Full height display cases have a height of around 48", and they offer larger storage and showcasing space with their large cabinets. The low profile units have approximately 30" height and are better for installing as a deli case refrigerator in places with limited space. They can also provide an open sight and roomy feeling while allowing customers to have a clean look and easy reach to the products they desire to have.

2. Dual Zone Display Cases

Some models of deli display refrigerators are also offered as dual-zones to provide a combined solution for deli storage needs. While the refrigerated part holds the perishable products, the non-refrigerated section can store bakery products or bread.

3. Front Panel

Commercial deli cases feature either glass panels or open fronts for different needs. The glass-paneled models provide high visibility for the interior and better maintain the chill inside. These units also offer two other models as curved and flat. Curved refrigerators provide higher visibility by making use of the top part while shrinking the storage area. The flat glass deli case fridges are traditional models and only offer visibility from the front. There are also open-front models of deli display fridges. These deli food displays feature an air curtain to retain the cooled air in the cabinet and enable comfortable reach for the products.


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