Commercial Air Fryers

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Commercial Air Fryers: Crisp Results with a Healthier Twist

Commercial air fryers use convection and radiant heat technology to blow and circulate hot air for frying. A powerful fan blasts the food in the fryer’s large basket with hot air with minimal oil. The finished products are still as crispy as those fried in traditional fryers but much healthier. Here are some common questions and answers to guide you to the best commercial air fryer for your business needs.

What Are The Different Types of Commercial Air Fryers?

Commercial-size air fryers usually come in basket or mini oven styles. Basket-style air fryers have a cavity to load products in a basket. They can air fry, roast, bake, preheat, or dehydrate. Dual-basket models cook different items simultaneously. Commercial air fryer ovens are like toaster ovens and cook in trays instead of baskets. They can bake a pizza or roast a whole chicken. They offer more functions, including rotisserie cooking, toasting, and broiling. Other types of commercial air fryers are:

  • Countertop Air Fryers: These are similar to household air fryers but larger and with more capacity. They are designed for commercial kitchens that may not need to produce vast amounts of fried food but still want the benefits of an air fryer.
  • Floor-Standing Air Fryers: These are much larger units designed for heavy-duty frying in commercial settings. They come with larger baskets, faster cooking times, and the capacity to simultaneously fry large batches of food.
  • Conveyor Air Fryers: This type is designed for high-volume kitchens, like fast-food chains. Food items are placed on a conveyor belt that moves them through the cooking chamber, ensuring even cooking.
  • Rotary Air Fryers: In this design, food is placed in drums or baskets that rotate during cooking. This ensures an even cook and is especially useful for items that might stick together.
  • Combination Oven and Air Fryer: Some commercial ovens offer an air frying function. This provides versatility to the kitchen as it can be used as a regular convection oven and as an air fryer.
  • Pressure Air Fryers: A relatively new addition, these combine the technologies of a pressure cooker and an air fryer. They first pressure cook the food to ensure it’s tender inside and then use air frying to crisp up the exterior.

What to Look for in a Commercial Air Fryer?

Commercial air fryers are simpler in design but more versatile than traditional ones. So, they are available in multiple sizes, temperature ranges, and pricing options. Remember to check ease of use, cleaning, warranties, and support services. The following 6 points help you buy the best commercial air fryer that enhances your kitchen’s efficiency and delivers consistent and delicious results.

  • Size: Assess your available space, the size of the cooking chamber, and the number of baskets or pans it accommodates. Choose a capacity that aligns with the volume of food you prepare during peak hours. A 30-inch wide one-basket commercial air fryer prepares nearly 30 pounds of french fries per hour and 5 pounds of other menu items per batch. Use a dual-stack model to double the capacity within the same horizontal footprint.
  • Temperature Range: Commercial-grade air fryers can cook diverse recipes in multiple ways. Temperature range specifies what you can do with your unit. The minimum temperatures are usually around 70°F (21°C)to 250°F (121°C). This setting is ideal for gentle cooking, reheating, or dehydrating. The maximum temperatures typically vary between 400°F (204°C) and 500°F (260°C), which enables you to achieve a crispy and browned texture as in deep fryers but with significantly less fat.
  • Ease of Use: The best choice for ease of use depends on your preferences and cooking needs. Look for a user-friendly commercial air fryer model, even for staff with little cooking experience. A clear and well-lit digital display and easy-to-navigate intuitive controls are helpful. Also, an air fryer with pre-set cooking programs for common dishes simplifies the process, especially for those new to air frying.
  • Cleaning: Easy-to-clean commercial air fryers help save time, maintain proper hygiene, ensure taste consistency, and extend equipment lifespan. Choose models with removable and dishwasher-safe components. Non-stick coating on these removable parts facilitates cleaning further.
  • Price: Commercial air fryers for restaurants have a higher upfront cost than deep-fat fryers due to the advanced technology, design, and features used in their construction. However, they reduce oil consumption and offer more cooking options, from grilling and roasting proteins to baking pizzas. Commercial air fryer ovens bake up to 40% faster than convection ovens. They also remove the hassle and expense of filtration, oil dumping, and restaurant hood installation.
  • Warranties & Service: Check if the commercial air fryer comes with a comprehensive user manual and accessible customer support to assist you in troubleshooting and understanding its features. Standard warranties often range from 1 to 3 years. Some manufacturers also provide extended warranties or specific coverage on certain components. A longer warranty period is beneficial, but the responsiveness and quality of customer services are equally important.

What Are The Sizes of Commercial Air Fryers?

Air fryer commercial models are typically sized by their capacities rather than the physical dimensions. Average capacities fall between 6 and 10 quarts (5.7 and 9.5 kg). Small commercial air fryers hold 6 to 8 quarts of products and are ideal for start-up businesses, bars, clubs, and snack stands. Large commercial air fryers look more like ovens and accommodate over 20 quarts (19 kg.) 

Which is The Biggest Commercial Air Fryer?

Quick n’ Crispy GF5 is the biggest commercial air fryer with a 14-qt (13.25 kg) basket capacity. A double-stack model accommodates around 30 (28.4 kg) quarts.

How Energy Efficient Are Commercial Air Fryers?

Commercial air fryers are more compact cooking equipment than standard ovens and deep-fat fryers. They consume less energy and very little to no oil. They also halve the heat-up and cooking times. So, they are more efficient overall, especially for small to medium-duty applications.

Are Commercial Air Fryers Safe to Use?

Commercial air fryers are easy and safe to use. They require minimum staff supervision during cooking and involve no risk of hot oil spills.

Can You Use Air Fryers in Food Trucks?

Yes. Commercial air fryers for food trucks incorporate the functions of a fryer, convection oven, rotisserie, and toaster oven for the price of one in a small footprint. With the space, energy efficiency, and cooking versatility, they are best suited to small businesses like food trucks.

Is a Commercial Air Fryer The Same as a Deep Fryer?

No. Deep fryers cook products submerged in extremely hot excess oil for a crispy crust, but commercial air fryers use hot air circulation to achieve the same taste and texture with almost no fat. They are excellent alternatives for people who can’t decide between the mouthwatering taste of fried food and the risk of getting extra calories.

How to Clean a Commercial Air Fryer?

Follow the steps below for daily cleaning of your commercial air fryer. Schedule regular deep cleaning and maintenance sessions to prevent grease buildup and maintain optimal performance.

  • Unplug the unit and wait for it to cool down.
  • Take out the removable parts like baskets, trays, racks, or drip pans to wash them separately in a sink or dishwasher.
  • Wipe down the body, interior, and heating element with a damp cloth or sponge. Don’t let water contact the heating element and flow inside the machine.
  • Check and empty any crumbs left in the bottom of the fryer
  • Reassemble your commercial air fryer making sure everything is properly placed and locked in position


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