Rapid Cook & High Speed Ovens

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Rapid Cook Ovens - Minimum Effort And Time, Maximum Customization

Commercial rapid cook ovens are professional high-speed ovens that reduce cook times by blowing hot air through powerful fans and combining various cooking methods. In today's fast-moving professional life, speed is everything. Customers in a rush may often complain about sluggish service or low-quality cooking. Commercial high-speed ovens eliminate these by incorporating speed and cooking modes into a single unit. They turn eating into a healthy, quick, and satisfactory experience even for those with no time. 

Why Need A Rapid Cook Oven?

While looking for a commercial oven, you may come across several oven types based on speed and method of cooking. Fast cooking at high temperatures may not always create the desired quality of taste and texture. Despite their speedy cooking performance, most accelerated cooking ovens use only one cooking method. For restaurants or fast-food stalls addressing a wide range of flavors, this means possessing more than one oven in their kitchens, which is not space-efficient. Rapid cook ovens are accelerated cooking machines that cook much faster, combine multiple cooking modes, occupy less space, and protect taste and texture. 

Benefits of Rapid Cook Ovens

All the commercial rapid cook ovens feature speed cooking. However, people have unique appetites, and this requires professional chefs to use different cooking methods for customer-tailored dishes. Some customers may opt to devour their crispy pizza baked in a convection oven, while others might wish to enjoy boiled vegetables in a microwave. High-speed ovens offer all-in-one solutions to industrial kitchens as they bring together different combinations of microwave, convection, and impingement cooking. 

Digital display controls in rapid cook ovens allow precision in temperature regulation, and programmable menus provide greater customization. You chefs can create delicious recipes up to 20 times faster than conventional ones in limited time and space. Commercial speed ovens adopt the principles of hot air cooking. Therefore, they do not emit smoke or smell. Rapid cooking ventless ovens prevent the escape of greasy vapor, minimizing the pileup of grease or other food residues. Since their onboard exhaust system absorbs smell and smoke, installing an industrial kitchen hood is unnecessary.

Tips for Buying A Rapid Cook Oven

The size, capacity, and purpose of your business and the available space in your kitchen are the key considerations. You can then pay attention to the points below:

  • Mode: Rapid cook ovens come in 3 modes; impinged only, microwave and impinged, or microwave, impinged and convection. More cooking modes in combination means faster and more customizable dishes.
  • Wattage: Match the wattage requirements for each cooking mode with your entire system.
  • Capacity: Represented in cubic feet (ft), a unit of volume. A rapid oven with 0.40 cubic feet capacity can accommodate nearly 25 pounds of food. 0.61 ft hold around 38 and 0.74 ft about 46 pounds.   
  • Connectivity: See if your selection has an SD memory card slot, USB port, and/or Wi-Fi & Ethernet connectivity. You can also check the integral memory capability to save hundreds of menus.
  • Door: Pull-down doors can be more efficient than side-opening doors, which may require extra space.


With rapid cook ovens and high speed ovens, you can satisfy your patrons with healthy and rich-in-flavor recipes at the snap of a finger. Chef's Deal has an extensive selection of leading manufacturers, Alto-ShaamBizerba, Pratica, Amana, and more.