Commercial Electric Deep Fryers

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  1. Special Price $494.55 $527.24

  2. Special Price $538.96 $576.54

  3. Special Price $304.27 $317.60

  4. Special Price $835.60 $901.91

  5. Special Price $879.30 $947.58

  6. Special Price $637.98 $683.45

  7. $13,554.60

    FINANCE FOR: $330.91/mo.

  8. $10,150.00

    FINANCE FOR: $247.79/mo.

  9. $10,440.00

    FINANCE FOR: $254.87/mo.

  10. $9,048.00

    FINANCE FOR: $220.89/mo.

  11. $9,454.00

    FINANCE FOR: $230.80/mo.

  12. $10,150.00

    FINANCE FOR: $247.79/mo.

  13. $23,896.00

    FINANCE FOR: $583.37/mo.

  14. $28,130.00

    FINANCE FOR: $686.74/mo.

  15. $30,247.00

    FINANCE FOR: $738.42/mo.

  16. $20,566.80

    FINANCE FOR: $502.10/mo.

  17. $28,884.00

    FINANCE FOR: $705.15/mo.

  18. $25,114.00

    FINANCE FOR: $613.11/mo.

  19. $19,824.40

    FINANCE FOR: $483.97/mo.

  20. $29,614.80

    FINANCE FOR: $722.99/mo.

  21. Special Price $66,942.15

    FINANCE FOR: $1.00/mo.

  22. Special Price $52,031.65

    FINANCE FOR: $1.00/mo.

  23. Special Price $35,697.75

    FINANCE FOR: $871.49/mo.

  24. Special Price $27,216.20

    FINANCE FOR: $664.43/mo.

  25. Special Price $28,025.80

    FINANCE FOR: $684.19/mo.

  26. Special Price $38,127.65

    FINANCE FOR: $930.81/mo.

  27. Special Price $31,848.85

    FINANCE FOR: $777.53/mo.

  28. Special Price $43,349.90

    FINANCE FOR: $1.00/mo.

  29. Special Price $43,349.90

    FINANCE FOR: $1.00/mo.

  30. Special Price $43,846.55

    FINANCE FOR: $1.00/mo.

  31. Special Price $40,169.25

    FINANCE FOR: $980.65/mo.

  32. Special Price $36,479.30

    FINANCE FOR: $890.57/mo.

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When the word ‘fries’ comes up in a sentence, the world stops for us all. From the age 7 to 70 no one can say no to fries! Being in the food sector, you probably already have seen the importance of a good commercial electric deep fryer. These machines will help you achieve the best and  have happy customers. As Chef’s Deal, we are aware of the importance of having a good commercial electric fryer so here we have gathered over 200 restaurant electric deep fryer models for you to choose from. Whether it is fries on your menu or chicken nuggets, these helpers will swift you through a busy day of hungry customers.


Focus On Your Space and Needs


As you go over our electric fryer for restaurant models, you might feel packed up with all the details and different additions. Well, with our guidance you can get through the process easily. First step is to consider the space you have in your kitchen. You might not have a very spacious kitchen, therefore the models you should be looking for are commercial countertop electric fryers and maybe even table top fryer electric if you have really small space. As they all differ in mechanical qualities, knowing your space is the first step to overcome before diving deep into details. A single basket commercial deep fryer for example could do the trick for you rather than investing in an commercial double electric deep fryer.


Find More Than You Are Looking for


Here in our Electric Fryer category, we have listed all the best companions that will be your overachievers throughout your journey. You might start out your electric fryer for restaurant journey with very little in mind and become overwhelmed with the details and many options to choose from but we are here to help you achieve what you deserve and in a budget friendly way. Going through our commercial electric fryer for sale models you will come across many different price ranges and qualities. We know you are the boss, but you might need a little help while choosing your electric deep fryer commercial model. Just don't forget that our dedicated team with years of experience are on the tip of your finger for help! From questions like whether you should choose an electric countertop deep fryer or a commercial table top electric fryer, we as Chef’s Deal are by your side 24/7.