Beverage Equipment

Beverage equipment refers to any commercial kitchen equipment that helps you to prepare, store, heat/refrigerate, or serve hot or cold beverages. So, whether you own a restaurant, café, or bar or operate a dining and banquet hall, canteen, convenience store, or beverage machines will be of great use for your business to offer a variety of beverages. Read More

Portable Bars

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Portable bars are the recessed countertop bar equipment that enables you to provide perfect weddings, banquets, and outdoor events with mobile bartending.


Commercial Juicers

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With their long-lasting performances, commercial juicers are one of the staple tools for bars, gym centers, and places where the quality of the juice should make a difference.


Frozen Drink & Slushie Machines

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Commercial frozen drink & slushie machines have automatic mixing and high-performance features and fast freezing time, increasing the efficiency of serving.


Milkshake Machines

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You can prepare milkshakes, malts, ice creams, and frozen drinks with commercial milkshake machines, aka milkshake makers, milkshake mixers, and spindle mixers.


Refrigerated Beverage Dispensers

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Refrigerated beverage dispensers keep your beverages cold and refreshing and help you serve quickly. They come with different capacities to suit your business.


Cappuccino & Hot Chocolate Dispensers

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You can create an enjoyable warm beverage with cappuccino and hot chocolate dispensers. They’re automatic, easy to use, and produce drinks quickly.


Commercial Water Dispensers

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You can enable your guests and customers to reach hot, chilled, or sparkling water with commercial water dispensers and sparkling water machines.


Commercial Ice & Water Dispensers

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You can serve your employees, customers, and guests clean, cold water with chewable ice or large ice cubes consistently all day with commercial ice dispensers.


Hot Water Dispensers

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Hot water dispensers heat and dispense water for your hot beverages, soup, & cleaning tasks. You can use water-line or pour-over dispensers at the self-serve stations.


Iced Tea Brewers

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An automatic or pour-over commercial tea brewer is an efficient solution to serve delicious tastes if you have iced tea on your menu.    


Iced Tea Dispensers

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Commercial ice tea dispensers enable you to hold and serve tea easily with their low footprint on your countertop. They’re portable and can also be used with a brewer.


Soda Dispensers & Fountain Machines

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Soda dispensers & fountain machines provide fast service at the back house to full-service and create convenience at the front house for self-service.


Beverage Equipment Parts & Accessories

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Beverage equipment parts and accessories are essential for your business to keep your hot or cold drink machines operating smoothly.


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Beverage Equipment: For The Greater Taste

Beverage equipment refers to any commercial kitchen equipment that helps you to prepare, store, heat/refrigerate, or serve hot or cold beverages. So, whether you own a restaurant, café, or bar or operate a dining and banquet hall, canteen, convenience store, or beverage machines will be of great use for your business to offer a variety of beverages.

Beverage equipment is designed to consistently work under commercial conditions with high efficiency and sturdiness. Hence, commercial beverage machines are made of durable materials to endure rigorous and frequent use. Furthermore, these beverage supplies and equipment facilitate operations in your business by providing more organized commercial beverage stations, smoother beverage prep processes, and a large variety of menu items.

Available Options of Beverage Equipment

Commercial beverage equipment comprises a broad range of commercial restaurant equipment which serves different purposes and beverage types. So, you can find the proper commercial beverage equipment for your business, depending on your needs.

1. Cold Beverage Equipment

Commercial cold drink machines are designed to provide a practical and easy-to-use tool to prepare, hold and serve cold beverages with the least effort. This bar and beverage equipment is tailored to meet the sensitive needs for hard beverage prep and service with high-quality features.

  • Commercial Juicers: These beverage machines will help you add more taste and options to your menu with freshly prepared juices. From manual juicers to fully automatic units, you can find various models of commercial juicers with different sizes and capacities.


  • Frozen Drink & Slushie Machines: Frozen drinks and slushies are among the most demanded refreshing drinks of the summer months, and having them on your menu will be an attractive zest for more customers. Frozen drink and slushie machines will help you serve a variety of recipes with automatic mixing, fast freezing, and LED backlit signage options.


  • Milkshake Machines: You can prepare many different milkshakes and malts in-house with the milkshake machines, which are available in various capacities, power options, and construction.


  • Refrigerated Beverage Dispensers: This is one of the most preferred beverage equipment you can see in convenience stores, cafes, or restaurants. These units can cool down drinks and beverages and maintain the optimal temperature that will be best for service.


  • Iced Tea Brewers and Iced Tea Dispensers: Iced tea brewers enable your business to prepare its tea with its own recipe, and you can easily serve them with iced tea dispensers.


  • Soda Dispensers & Fountain Machines: You can establish a cold drink/beverage station with a soda dispenser and fountain machine and allow your customers to have their beverages themselves.

2. Hot Beverage Equipment

Hot beverages like coffee and tea are indispensable for the profitability of many businesses, and you can also see multi-national corporations which have been built on the service of these beverages. So, as an operator of a food and beverage business, you should also have a competent and sufficient hot beverage equipment inventory to keep up with the customer's requests.

  • Coffee Machines and Liquid Coffee Dispensers: Coffee machines will probably be among the first tools you will purchase while setting up a new facility as people demand coffee with their breakfast, pie or to have some time sitting and chatting. Hence, depending on your volume, you can equip your establishment with espresso machines, commercial hot beverage dispensers, brewers, warmers, or dispensers to best serve your customers.


  • Hot Water Dispensers: These commercial hot drinks machines are of great use with their simple design and can keep providing hot water to the customers for their beverages. They also help you save your hot water supply for food prep by heating the water and maintaining it for later use.


  • Cappuccino & Hot Chocolate Dispensers: These hot beverage machines are suitable for self-service with easy-to-use beverage dispensing equipment. Additionally, this beverage equipment will continuously stir the hot chocolate inside and retain its desired texture.

3. Underbar Equipment

Underbar equipment helps you utilize the space under the serving or working counter by providing you with a blender station or presenting a suitable place to crush bottles or throw away trash. Or, you can make use of your undercounter as a glass storage or cocktail station.

4. Portable Bars

These portable bars are perfect for you if you serve in outdoor events, banquets, or weddings. They feature a recessed countertop to facilitate service, and the lower section presents a large storage area to keep the frequently used cocktails and beverages.

4. Beverage Equipment Parts & Accessories

Some parts of the beverage equipment may require replacement after a long time of use. Stocking or accessing the most needed beverage equipment parts and accessories is important to keep your workflow steady and efficient.


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