Walk In Cooler Freezer Combo

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Walk-in Coolers and Freezers

Minutes or even seconds are of vital importance in cold chain businesses. Inventories in such enterprises need not be exposed to temperatures high enough for bacteria generation until they reach end-users. Today's eco-friendly and innovative walk-in cooler freezer combos remove this risk and allow for large-scale storage capacities in healthy conditions.

Why Need a Walk-in Cooler Freezer Combo?

Walk-in coolers and freezers are an absolute must for businesses that need to purchase food products in bulks and store them in refrigerated conditions. They are essential commercial equipment for organizations operating in food service, accommodation, and healthcare industries.

Keeping food or any produce fresh for instant serving and storing them in massive quantities for later use require differing temperatures. FDA prescribes that refrigerated food be stored at no higher than 40°F and frozen food at 0°F. This means that you cannot use a walk-in cooler as a walk-in freezer or vice versa. If your business requires storing fresh and frozen items, a walk-in cooler freezer combo is a must-have.

Benefits of Walk-in Cooler Freezer Combos

A walk-in cooler freezer combo offers you the benefits of walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers together. You can thus both serve your vegetables fresh all the time and store, say, loads of meat or seafood in the same unit, which is more budget-friendly.

Walk-in cooler freezer combos are practical, too. Users can walk in, find the desired product, and serve it in the very nick of time, eliminating extra storage costs and the danger of spoilage.

Tips for Buying a Walk-in Cooler Freezer Combo

Given the countless technical specifics and the large array of refrigeration systems in the market, picking your walk-in combo can look intimidating. You can see some primary considerations for buying the walk-in cooler freezer combo that best fits in your place and purpose are listed below:

Space Available

The amount of free space in your enterprise and your storage requirements will dictate the right size you need for your walk-in cooler freezer combo. Once you are sure of this, look carefully at the overall dimensions. Also, check cooler and freezer storage volumes individually. In some models, "50/50 Split" indicates equally shared storage capacity. In others, you can check the dimensions for each compartment separately. Weighing how much food – fresh vs. frozen – is circulated in your business would be wise in deciding the size and storage volumes.

Assembly Location

Considering your business's space and service type, you can choose the inside or outside installation for your walk-in cooler freezer combo. Outdoor assembly requires extra protective covering against severe weather. For indoor assembly, remember to keep a minimum of 2-inch clearance from the top and 1 inch from all sides for ventilation.

Self-contained vs. Remote

You can opt between a self-contained and a remote system. A self-contained walk-in cooler freezer combo is an in-house system holding the compressors and condensers within the unit. In remote systems, however, these are located away from the walk-in combo. Servicing is more accessible and less costly with self-contained systems, but compressors and condensers radiate heat and noise. This may not be comforting for your customers. Maintenance of remote systems is pricy, yet they provide a larger storage capacity.

Types of Finishes

The type of finish for your walk-in cooler freezer combo determines its resistance to corrosion or dents. Acrylume, coated steel, or galvalume are some of the materials used for covering the interior and exterior of your walk-in combo. Galvalume finishes are remarkably durable against corrosion.

Floor Options

A walk-in cooler freezer combo floor is critical in withstanding the corrosion due to moisture or lack of air. Yet, not all walk-in cooler freezer combo packages necessitate a floor. If your business has a concrete floor, you can go with a floorless one.


Since a walk-in cooler freezer combo houses both a cooler and a freezer, you should know if the freezer is accessed through an internal or an external door. Consider also the door type. Hinged doors are prevalent because they maintain robust insulation. Self-closing doors can be more effective if there is a lot of traffic inside the unit.

Walk-in cooler freezer combos share many features, as manufacturers have to comply with the regulations mandated by the US Department of Energy. Additionally, you may wish ramps, shelves, and racks customized to your purpose for fewer accidents and a more organized workflow.

Chef's Deal offers a wide selection of walk-in cooler and freezer units from the top brands like Amerikooler, American Panel, Kolpak, and Nor-Lake. You can check out and find the most suitable one for your business.