Wood Bakers Tables

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Wood Bakers Tables: Practical Working Tables With Wood Counters

Wood bakers tables are perfect additions to the bakeries, delis, pizzerias, pastry shops, and restaurants. These commercial work tables are designed to provide a sturdy, sleek and practical table to meet the specific requirements of these kinds of food serving outlets.

Wood bakers tables are versatile working tables with a thick, robust wood counter. This countertop of the pastry tables is also laminated for presenting a smooth surface. These tables stand on a stainless steel frame with adjustable bullet feet to enable you to even them on bumpy floors. Wood bakers tables are also equipped with an enclosing raised backsplash that will prevent flour, crumbs, or other food ingredients from falling off the working counter. Therefore, this thick countertop of the bakery work tables provides a stable and reliable working surface for various duties in a commercial kitchen.

Types Of Wood Bakers Tables

There are different sizes and designs for a suitable wood bakers table to fit your kitchen setup with varying widths, ranging from 36 inches to 72 inches.

You may opt to purchase an open base wooden bakers table or a model with a stainless steel bottom shelf. The open base wood top work tables offer a large cavity under the baking table top, where you can put trash cans, undercounter cooking or refrigeration equipment as well the large ingredient bins.

If you prefer a wood bakers table with a stainless steel shelf, you will have a sizeable elevated storage area. Here, you can place the small kitchen appliances or bulk ingredients to keep them away from the wet floor.

The Advanatges of Wood Bakers Tables

Since these wood top work tables are designed for commercial kitchen duties, they offer;

  • A large and robust working space to knead the dough, chop fruits and vegetables, cut food ingredients or mix batters,
  • Raised backsplash to keep the ingredients away from the walls and floor,
  • Better for kneading the dough with warmer nature compared to the stainless steel counters
  • Easy-to-clean and possible-to-fix laminated surface,
  • Versatile use as a chopping board, working counter, or equipment stand.


Chef's Deal presents functional and durable wood bakers tables by Tarrison, which will directly contribute to your business with efficiency and simplicity.